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I will not reopen CBU until CCTV is installed-Prof Luo

General News I will not reopen CBU until CCTV is installed-Prof Luo

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo

Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo has vowed that she will not reopen the Copperbelt University until security measures are put in place.

And Prof. Luo has revealed that the cost of putting up security measures is estimated at K10 million and the budget has since been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

Delivering her ministerial statement in Parliament on Thursday, Prof Luo said the institution which as been closed for over three months will only be reopened until security gadgets are installed.

She stated that there is need to install CCTV to cover areas within and the outside parameters of the campus and the creation of perimeter fence with restricted access points in and out of the University.

Prof. Lou said other measures include the introduction of access cards for students and staff to control access to facilities such as Libraries, Hostels and offices.

“I wish to report that considerable progress has been recorded and I will announce the date of re-opening the University in due course. However, as a prerequisite to opening, the University and the Ministry are working at enhancing security in a phased approach,” she said.

And the Higher Education Minister revealed that the cost of putting up security measures is estimated at K10 million and the budget has since been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

“Once these security measures have been implemented at the Copperbelt University, we shall embark on implementing similar security measures at the University of Zambia and eventually roll out the same to all public universities and other institutions of higher learning,” she said.


  1. Step in the right direction.
    Great thinking. There is great need to modernize our public universities.

    • that woman was supposed to be minister of defense, but maybe she is too evil for that ministry too.
      She did good as minister of Traditional affairs, dealing with witchcraft.

    • The things which should be closed for so long are:
      – All Lusaka based COURTS, clean up all judges and those liquidator lawyers the money launderers.
      – Close PARLIAMENT indefinitely, we have never heard of Speaker, can’t remember his name. Only the deputy speaker Namugala is trying her best to.
      – Officially close CABINET, it has been dis-functional for over a year now, they do nothing.

    • The root causes for riots are delayed or non payments of meal project allowances. CCTV installation as reason for not reopening CBU in my opinion is a very lame excuse and a waste of meagre resources. CCTV will not fuel future riots if the Govt fails in the obligation to fund the institutions adequately.

    • 10 million kwacha for CCTV system is way too much for a small place like CBU even if staff residential areas were to be included (A, B, C, D and E).

    • Take your time mama.

      We can’t be singing about UNZA and CBU hooliganisms day in day out, week in week out, year in year out.

      If I were you, I would give CBU a ka 1.5 years closure to restore civil and academic behavior at the campus.

      To students at CBU, may the spirit of destruction, the devil, depart from you. I know that there are students from good families who have good manners. But you see, “umusuku ubi, utukisha impanga
      Stay away as much as possible from 3 vices i) alcohol and drugs ii) politically inclined lecturers iii) ill-mobs.

      How can future leaders behave like delusional delinquents?
      Who does that?

    • So for three months we have been waiting for this woman to install CCTV, you have removed meal allowances but you have money for monitoring students, these are evil people I hope the parents of these students dont forget this in 2021. That institution is so deteriorated but PF govt has money for CCTV…really sad.

    • Rev Ernest is this what you call modernizing? Does that university have a digital library? Is it working towards 5g? Does it even utilize 4g? You think privacy intruding cctv is progress when it is only celebrated by authoritarianists like Luo and you priests? Of course we all know your religion was at one time the centre of dictatorship in the Roman empire and perhaps you re longing for those draconian times?

  2. I used tô have a lot of respect for her but with this cbu saga I no longer. CCTV can be installed concurrently, I pray all cbu students parents relatives extended families well wishers remember this injustice in 2021 and vote for the opposition en masse.May God save Zambia.

    • When you hear someone proposing witchcraft courses just know she a witch herself. How can one explain this hard hearted ness?


    • There is really no need for CBU to be re-opened soon. The damage done by those bastards to the school infrastructure was colossal and need time to repair. Security also is of paramount importance so that those *****s who go to damage innocent people’s vehicles by the roadside can be quarantined and taken to mukobeko.

    • Imagine the criminality from so called students at CBU.
      She is just doing a fantastic job.
      Imagine so called future leaders behaving like hard core criminals at the University.
      Mama, when you finally decide to reopen then they behave the same, please send those hooligans away for a solid one year. Sukulu yakanga kaili.
      Aikona behavior ya so. I hope evening and distance Learning is still in progress.
      Don’t end at expelling them, charge ’em suckers heftily.
      Let them face prison upon conviction in the courts.

    • Imagine the criminality from so called students at CBU.
      She is just doing a fantastic job.
      Imagine so called future leaders behaving like hard core criminals at the University.
      Mama, when you finally decide to reopen, then they behave the same, please send those hooligans away for a solid one year. Sukulu yakanga kaili.
      Aikona behavior ya so. I hope evening and distance Learning is still in progress.
      Don’t end at expelling them, charge ’em s.u.c.k.e r.s heftily.
      Let them face prison upon conviction in the courts.

