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Over 17, 000 girls receive HPV vaccine

Health Over 17, 000 girls receive HPV vaccine

Over 17, 000 girls have received the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Chongwe, Kafue and Lusaka districts.

The Ministry of Health says the 17, 600 girls vaccinated so far is a work in progress towards the targeted number of 50, 000 girls.

The Ministry of Health has expressed happiness with the overwhelming response from the ongoing Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination program for 14 year old girls, saying it is anticipated that the number of girls accessing the vaccine is likely to increase.

Ministry of Health Assistant Director for Cancer Prevention Sharon Kapambwe, has since encouraged more girls to visit health facilities and obtain the vaccination before the close of the programme on July 20th, 2019.

“As opposed to numbers recorded during the Child Health Week, girls are being encouraged to visit health facilities and access the vaccination before July 20th, 2019,’’ she said.

Ms. Kapambwe has further encouraged those who missed the vaccination programme in schools to visit any health facility and receive the vaccine.

The vaccination program which is using a school-based strategy is targeting 14 year old girls who are expected to access the vaccine from health centres and through community based strategies.

The HPV vaccine which was introduced last year on a pilot basis in Chongwe, Kafue and Lusaka districts, before it can be rolled out to the rest of the


  1. Headline Should Say:

    The Bill Gates Foundation gives Over 17,000 girls given a Cancer virus and other things to increase child birth complications and infant mortality rate to reduce Zambia’s population

  2. Another over a thousand girls under experiment by a man’s “charity donation” and god knows hows desire to depopulate the world.

  3. Question: Did the the MoF ask for consent letters from parents to go ahead and vaccinate their daughters . These things should not be mandatory. Does government have any proof how safe there vaccines are. This habit of just getting anything from the white man is dangerous. In future, we should not be surprised if these girls will not be able to conceive.

  4. I agree with informed consent but I also think that mass education on causes/risks associated with cancer should be conducted. In this case, HPV and cervical cancer and head and neck cancer. These vaccines should be given to both girls and boys with parental consent but can only be informed consent if the parents know what the exercise is about. Google hpv and cancer

  5. These dull journalists. No context to want this HPV does in article. You need to go back to school. This is clumsy reporting.

  6. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the virus that causes cervical cancer in women and genital warts in men and women. The HPV vaccine effectively prevents infection with the HPV types responsible for most cervical cancers and can also prevent genital warts.

    • @Quest. That’s what you, me and medical practitioners in our country have been told. Bill Gates is well known for supporting eugenics and he’s a white man. Make a conclusion. A white man does not like black people so ask yourself why a white man would want to give you free medicine so that you don’t die when a lot of our innocent brothers are being killed everyday in USA by police over things like traffic offences.

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