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Davies Mwila tells Kambwili to stop calling President Lungu at night while insulting him during the day

Headlines Davies Mwila tells Kambwili to stop calling President Lungu at night while...

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila Receiving Defectors
Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila Receiving Defectors

Patriotic Front Secretary General, Davis Mwila has advised National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili to stop calling President Edgar Lungu at night.

Mr Mwila said that it is not right for the NDC leader to keep calling the Head of state at night whilst insulting him during the day, adding that if Kambwili wants to rejoin the ruling party, all he had to do was come out in the open by engaging the Copperbelt party leadersip.

Mr Mwila said the party would not allow Kambwili’s continued tendency of insulting the Head of State when he was still interested in rejoining the party.

Mr. Mwila said this in Chavuma yesterday when he received close to 2000 defectors from the United Party for National Development.

And SG Mwila said continued defections by Members of the UPND in North western Province is a clear indication of the confidence and trust the people have in the ruling party and its government, adding that the PF Government under the President Edgar Lungu has a robust development agenda as enshrined in the Seventh National Development Plan.

Mr Mwila said he is confident that come 2021, the entire North Western Province will be a stronghold of the ruling Party and advised old members to bring new members in the party ahead of the 2021 general elections

Mr Mwila also commended the people of Chavuma district for giving the ruling party two councilors in recent held by elections in Lingelengenda and Sewe wards.

And North western provincial chairperson Jackson Kungo said the ruling party has made serious inroads in the region.

He said the party is enjoying massive support from the people in the providence owing to the sound leadership of President Edgar Lungu and the development government has rolled out.

He said contrary to claims by the UPND that the region is their stronghold, political wind has totally shifted which he attributed to massive development which has been rolled out by the PF government.

He assured the Secretary General that he would not leave any stone unturned in recruiting more members to the Party.

He also advised all district chairmen in the province not to be reluctant but to continue mobilising the party grassroots aggressively.

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  1. This report sounds credible. It’s hard for me to know wht drives Chishimba Kambwili. African politics doesn’t hv that classification u find in developed countries’ politics where there’s the extreme and the mainstream. Perhaps this is due to how it started as agitation against colonial oppression where all and sundry joined forces. And voters rarely pause to ask how they got it wrong last time. It’s still the same old stupid dancing even in the midst of serious things to discuss such as a possible currency crisis for example.

    • As I have always stated that BUFFOON CK is best to use him strategically…my question is why does the Lazy Lungu even have a direct line and why does he even pick up

    • LT please fix your websites…its playing up, inputing other emails and usernames when i log it up and blocking me in some cases

    • Kambwili is now desperate. He has been dumped by hh after hh saw that tatasha after the tribalists helped him win luanshya. Now he is alone & he knows he is going nowhere. He has no support. People go to listen to him the way they go to watch ifinyau or chimakishi. Just to watch him

    • When night falls

      Kikikikikiki kukukuku!

      He is CKinsultor in the day and just CK during the Night.

      Reminds me of Pastor Nevers Mumba of yesterday’s sermon about ” Real You When Night Falls”.

      Girls put off make up and fake hair and fake boobs and fake nails and fake bums and fake lips and eyelashes. The real you manifests at bed time.

      It’s tough being opposition, ya’ll believe me. It’s tough being double h. It’s tough, oh! I tell it’s tough. It’s tough beind dude spaka. It’s cool being non-aligned.

    • LT Editor- how was it that this blogger Bongo Bongo and their email Wilfred @××××× was appearing on my username and email sections

    • @Jay Jay, that’s I was screaming at LT yesterday, and you were responding that I was just drunk.
      I think LT moved their server to that dirty PF secretariat.

    • Nostra.. I didn’t say that yesterday as this website was playing up ..even now I am simply using a “fake” email address I typed in …there are serious breaches on this website.

  2. After GBM`s recent treacherous behaviour and conduct against HH and UPND ,nothing will surprise us in Zambian politics anymore.Politics, after religion, is most scandalous,corrupt,immoral and dishonest profession in Zambia full of crooks and people without conscience.

    • Maybe double h is just impossible being in political partnership with.

      Ohhhhh! Who will save double h from himself? Niggaz on the blog aint helping.
      Jay squared is spooky, like lilo aesa but no show, fwatile fwatile kuwayawayafye.

