Wednesday, June 19, 2024

President Lungu Fires Finance Minister Mwanakatwe, Appoints Bwalya Ngandu


Bwalya Ngandu
Bwalya Ngandu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has dropped Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe from her position.

President Lungu has since replaced Mrs Mwanakatwe with Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Operations Dr Bwalya Ng’andu.

President Lungu has revoked the nomination of Patriotic Front PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Member of Parliament.

The changes are with immediate effect.

In the letter addressed to Mrs Mwanakatwe, the Head of State thanked the Lusaka Central lawmaker for the services she rendered to government.

Dr Ng’andu will be sworn in on Monday at 09 Hours at State House.

This is according to a statement issued by President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe.

President Lungu has also nominated Bwalya Ngandu as a Member of Parliament by revoking the nomination of Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as member of Parliament.

Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu is a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics candidate.

He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from Cranfield University, UK and a M.Sc. in Ergonomics from The University of London as well as a BA in Psychology and Business from the University of Zambia.

Dr. Ng’andu is also a Zambian Rhodes Scholar.

He holds professional qualifications in a number of institutions, including: Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK; Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services, Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Human Resources as well as a representative of the Zambia stock exchange.

Until now, he held the position of Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia.

He has held various board positions across numerous sectors of the Zambian economy.

Beyond his board appointments he has held positions as: Chairman of the Banking and Finance Task Force, he has sat on the Lusaka Town Council, he served as President of the Zambia Institute of Banking & Financial Services, and sat as member of the executive committee of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ng’andu is well published in a number of commissions including: The Economic Commission for Africa, Caritas Zambia and The United Kingdom Commission for Africa.


  1. Everybody respect me, I told Ba Edgar to dissolve cabinet yesterday.
    Thanks for those firing. Mwapitako akamwela. Unbelievable.
    Fire 2 more on Wednesday!!!

    • We have consistently said Margaret brought nothing to the table other than a faker accent and a deviated mouth. This drunk has been fired from all her previous job. Bwalya Ng’andu on the other hand is unqualified. He is not an economist. Edgar Lungu always misses it!!

    • A little late. The damage she had done could be irreversible.

      She was clearly out of her depth.

      Good riddance.



    • Big congrats and well wishes to Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu on your appointment as Minister of Finance! Find peace and get to work intelligently to success in your new duties. Please be assured that for the common good, you have our full professional support freely at your discretion. You are taking a highly visible position. The onerous task is to serve every Zambian by helping President Chagwa advance the radical agenda of economic transformation to unlock prosperity for all Zambians. Mwanakatwe was a straight jacket joker who had come in my fudging her credentials at a difficult time. We will watch you with keen interest.

    • 2 years to go before elections & now is when they wake up to the fact that drunkards.ess is not taking the country anywhere.

    • Obatala, the ministry of finance does not need an an economist to be minister. What we is an accountant who will balance the books not an an economist who only think like capitalists

    • Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu is a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics candidate.

      He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from Cranfield University, UK and a M.Sc. in Ergonomics from The University of London as well as a BA in Psychology and Business from the University of Zambia.

      Dr. Ng’andu is also a Zambian Rhodes Scholar.

      He holds professional qualifications in a number of institutions, including: Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK; Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services, Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Human Resources as well as a representative of the Zambia stock exchange.

    • No. 3 finance minister in as many years. Looks like a record this one. I believe in allowing people to settle down so that they become confident with their decisions. Maggie Mwanakatwe inherited the blackest of financial black holes in Zambia’s public finance, task facing his successor a daunting one.

    • Ergonomics and Psychology?

    • Hi @Mushota (1.2) my friend, guess you are doing fine. Yea you are right that the action has come a little bit late. The indications that she was not the right person were seen long time ago. It was scandal after scandal.. Anyway, good riddance, though..

    • Long long long long long overdue.
      One wonders why you thought Margaret was fit for the job.

      As for the next FM dude. Uposeko anano. Good luck. Let’s see if those qualifications can turn things around. Twitangisha ukulwa mwibala bane.

      As for Mumbi no hard feelings.

