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American chemical and seed company launches in Zambia

Economy American chemical and seed company launches in Zambia

US agriculture company Corteva Agriscience has pledged its support to Zambia’s drive to become a regional hub for agricultural innovation.

The Corteva brand, which supplies crop protection as well as Pannar and Pioneer seeds to farmers in Zambia, was officially launched in Zambia this week.

Speaking at the launch, Zambia National Farmers Union President Jervis Zimba said the production landscape in Zambia is dynamic, as farmers constantly strive to survive and respond to many factors such as dealing with the effects of climate change, enhancing productivity and embracing diversification.

Mr. Zimba said there is an abundant desire for seed technologies among the farmers and ZNFU is excited with the efforts being made by big companies such as Corteva Agriscience.

A month after its official listing on the New York Stock Exchange, Corteva Agriscience’s official launch in Zambia was also a platform for the company to reaffirm its commitment to improving the livelihoods and productivity of Zambian farmers, as well as support for the agricultural sector.

The company reiterated its commitment to backing government efforts to ensure national food security, and outlined its vision to extend that goal to the wider regional Eastern and Southern Africa region.

An additional MOU was signed with the Conservation Farming Unit aimed at promoting farmers access to knowledge on improved conservation farming methods.

The Zambian government has highlighted the need for significant change in agriculture to meet rising food demand.
Corteva’s global drive to enrich the lives of farmers and consumers, helping farmers and crops flourish, and partnering with society to secure the country’s food supply for generations to come aims to become a critical pillar of that strategy.
This brand launch in-market signals a strong commitment to Zambia’s agriculture development and underpins Corteva’s support for the country’s food security goals.

Corteva’s presence in Zambia is to ultimately provide support to Zambian farmers – using their strong value proposition of an integrated seed, crop protection and technology offering to enhance operations and improve farming productivity for the benefit of Zambian society,” says Joseph Anampiu, Commercial Unit Leader, Corteva Agriscience, East Africa.

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  1. GMO stuff. Zambian must be careful. Anyone can do anything in Zambia as long as they have a foreign tag.

    Others are setting up tuma gambling machines my tuntemba ati “investors”

  2. And why are we now unable to develop our own indigenous seed banks. One day we shall have nothing to plant in the ground except corruption and drunkenness.

  3. They are just bring their GMO foods and chemicals that kill honey bees….US food standards are appalling

  4. Who let them in? I don’t trust them at all. They are coming in the name of developmental aid but they have a hidden agenda. Before we realise, irreversible damage will be done to our natural food produce making our farmers and our people slaves of the international agricultural cartel.

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