      Why do political prostitutes want to date double h during polls.

      Damn it! Where is that guy Guy? University of Sussex some niggaz yell.

      Who’s gonna save double h from himself I wonder. They guy is vividly aging in opposition.

    • #2.1 Thorn…..

      Just wait badala. Those same fake defectors you see can be assembled by UPND tomorrow to say they are defecting PF ……Those are all hungry unemployed people looking for handouts.

      2021 is still far……..we don’t think lungu is capable of Turing the economy around.

      Expect more beatings from your hungry caders who instead of providing jobs , you have been providing handouts.
      Now no more handouts, the roads in Zambia will be no go for PF politicians.

  3. So regrettable that Zambian politics is a game of Phd instead of a game of issues.No wonder we’ve hardly developed since 1964.

    • Okay then let double h join PF.
      A necessary paradox.
      Joke of the year.
      His sheep may die of heart attacks.

  4. Nemwine you need to be clobbered too, believing these people when they tell lies at their so called rallies. It’s annoying see a ruling party giving these poor souls head to tore gear full of Edgar’s head and yet fail to feed them. Look at the wastage of money on silly regalia, that money could have been put to good use. Zambians need to wake up if they are to see a better tomorrow than believe these arrogant thieves who think it’s all about winning elections than taking care of electorates

  5. Typical of African politics !! Can Kambwili attest to how his company got the subcontract from CHICO on the Mansa-Luwingu road and he himself had to use Chinese to do his road projects when he was a serving minister under Sata.Is this not corruption? His company was stationed at Chipili,Mlusele Village in particular.

  6. I find Davis’s attack on CK on this issue an called for. If at all CK called HE ECL, how is that your business? Are u previewed to what they were discussing and let alone, do you know who called who? By the way, ECL is not a PF president but the president of The republic of Zambia

    • Just wait. The CKinsultor, jail fainter, puffed naked bully won’t have it.

      He will respond with filth.

      The best way he knows how to yap and discredit his opponents through insults.

      If he stays mute on this one then CK’s come home. He makes those calls.
      Knowing Dr. ECL, he has already forgiven Dr. CK. That would mean heartache/headache and heartaches/headaches for double h and his followers respectively.
      But honestly, I would have loved a situation where CKinsultor got hooked on double h and see them take on PF in 2021. That would be s3xy.

    • Lungu needs CK.

      He knows PF are being eaten into on the CB.

      My prediction is CK will go back to PF or NDC will be a junior partner in PF with CK promised VP.

      Lusambo should take note of this possibility and start apologising to CK now or he will be the first very sorry casualty when CK is back in GRZ.

  7. Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, is aware that he is going nowhere unless his purchased honourary degree has blinded him. Zambia is much, much bigger than roan constituency. You can insult a person as many times as you wish but what real Zambians of integrity will do is to place you in your right place, low level individual. And this goes to also to some of the bloggers who are always insulting others or even the head of state. Your insults just demean you as an individual and exposes your low-level thinking faculties.

  8. Trib.al Hacks, Chimbwili or gorilla, or opposition alliance, just stupiod waste of time. Trib.als pretending to be political leaders…..what a joke!! And Gay Jay and Spaka even think Trib.al Hacks can be Presidential material, really laughable!!!

  9. I agree with chendabushiku.
    Most pipo who enjoy insulting others and using politics were born just like that, they are just naturally insolent. They don’t go anywhere.

  10. Mmmmmm……after everything that CK has said about ECL he can be allowed back to PF? I seriously doubt it.Even GBM I don’t think PF wants anything to do with him. They are just pretending.HH let Kambwili lead the ‘UPNDC’, he’s a more saleable candidate. We don’t want you to suffer a sixth loss in 2021

  11. Hon.Davis Mwila cannot have that data minus being told by the presidency.Kambwili too has agreed having being calling ECL though due to shame,NDC stated that Kambwili calls state house to discuss national issues.But the question is,which national issues?Did Mr Sata while in opposition used to call Levy Mwanawasa or RB to discuss national issues?The answer is;BIG NO!!Does HH call president Edagr Lungu seeking to discuss national issues?I can safely say;BIG NO!!Thus,it is common sense to conclude that CK seeks opportunities in PF!!!Once things look possitive,CK shall apologise to ECL-MARK MY WORDS!!

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