Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has disclosed that a six year old boy of Samfya district was on July 7, 2019 allegedly murdered by his friends whilst playing together.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chushi says on the same date around 16:00 hours Bernadate Sashi aged 29 with her six year old son Innocent Mande of Musaila area in Samfya district was at Katete Fishing Camp in Mbabala island of lake Bangweulu where her son was allegedly beaten to death by his peers.

The Commissioner says that whilst playing Innocent picked up a quarrel with his five year old friend who slapped and head butted him and fell on the ground and became unconscious.

He adds that the other five children who are not identified joined in the beating up of Innocent who died on the scene.

Mr. Chushi says the deceased is laying at Samfya district hospital awaiting post-mortem and the accused is in the custody of his parents.

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  1. Little devils! Can’t process the idea of kids of such tender age fighting and ending in death of one. In our days, when a fight broke out between two, everyone else rushed out to their parents to report on the fight and avoid incriminating themselves and possible face up with the man in uniform! Every child dreaded the sight of the mighty police man!


    • I have to agree this was indeed an accident, no child consipires to murder their friend, where was the intent?

      Very sad occurance, the pain of the parents of the deceased child and the shame the parents of the children responsible for this dreadful accident are going through can only be imagined.

      Terrible thing to happen.


  2. The 5 year old head butted Innocent and inocent became unconscious. Then 5 more boys descended on unconscious innocent and beat time till he died.

    I wasn’t good at comprehension at school but story sounds bit illogical



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