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Government thanks the Chinese government for forgiving another debt totalling $70million.

Headlines Government thanks the Chinese government for forgiving another debt totalling $70million.

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Chinese ambassador to Zambia Li Jie announced the development when he paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe that the debt is in relation to a loan extended to the construction of the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium which cost over $70million to build.

Vice President Inonge Wina said the gesture by China is a sign of good will that should be appreciated by all Zambians.

Mrs. Wina said this during the Vice President question time. She said the gesture has also shown that China appreciates the good leadership under the Patriotic Front Government and that China has accepted that their investment is safe in Zambia since they are willing to partner government in various other areas.

And China has given Zambia a grant amounting to US$30 million

Mrs. Wina has since challenged Zambians to minimise on scandalizing the Chinese Community as they shown true friendship leading to cancellation of debt.

In June, the Chinese government cancelled more than US$22 million as part of debt that Zambia owes the Asian country to reduce the debt burden.

And China has given Zambia a grant amounting to US$30 million towards support to various projects of development to accelerate industralisation and job creation agendas as espoused in the Seventh National Development Plan.


  1. How can one be so ignorant, do you realy think you get something for free? This country will be swallowed by China and nothing will be left for Zambians just sorrow. Wait and see.

    • @ first this was a Gift, now we are told, it was a loan, and 4giving comes in, what is going on here????

    • I swear these PF thieves think citizens of this country are stup1d.

      China writing off debt? Maybe in your dreams old hen Bo Inonge.

      No one scandalises the Chinese living in Zambia. When they act inappropriately, we do cry foul, just as we do when one of our own does wrong.

    • This so called forgiveness is because they want preferential treatment in getting KCM acquisition and their Avic also wants to be given as much as possible, from the loot and plunder. The Chinese will get a million times more. The PFooooooools are just daft or they are just duping the unsuspecting public. Gogo, go away.

    • With this PF govt you will never hear the celebrating paying off monies or loans its always overpriced contracts and grants….no pride whatsoever just wasteful beggars

    • Yes there is No Free Lunch in the World. We know its not a Good Gesture by the Chinese Govt but a Down Payment for KCM. Who doesn’t know that Chinese Investors are buying out Vedanta out of KCM. The New Chinese Investors will find that they are not welcome in Chingola. The ECL Govt is imposing Chinese Investors on KCM and this will backfire in future.

    • Madam just be transparent. And its about time Lungu gave a detailed interview to the nation. How long will he hide.

      The UK,USA, Japan, German, Sweden – all these countries have written-off loans to Zambia in good will – in the last 53 yrs since independence. There is nothing wrong with borrowing if the money is going to Objective Projects.

      The UK, USA continues to borrow from China to fund projects.

      Britain just borrowed £25 Billion from China to build its Nuclear Power Plant in Somerset/UK, The project is expected to complete in 2025 and the will be developed by China and EDF of France.

    • Former Finance Deputy Minister in the Levy Mwanawasa Administration Jonas Shakafuswa has refuted claims made by Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe and the Chinese envoy that the government of China has written off $70 million which the Zambian government used in construction of Levy Mwanawasa Stadium on the Copperbelt.
      Shakafuswa said the stadium was a good will gift by the Chinese to Mwanawasa’s adminstration.
      He explained that Mwanawasa was asked what China can gift Zambia and he opted for the building of a stadium near the site where the Dag Hammarskjold Stadium in Ndola once stood.

    • Eye #2

      Yes they are worth more. That’s why the Chinese are rushing to buy them. Our politicians are not just thinking wisely. That’s the the sad part.

  2. These fooooools are celebrating because that money for repayments will now be diverted towards buying cars…just look at that senile old hen in the photo surely can anything sensible come out of that head. I am sure she operates from her bedroom and she is more than happy to receive a salary

    • I used to respect this lady, even used to defend her.

      She is now an expired specimen, contaminated by associating with corrupt Lungu.

      Everything that comes out of her mouth these days is stale.

    • Really laughable removing a debt that was never there…last time I read that this stadium was a gift…I wonder how much this govt had paid towards this selfsame loan. Its a shame that our MPs are too dull if I was an MP I was ask the Vice President to show the house that there was a loan of $70 million…its high time these thieves stopped lieiing to the people!!

  3. I hope it’s not a strategy of getting KCM by one of Chinese investors, infact we told that any Chinese investor is funded by the Chinese government, so meaning we may swallowed by the Chinese government indirect.

    • They have already got KCM….all this is PF tactic they know there was no loan so tell the Chinks to pretend to remove a loan….we Zambians are fooolish some asks you what you want as gift instead of tangible things you ask for a stadium that is hardly used.

  4. Something wrong here.If my memory serves me well,this stadium was a gift to Zambia by China when the then Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Zambia under Mwanawasa and today its a forgiven debt? Then LPM na Jintao banatigong’a.

  5. Like many others above have said, this is in line to to sensitize the general public of China’s good-will to Zambia! so that when the mines are taken over by Chinese companies, there will be no outcry from the public.

    Thanks for the gesture anyway, USD70k million is something 🙂

    • When Chinks take over you might as well give the Kafue River as they will pollute that river like no man’s business!!