  3. It is a good move but the tender procedure for the installation of the CCTV might take long, therefore Madam Luo we humbly request you to open the University whilst works for the CCTV are going on

    • Perigo. Do you think there will be any tender floated? I do not think so. For the Prof to announce that means it has already been single sourced.

    • Really laughable do you think CCTV can cost K10 m…this is too much money there wont be any tender she has already single sourced the job for $20,000 and they will keep the change.

    • 10 million Kwacha is an overblown quotation. The cctv costs would be around K400,000

    • You are an ignorant *****. Have you èven been at CBU. You think installing CCTV is like plugging a TV on the socket?

    • Pwahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!

      Ati you think installing CCTV is like plugging a TV on the socket?


      The chap must be a daft cbu chaotic thug.


  5. “…Once these security measures have been implemented at the Copperbelt University, we shall embark on implementing similar security measures at the University of Zambia…”

    Luo is lying ……the pf GRZ are just broke.

    When UNZA closed last time we were told cctv will be implemented before it opens , but they have since opened UNZA without cctv , now they are telling us that CBU will have enhanced security then to rolled out at UNZA and other unis

    How come you have opened UNZA without the enhanced security you promised when it closed after riots ?

    If you can open UNZA after riots without enhanced security , why can’t you open CBU ???

  6. CCTV cameras cost that much? Sounds day light robbing .those cameras you can install them while it’s open what’s wrong with this Luo btch

    • Those are PF prices ……the crooks in PF GRZ have made Zambia the most expensive place to do bussiness.

      Too many PF middlemen earning commissions for doing nothing while the country manufactures nothing

    • Kikikikikikijukija Spaka ena.

      Ati, ” those are PF prices ……the crooks in PF GRZ have made Zambia the most expensive place to do bussiness”.

      Call FIC or DEC or ACC. We don’t need another acquittal. EIZ where are you? Spaka asusha ati ma prices yachita over.

      @ZEK 4.1, this one also thinks installing CCTV is like plugging a TV on the socket?
      Educate this nigga.

  7. There’s already CCTV at CBU. Obviously Nkandu Luo and her cohorts are the suppliers of the additional gadgets. It’s business as usual, that’s how PF operates. And now that Chitotela has been acquitted we should expect more shoddy deals. Even Christ can’t stop these Christian Ministers from collapsing the Christian Nation through wanton pilferage.

    • Stop exciting bloggers.

      You have the info/ facts and while it is still hot, stop the loot and engage relevant institutions.

      We can have you making baseless insinuations.

      You have procurement procedures and check points against single sourcing.

      Engage in factual and informed debates.

      Wilabika Christ mufimalyashi fyamungulu.

  8. So UNZA does have CCTV? I agree with all those saying CCTV can be installed while normal CBU operations are going on. And I’m very sure by now CBU students have learnt their lessons never to take the law in their own hands. Don’t rush to destroy innocent property around the campus or stone other people’s vehicles on the road. Learn to dialogue

    • Wate of time and money. This closure results for in huge loss for students and thus reflect in the nation. This happens when we give garland to a monkey.

      We should not elect these fools again

  9. Who will deliver us from LUNGU-pf

    Honestly does this woman think cctv can stop riotous behaviour.

    Give her the cameras. And when riot break out you start with saver rooms and vandalise monitors.

    Why did sata create this PF

    • Obviously civil behavior will deliver you from Dr. ECL.

      You’re negative energy to your weak soul, kid. Who thinks like that? Vandalize monitors you say. The moment you’re getting in a server room your ugly faces will be transmitted to operators you f.o.o.l. I hope it will be online.

      Democracy landed us Dr. ECL. From the look of things, Dr. ECL is bouncing back 2021. We the elite people of Zambia delivered the now Dr. to plot one. Be governed kid.

      Haters gonna hurt.

  10. Si University ya nyoko!!!! Just open the university. You are destroying future of our children. Your children are in foreign universities getting better education and you are subjecting our children to mediocre education. That is not your university.It is a public university. You did not contribute any dime to build that university.You even have pomposity of saying you will not open the school. If you have no leadership qualities,the best way is to pave way for others.You are a threat to civilization. Rome was destroyed by people who were not civilized.

    • Obviously now contributing many dimes fixing the mess you caused delinquent.

      Helling your children are in foreign Universities slogan yet you want to destroy your own. Poor soul, lazy mind what is civil about your RIOTOUS behavior?
      If you were near here I would give you a smack across your face that would serve as a reminder for your careless talk the rest of your miserable life.
      Get your …@$$&&[email protected]£€¥?()* outa here.

