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Pit latrines will be a thing of the past in Kabushi – Lusambo

Headlines Pit latrines will be a thing of the past in Kabushi -...

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has revealed that pit latrines in Kabushi will soon be replaced with flushable toilets.

And Mr Lusambo has declared that he will recontest his seat in the 2021 general elections.

Mr Lusambo said the project to replace pit latrines across the constituency is progressing well.

The Lusaka Province Minister was speaking on Wednesday when he featured on a live Public Forum radio programme on SUN FM.

He said the installation of flushable toilets is part of the 106 million dollar water and sanitation project which involves the construction of a new water and sewer treatment infrastructure.

Mr Lusambo said Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company who are implementing the project have assured his office that they will start installing new toilets across the constituency.

He said the replacement of sewer and water lines has already commenced in Masala and SkyWays Ward and will be rolled out to all households in the constituency.

Mr Lusambo said the PF government is determined to ensure that the people of Kabushi stop using pit latrines.

And Mr Lusambo has deviated that he will recontest his Kabushi parliamentary seat in 2021 general elections.

He says he remains a household name in the constituency adding that those wishing to contest are free to challenge him.

“We don’t have competition in Kabushi, we only have participants. So they are free to come and participate because they cannot compete,” Mr Lusambo charged.


  1. Way overdue and my question is how is this project going to be accomplished, is lusambo suggesting installing modern toilets in all homes in Kabushi? Lusambo should leave these projects and all the nitty gritty to technocrats. Unfortunately his constituents will and do not ask relevant questions. All they probably say is baletuletela infimbusu, shameful

    • The image of that boy about to enter a pit latrine with no shoes!!!!!

      Here goes….

      For thousands of years, we have been using pit latrines. They are fine.

      The problem is lack of hygiene. People need to be educated on toilet etiquette.

      Simple things like always closing toilet lid, and washing hands with soap, can make a big difference.

  2. don’t jump the gun. the community (all compounds) needs constant clean running water in every home for starters. if not every home, then on every block. some of these compounds have one “tap” every 5 blocks, how are you gonna talk about a flashing toilet, how are you gonna do that?
    these guys like to talk like they are saying something and some Zambians are so stu pid it pisses me off. he opens his mouth and says something like this and they scream in excitement. guys stop and think. why do you accept to be fed bs?


  4. Some of these projects are supposed to be routine works for these water and sewerage companies but now they are used as campaign projects as if they are unusual projects
    Let him publish statistics and figures for example :10 water bone latrines have been installed in kabushi against 5000 remaining and our projection is that by end 2021 we shall have fixed about 95 percent of the remaining not providing insignificant alarming statements
    Let’s them (people charged with responsibilities)to run such projects in all districts in Zambia through water and sewerage companies lacking of safe water and hygienic excreta management is a common scenario in districts towns, municipalities , cities and villages in the country

  5. Is he also going to be donating tissues on a monthly basis? In a run down economy tissues are a laxiury most can’t afford. Newspapers and exercise book papers will end up clogging the sewer system. Not that it’s a bad development. Good productive and sustainable jobs first then other things to follow.

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