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President Lungu to ensure rural investments bottlenecks are addressed

Economy President Lungu to ensure rural investments bottlenecks are addressed

President Lungu at the Launch of Mansa Sugar
President Lungu at the Launch of Mansa Sugar

President Lungu has reiterated his government’s commitment to ensuring that bottlenecks hindering investment, especially in rural parts of the country, are addressed.

Speaking when he commissioned the Multi Million dollar Mansa sugar Plant in Chembe district of Luapula Province yesterday, the President said it is a well known fact that industrial activities are mostly focused in urban and peri urban areas, and predominantly along the line of rail, which has resulted in increased rural – urban migration as people, especially the youth, move to urban areas in search of jobs and business opportunities.

He bemoaned the trend which he observed has caused congestion in towns and cities, triggering pressure on government to provide adequate social amenities to the people.

He stated that in order to address the rural – urban drift, government was committed to providing an enabling environment for rural industrialisation to flourish.

He announced that Government had created programs such as the development of farming blocks, value chain cluster programmes as well as establishment of industrial yards and parks in all provinces, all aimed at promoting rural industrialisation.

And President Lungu has expressed joy that the Sakiza Spinning group, proprietors of Mansa Sugar, have responded to his governments call for the private sector to leverage the conducive business environment and natural climate that Zambia has to offer to achieve the nation’s industrialisation agenda.

“It is gratifying to note that the Sakiza spinning group of companies whose headquarters is located in Kitwe, has ventured into diversification from its traditional business such as cotton spinning and packaging through strongpak to sugar cane growing and processing.”

“This is indeed commendable because Sakiza spinning group has answered my governments continued call for diversification, and most importantly into agriculture and agro processing,” he said.

He stated that it gave him immense pleasure to note the magnitude of investment which was being pumped into the project stating that it was a clear reflection of the nation’s fertile investment climate to stir business growth.

From an initial 28 million united States dollars, the Mansa Sugar project has been raised to a hundred million dollars of which 50 million has already been invested.

The project has so far created over 1,200 jobs for the people of Luapula Province and is expected to employ over 3000 when it reaches full capacity which has elated area Member of Parliament Hon. Sebastian Kopulande and Luapula Province Minister, Hon. Nickson Chilangwa.

President Lungu at the Launch of Mansa Sugar
President Lungu at the Launch of Mansa Sugar


  1. Way to go, please Mr Presidnet ensure that the rural electrification programme is continued. The rural economic potential will positively contribute to our national development. There are a lot of spin off projects just waiting for this rural electrification programme to be fully implemented. Our great nation will soon see the blossom of our economy. God bless our great nation.

    • Meanwhile the Lusaka based money launderers are busy updating liquidation of Mansa Sugar, they were just missing to know who owns it.

    • This is great. It’s a new company and let’s hope it will hv staying power so that it grows. The business climate is unfavourable at present due to the PF’s shambolic and sheer lack of budget discipline.

    • So Lungu is just finding out about these bottlenecks? What exactly has he been doing in office all these years?

      If there ever is one thing Lungu is good at, it is making promises. He never keeps them anyway, that is why people wonder if he is under the influence when he makes promises.

  2. For a moment I mistook those guys for Vendetta officials, one even looks like the Chair of Vendetta, that crooked ass Anil Argarwal.

    My mind was put to rest when I read that they are the owners of Sakiza Spinning, genuine investors those, not like those just running tuma wholesale shops.

  3. Wait until PF dreams of new taxes to fund their corruption. So sophisticated that now they even employ fake or incompentent investigators at ACC to ensure all cases against them are deliberately defective so that they are clean. But we shall catch up with them for skimming our taxes and sharing proceeds of foreign loans….., maybe introduce sharia law for them when their time comes.

    But whatever we do guys, no trib.als please!!!

  4. By the way I saw Hon Given Lubinda on ZNBC this evening. Doesn’t look to me like a person that was clobbered by PF party cadres. Mistaken identity perhaps, since party cadres clobber to maim?

  5. Cadre you cannot see internal injuries or fractures with your bare eyes that’s why there are X-rays. Do you think you will be able to see injuries from kicks to your abdomen or other hidden parts. The people probably kicked him all over his body and not just his face, that’s why he rushed to the police station

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