    • @Thorn in the flesh,you are people super KK used to call idi0ts. This minister of use is leaking from her mouth and your are supporting her nonsense. You must be one of the worst imbeciles around. If you were near me I would have used a baddizo to castrate your useless balls so that they don’t produce another of useless kids like you. You were better off moving in your fathers testicles than being born and be a waste of space. You are a waste of sperms.

  11. the non opening of the university has far more implications that the proffeesor thinks and knows. the so many unpaid and unemployed youths, men and women who live around CBU , some of them as far as kwacha and kwacha east, provide a service when the university is on. there is provision of accomodation as boarding homes by the unpaid retired government worker. the students rent and pay a charge that sustains these retired pipo and their families. the youths have barber shops, sell food staffs, they work in restaurants, business centres and groceries surrounding CBU. in this hard economy, the closure of the university has far more economic and social implicationss than the professor knows. Dont forget 2021 impact

  12. that’s like saying I won’t drive this car until I get sit covers so the sits will remain clean.it’s got nothing to do with education.

  13. So her CCTV tender kickbacks are more important than the CBU Academic Calendar which is now in the toilet?
    Luo must be prosecuted for Abuse of Authority of office when her time comes!

  14. Please let’s understand Nkandu. She is working very hard behind the scenes and she assured us that CBU should reopen as soon as 18 months from now. Considering the amount of work required, 18 months is nothing and I think she should be commended for this speedy attention to the problem.

  15. Zindaba Soko’s cameras haven’t stopped us from overspeeding, we’re still cruising. CCTV won’t stop riots as long as you and Naison Ngoma continue to exclude deans and other senior members of staff in important decisions such as big tenders

  16. WAKE UP BA ZAMBIA! CCTV can be installed while the institution is open, you don’t need a crane or specialist equipment to have it installed. We have a food crisis in Southern, Eastern and Western province with people dying from hunger but no money to help our people in affected areas but K10 Million Kwacha has been approved for CCTV for just one institution and the money is available, honestly my fellow country men and women, where are our priorities? LUO has simply found a pot to embezzle public funds with her colleague Mwanakatwe already in the frame for a commission on this deal, which will be given to a Chinese company seeing China’s growing interest on the copperbelt, who knows China might even install CCTV for free while Luo and Mwanakatwe share K5m each from the K10M approved…

  17. Professor I hope you don’t have life lecturers at CBU.
    Consider moving some of the old characters from CBU. A complete overhaul that would even send professor Ngoma packing.
    Move lecturers around.
    You know what’s doing down.

    • Imagine and lecturers have not been paid since January in some cases …they have suddenly found unbudgeted funds for overpriced cameras

  18. This woman has been responsible for the misery of so many intellectuals.I remember how she fired junior doctors who went on strike when she was Minister of health. How she diverted funds meant for salaries for an ICASA conference hosted in Lusaka. She should be retired in National Interest.You can’t be a career Minister for decades. Time for pass the baton madam.

  19. Professor Luo is doing a good. She like us was once a student. She knows what a good university should have and should be. You never here of Cambridge, Yale or Harvard University students on strike and mind you they pay for their education but here where education is almost free their is total chaos and indiscipline.

  20. Thorn In the flesh you f00l how disposable can this !doit be we pay taxes so why should this PF government misuse my hard earned money like this k10 million in old currency k10 billion to install cctv just for CBU elo in most cases !diots like this don’t even pay taxes please go drink your kachasu wechipuba iwe come back to comment giving your shallow analysis once you own you own bussinues and you make a small profit then you get forced to pay return taxes

    • How much tax has asz paid.
      If you wanna know how not paying taxes mean, ask vendeta.
      I don’t understand your skewed point of view. It the professor is inflating figures, you with right figures use civility for a judicial review.
      I don’t support thieving and hooliganism. Both take away from national coffers.
      Don’t be unwise. We don’t need RIOTOUS kide at CBU. We want people claiming that those cameras, cabling, hard disks and monitors are less expensive use legal institutions to cartel suspected thieving behavior not yapping and bullsh*ng on social media sounding holy. Drop it and mature up kids.

  21. People are crying of adequate funding to the universities and she should choose to talk about CCTV. Someone seem to have wrong priorities or just no idea or clue of what should be done to make universities run efficiently – its all about funding sir and not CCTVs.
    What a disaster!!!!

  22. No Monies for salaries and delayed allowances but money for CCTV is available, am i missing something here?

  23. You may install the CCTV, but that’s not the solution to the perennial problems in government higher institutions of learning. These are knee jerk reactions for your own failures. If you commit to supporting certain areas of University life as a govt. and then fail consistently, what do you expect? Instead of calling on all stakeholders (including students) and talking until there is an agreement as to how government Universities should run, without disadvantaging anyone or wittling down the value of education (which you have failed to recognise and appreciate) all you have been doing is unilaterally address only the symptoms. There are a number of people here who also merely see it as ‘students rioting’, without availing themselves to the underlying long running factors.

