ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda

The Zambia Revenue Authority has dispelled a news story claiming that the Authority has paid Konkola Copper Mines about 95 Million Kwacha in tax refunds to pay legal fees.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda said in a statement that the position of the Authority is that no such payment has been made to KCM.

“As indicated in our earlier statements on VAT refund to KCM, that the company owes ZRA more than what the Authority owes it. Thus all duly audited and verified VAT claims due for payment will be offsets against the company’s outstanding liabilities,” Mr Chanda said.

“We need to note that KCM is still a going concern and therefore continues to meet its tax obligations. KCM will continue to be treated like any other business in so far as tax matters are concerned. ZRA has therefore NOT paid KCM any purported refund as alleged.”

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    • My my, its business semantics. For example, when you have dandruff or lice, you still go to school with a bald head.


    • It is now clear that it is only ZCCM-IH and ZCCM-IH alone which is obsessed with winding up KCM. Whilst all right thinking persons including ZRA know for a fact that KCM is a going concern, ZCCM-IH see insolvency in the company. I wonder how ZCCM-IH will convince the judge that KCM is insolvent and must be obliterated when Government thinks the company is a going concern. ……Kaya kwamene ti yenda


    • Rubbish. These crooks are leading us into the abyss. Mr. Lungu and freinds are like the president of Burundi Nkurunzinza. An incompetent corrupt dictator who pretends to go a christian and calls himself “supreme eternal light””.What a joke.




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