      As for Dr. ECL please don’t use trial and error on some of these positions. Otherwise Mrs Mwanakatwe was a worsted project at the Ministry.

    • From the good doctor’s CV I think he should not be heading the ministry of finance but rather should have been given the secretary to the cabinet job so that he can help overhaul the civil service. He has worked at the central bank but he is not an economist(he is still studying) this gives me the shivers. Some appointments you refuse on principle, but some of these Zambian intelligentia have an entitlement mentallity nangu ku justice nga bachisumina aba. Ba kateka job on training yena twakana. But we wish him the best in the challenges he is about to face. One Zambia.

    • However on a more optimistic side despite lacking in the requisite training to run MOF as a technical authority, the good doctor having headed operations over at the central bank has the capacity to hold a birds eye view (like a choir master) on various government cost centres and instilling the necessary fiscal discipline our country needs to break even in the short term.

    • This is the end of a remarkable professional career, so sad. In case Mr. Ngandu didn’t know, it comes with a huge pay cut.

    • Which finance minister in the whole damn world would succeed when his prime minister or president doesn’t help in ensuring budget discipline? How do u succeed if the civil service payroll rises just about every few months due to creation of districts and appointment of DCs and other support staff after budget has been presented? That’s the reality we have been living with since the departure of MMD from govt.

    • Margaret is gone because she advised restraint under austerity measures and now we have a Minister Of Finance who can’t even prepare a simple Trial Balance.

      He’s a wrong person for the job firstly because he will be nothing but a YES BWANA and secondly he’s not educated to handle this job even if he’s highly qualified in Human Resource Management.

      Expect world financial authorities to now write off the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … huge mistake, ECL. Now Margaret didn’t help herself either with that drunken stooper of hers.

      If I was Dr. Ng’andu, I wouldn’t have taken over this job, there are others more qualified. Expect more unrestricted spending and inflation to go up.

      Mr. President … prepare the world for bad news!!!

      Epo mpelele,


    • There’s something wrong with this breed of Mwanakatwes.
      Incompetence cuts across.
      A bottle is the order of the day.

    • Kalyalya you were the boss yesterday, but from today on your junior is your boss, yaba! Awe ba Lungu tekuwayawaya mwe! Ba Dizzy Maggie of course tafyali fintu, we advise your sales tax will hurt the country, awe bafilwa Na pakwambila April, no July, no September iyee! Surely there are men and women with proven record to stabilize the economy and probably claim the little value our ZMW had before you imposed yourselves honestly as blind leadership without any vision at all at all. And now you keep trying and miserably failing, why can’t you just own up? Ukwiba na pretense yakubomba is like mixing clay and steel. Ne cine ci man woman pa higher education ministry ni tsunami mwaleta. Longeni fye muleya tata.

    • Well done Mr President. !!!

      Mwanakatwe was appointed By RB ( Rupiah Banda ). And now fired by Edgar C. Lungu.

      RB can give wisdom and advise to Lungu, but not for him to dictate how Lungu leads the ship. Its just creates more problems.

      Its about time Lungu stood on his feet. Truthfully RB helped him to become the president. But RB should not hold a hand in the running of the nation.

    • BR MUMBA Sr # 1.22

      I definitely One Billion % agree with you.

      Lungu has brought in a wrong person, though Mwanakatwe deserves to go as she had run out of her breath. I hope time proves us wrong at the end of the tunnel with Dr Ngandu

      I am not sure if this appointment will sort; the national issues at hand, release pressure from the pressure-cook on Lungu himself; or just a political move. Again only time will tell.

      ++ BR MUMBA Sr

      In the mean time – Keeping preaching The-Gospel-of-Good-Capitalism – to the Enterprise People of Zambia. We are all part of the Grand Solution.

    • Bwalya Ng’andy has been Deputy Governor at Bank of Zambia, but failed to influence for strengthening of our Kwacha. He is equally a non-starter for our economic predicament as a Nation.
      No appointment is exciting under PF!