  6. I have said this before that, we are only 17m ZAMBIANS compared to billions of Chinese. Why then don’t we distribute a million dollars to each and every one of us? We could still remain with $53 for developmental projects etc. Every Zambian could buy or build their own homes, buy cars, own farms etc., etc. Come on pipo, let’s utilise these opportunities otherwise we shall lose out!

  7. if kcm goes to the Chinese and Zambians don’t demo in masses. i’ll loose whatever little respect and regard I have for my country folks

    • @Mukolwe:PLEASE LOSE THAT RESPECT NOW BEFORE YOU HUNG YOURSELF because Chinese have more money than anyone else in the World today.hence,the probability of KCM being sold to Chinese are very high.Money talks in life.INVESTING IN KCM MINES IS HIGH RISK,THEREFORE MANY FIRMS FROM WESTERN COUNTRIES WILL NOT BE TOO KEEN.Leaving the “I dont care investors-Chinese” with an upper hand!!!Besides,never expect majority Zambians to demostrate in masses about whoever buys KCM because such things are unZambian!!!About Levy Mwanawasa stadium,we all know that it was a grant from China during Mwanawasa’s tenure!!!FOR YOU UPND CADRES WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING,IS CHINESE MONEY ” NDALAMA ZA NYOKO?”PLEASE GROUP UP!!!Thanks a lot China!!

  8. You lose nothing by being deplomatic

    Just say As govt in waiting we thank the Chinese govt for the gesture unlike exhibiting worrying signs of immaturity

    There is no opposition in Zambia and there will never be one as long as he holds and takes 3 provinces as personal property.

  9. I told you that PF would seek China’s squaring some debt so they take over kcm.

    I was the first to suggest that as long as the Chinese run kcm at current emolument levels and pay current taxes , why not give them kcm for some debt relief …..

  10. We heard that this debt forgiveness is in exchange for KCM. Chinese are taking over KCM? Is it true? If it is true then kaya mwandi this country. Have we sold our mine for $70m?


  12. Every time they talk garbage and stench of lies make it out of their mouth! Bo Inonge you are a disgrace! your husband Arthur Wina must be rolling in his grave, you think you are making statements and drunks and illiterates that come to you rallies? This stadium, we were told was GIFT from China and it has always been, you never even added it to the National debt on all the data produced by Ministry of Finance. Today you want to say this was a loan? Get the fu*k out here!

  13. It is like a sugar daddy loaning a teenage girl money and saying dont worry about paying me back.

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    China gives Zambia loan for constructing Ndola Stadium


  15. The problem with UPND cadres is that you act like a prostitute who only covers are ntweno without knowing that other parts of the body are exposed. This same loan you are claiming was a gift, was actually signed by your Musokotwane when he was a Minsiter of Finance. So,unless you are saying your Musokotwane duped Zambians by lying that he got a loan why not

  16. #18 had typos – Correct version: The problem with UPND cadres is that you act like a prostitute who only covers her ntweno without knowing that other parts of the body are exposed. This same loan you are claiming was a gift, was actually signed by your Musokotwane when he was a Minsiter of Finance. So,unless you are saying your Musokotwane duped Zambians by lying that he got a loan while not. So ask your Musokwatwane as to what he had signed with a chinese ammbasodor to Zambia.

  17. The timing of the so called Loan Write Off is very suspicious. We know the Chinese Investors are very keen to buy out Vedanta out of KCM and due to PF Corruptly acquired Chinese Loans GRZ is failing to service and repay these loans. Additionally the Chinese Loan Stadium doesn’t exist. All this means Chinese Investors have stealithly bought KCM even though Chinese Investors are not welcome in Chingola. This imposition of Chinese Investors on KCM will backfire in the face of International Arbitration. The writing is on the Wall.

  18. Just whats wrong with PF kanshi. That stadium was a gift to Zambia through the Mwanawasa government and today ati debt forgiven. What the nonsense is this now. Zambia just has too many debts to settle including those that were already paid. On the list of debts we also have those that were already paid or were pure grants or just gifts so that someone can scoop it for their selfish needs after all its all fake debt.
    Just how do you write off a gift?????

  19. If it is forgiven then it was not a gift, Levy might have misled us to look good, I remember when naming it Sata said ” Mwanawasa solicited for the money ” how do you solicit for a gift?

  20. Like among thieves, there is no honor among beggars! Mutu ukona cwani ku ungeka ngoma ku fufulekwa kubina sipelo kakuli sikoloti siswalezwi? Bo Inonge kamaniti ya Mwabange Lubasi mwa potoloha kacacani ????

  21. Are we saying Levy Mwanawasa stadium was a which Levy did not repay, and Rupiah did not repay and Sata did not repay but the Galant leadership of Lungu has remembered it as a Loan, Correct me if I am wrong, the last time I checked this was a gift?

  22. #25 just google Chinese loan for Levy Mwanawasa/Ndola stadium and yoiu will find the answer to your question. In case you are lazy to google, your Musokotwane signed the said laon when he was Minister of Finance.

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