    • you are on point. the underlying causes has been delayed and low funding to these institution…they are just trying to buy time…GRZ is damn broke.

  24. @Thorn in the flesh … has a very narrow myopic and seemingly selfish outlook of an important issue such as this. While we generally don’t condone wanton destruction of proprty, to label these actions by students as ‘mere crminality’, shows that you are the type of person who would not be suitable to be part of the narrative for solutions.
    It’s like looking at what has been happening in Hong Kong recently and saying the protesters have broken window panes at the Parliament building and that is what we need to deal with as of paramount importance. For as long as you continue to evil and unjust, all sorts of things will be ‘broken’.

    • Unfortunately for you this is not ZWD, this is LT. Here you don’t find singleton views. Here we give you alternative views.

      We question your narrow skewed view points.

      We weigh your comments against sanity, scrutinize your understanding of issues that matter using two-eyes view point.

      Crazy beings using students to champion your political agenda. Stay off Universities. Stop killing innocent kids in Universities.

  25. O’Rourke once stated, and quote; “No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.” For sure, Luo has yet again proven that wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men and women like her indeed know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom. Indeed, there is no greater fool than an educated fool like Nkandu Thasintha Luo!

  26. The Bible says when the wicked rule, people suffer but their day of reckoning will surely come, the power ms Luo you are welding in temporary but you are surely loading it over the poor. We continue to pray, Lesa no malyotola. We are watching

  27. Don’t go to Universities and Colleges to riot.
    You staying away is better than disturbing the peace of the CBU neighborhood, pedestrians and vehicles passing by. You insult cops and wine and dine with crazy lecturer sadists.
    Troublesome Lecturers need to be seperated from the campus, who knows maybe they enjoy the status quo so they can have more time to work at their businesses and farms. Fish out tired characters (students & lecturers) hiding in certain positions.

  28. Your logic is limited typical pf pf. Haven’t you ever heard of face mask.

    Am a non partisan political consultant
    Who will deliver us from LUNGU-pf thorn in the flesh

    Why did Sata create this PF

    • Instead of adressing underlining causes kantu luwo fighting outcome

      Shi was a minister in 1991 and this is 2019

      She formed ka ngo for prostitutes hoping to receive donor money and she failed. Where is tansintha

      This kantu luwo leaches and vampires on tax payers money.

      Cctv camera can NEVER be deterrent

  29. The authority is now addressing effects of root causes of the problems at CBU the approach is ridiculous
    I read that route causes of the devastating disputes were delayed and meager monthly allowances and other associated matters.
    Iam with the opinion that the authority should have addressed the issue of putting up a reliable mode of payment,set date for payment of the same for students and other matters that provoke anger and later gradually install CCTV security system at that cost of k10 million kwacha meaning there will be further delay in re-opening of the institution because of the current additional cost
    I also recommend to advisors to the authority to conduct atleast mini surveys that would have helped in arriving at proper interventions and right priority setting…

  30. Well the issue of CCTV cameras is a good idea but honestly speaking the best thing is to improve the services for the students. I have seen big industries with powerful CCTV security measures being robbed in daylight. I hope the cameras will run 24/7 which I suppose will be difficult naka issues ka 4hour power cut..

  31. I am sure it’s not only cctv cameras but also access cards to other facilities and a perimeter wall fence. Access cards will need a system to be installed as well . We have seen these in developed countries’
    learning institutions were only card carriers will access entry to hostels,libraries and other areas within stipulated times. But may be we can say this can still be done while the university is open.

  32. Ok being a PF cadre is being brain dead thorn in the flesh am now questioning your sanity these are the questions government should reflect on.
    1. The first question this government needs to ask it’s self is why are the students rioting because no one would resolve to rioting if everything was ok & there are better options.
    2. Does installing CCTV deal with the root cause of these riots & if not how does the government plan to deal with these issues.
    3.How would ECL & Nkandu Luo react if it was them not being paid on time ; how have you know this , Thorn in the Flesh people ussualy riot if they feel oppressed or unheard & if that’s the case a good leader does not rush inflicting a more severe blow when his/her subjects react in a riotous behaviour but rather a good leader would…

  33. continued here………
    but rather a good leader would seek first dialogue as you have heard in Bemba nakakashinda kalasuma nawaka titikisha so once again you prove why you are the lot ruining our country get out of this political mentality the majority of us are not actually UPND cadres but we might be forced to vote UPND

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