    • These are WASTED LAZY LUNGU YEARS indeed …dont blame Aunty Maggie Dizzy blame the fooooool who keeps appointing these people, I stated right here that Aunty is a mere accountant like Felix but the usual nepotistic blogger like BR JUNIOR were there applauding the appointment ..look at him today with pie on his face. Moreover so long as the Finance Minster is surrounded by incompetent corrupt ministers always knocking on the door for payments like Luo is with that single sourced overpriced CCTV K10 million system for CBU when the school is in disrepair nothing will change.
      **I hope this post goes through as LT has blocked me*****

    • I am having to go incognito to post comments…Ngandu is from BOZ a junior to the BOZ Governor surely what is wrong with this chap in State House? Why cant he not host a Press Conference and state the reasoning behind his appointments…are you telling us that Zambia has no qualified people to do the job who can be headhunted?

    • You are 5-0 down, its 80 mins into the game, making substitutions won’t help.

      Aunty Dizzy’s appointment was a big blunder but the damage of over borrowing & theft/corruption was done under Alex chikwanda & Felix mutati’s tenures.
      Its too late, its no longer about the person in the seat. Its the whole rotten PF system.
      Dr Ngandu will just spoil his CV

    • BN is a Psychologist from former ZCCM. Yes he is currently a CANDIDATE to obtain his ECONOMICS STRIPES obviously to avoid the whoo haaaa that accompanied his previous appointment!! (hmmm – doesn’t this stink like the stench we had when a former commander of a certain service was tutored at his home??)
      In a country with seemingly a lack of simple Financial Fiscal understanding, you can’t simply say a Finance minister can be anyone – if indeed we had a PS & his civil servant’s who performed to their best, we wouldn’t be in the quagmire that we find ourselves – yes , we could then afford to have yesterday’s street sweeper being appointed to the post.
      The only reason Bonds are resurging & commentators are celebrating – is simply because the scalp of an utterly hopeless FM has been struck…

  2. At this point the boss needs to start looking at himself in the mirror. He will keep changing MoF but little will change in the countries fortunes. Him and his bunch of thieves need to GO!


    • Its a case of the football club playing terribly on the pitch and the Owner keeps changing the Finance Directors …these are truly WASTED YEARS …THIS WOULD HAVE been an ideal time to kick Chitolela out he still has several pending cases to answer in court.

    • @Wemwine, what insult are you talking about? I was just about to insult you as iwe chikkala, but naibwelamo. You want me to call Nkandu as Ba Luo? Our children goes to CBU…
      Even Ba Edgar earned his title as Ba, same as Dr. Edgar.
      That Nkandu fimofimo is depressed she need retired in national interest. Fire her, she has costed PF alot of votes.

    • Nostradamus: Obviously u’re feeling great for saying that. Hope it has made your day. Reality is this: after insulting, the same old challenges are there waiting for u. Now go ahead and insult me again.

  3. Way long overdue, Mrs Margaret Dununa Reverse Mwanakatwe was basically past her sale by date by like 20 years. Let her go to Katuba and strut her things at a campaign stage, that is what she is good at. That woman was a fake, a fraud and a con artist. We need somebody serious to be running our economic affairs. Fake and over hyped CV with no results to show for it, everywhere she has worked. Madam, go pay back your CEEC debts now

    I must say the appointment of Bwalya Ngandu is the best Lungu has done so far for his cabinet

    • I tend to think the problem is the President himself. Mutati, in view, was OK and the business community had confidence in him and the economy showeed signs of recovery under his watch. But the President sponsored cadres to hound him out of office. The President never condemned those cadres which is an indication that the move was sanctioned by him. Even with Ngandu, as long as cadres and corrupt politicians keep expecting kickbacks, I don’t expect him to succeed.

    • Why do you think Bwalya Ngandu is the right candidate for minister of finance? Because he has a Tonga surname?

    • Lol, some people always view things through their tribal lenses. Ng’andu is a common name found in Northern/Muchinga Provinces and Southern Province

    • Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      MMD B00tlicker-turned-PF-b00tlicker, but you were there praising Margaret Mwanakatwe and Lungu together with your old friend BR Mumba Snr (aka the dnmb people of the Zambian enterprise).

      Congratulations to the new FM Bwalya but I dare say that Zambia’s economical woes are a political problem and not really a technical or qualification issue. Like others have pointed out, this guy is also destined to fail as long as corruption, incompetence and nepotism exists at the highest level of politics. You could bring in the best finance minister from the US or Germany and chances are that they will fail.

      On paper his academic resume sounds impressive but I’m interested in what he’s actually achieved on the job, demonstrated competence and not just academic. What Zambians don’t…

    • Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      What Zambians don’t understand is that PhD qualification don’t mean anything in the workplace other than being a uni lecturer and research work. We have so many Doctorates and yet we are still at the bottom of human civilization with nothing to show for it. How come?

    • Shu shu shu: I think we hv a problem in our education system as well. Hw much teaching/learning of wht Zambian tribes hv in common is taught? Hw many words and names are common? Hv u ever asked yourself why we are called Bantu language speakers? I think if given a chance I would put in the Zambian sch syllabus important things that are critical to building a nation out of many tribes.

  4. Congratulations to Dr Bwalya Ngandu well deserved appointment. I personally ask and pray that Gid should guide you in this huge and tempting position. Be blessed Doc

    • The man is a basically a civil servant like a lamb placed in charge of the meat fridge for Lions like Luo, Kampongyo, Kapata, Chitoteta these are very powerful untouchable heavy weights to say no to…the best Lazy Lungu would have done is host a Press Conference and warned his ministers to respect the new guy but again he cowered from it.

  5. It’s a great decision President Edgar Lungu has made. A combination of excellence in; integrity, leadership, psychology and economic education is key in the context of leading a ministry of finance. Dr. Bwalya Ngandu is a better replacement. He has unique and exceptional experience and relationships with the local and international financial and economic world. Zambia has a lot of some of the brightest minds and great hearts even at the global stage. Our politicians needs to see that and make use of the great minds and hearts Zambia has. A lot of them are making great contributions to countries in the developed world including countries like the USA, UK, Germany to name but a few.

    • Which “economic education” you are talking about?
      Read article again and make correction to your fake contribution.

  6. Mwanakatwe was a failure on that position same ba nkandu luo fire her and chitotela president fire them please

  7. I will talk about Bwalya Ng’andu later, however, congratulations on your appointment. Josephine Mumbi Phiri is a typical example of those people who forget their roots when God uplifts them. I wish to remind her about when she used to survive by selling shake shake by the roadside in Mufulira. She and Jean Kapata insulted FTJ, but then if the MMD under President Chiluba had behaved in the manner that the PF are doing Josephine wouldn’t be where she is. I challenge her to go back and see how people of Mufulira are suffering. The council, PF aligned associations and PF cadres all collect fees from meagre resources of traders. There’s a reign of terror worse than that of UNIP vigilantes and Josephine pretends as if she hasn’t come from those townships, SHAME!She has chosen to drink wine…

    • with Edgar and embarrass herself as if she isn’t even married. Edgar doesn’t go to Mufulira. He doesn’t know the people’s problems. If FTJ whom you insulted didn’t give people houses I don’t what could’ve become of Mufulira now. Poverty is everywhere, young women gather at Shoprite to look for men to buy them bread for K5! They begin sell their bodies as early as 16.00hrs because there’s nothing to do. Young men are enslaved by Congolese owners of Spacios and Noahs and there are always battles when they fight for passengers. In Mufulira taxi drivers will come to your doorstep to ask if you intend to travel. Ifikopa fyaba na mu tauni. Ifi cabin fulufulu because people don’t have where to go. Naleka

    • Ayatollah: PF reigns supreme in Mufulira. Things should be working. PF cadres collecting fees from fellow PF members. That’s sounds like great local economic integration. Must have a great future. If things become difficult, just organise over-night prayers and ba Yaweh will deliver. Simple really since we are God’s own country.

    • On a serious note Ayatollah, once elections are over and govt takes office, there’s need to concentrate on service delivery and not ceaselessly campaigning as is the case now. State functions are no different from party functions with many people turning up in party regalia. That’s not how serious people work. Election year politics ought to differ from politics in btwn elections. We haven’t built a serious economic base. Just digging minerals out of the ground is not sufficient basis to fight the poverty in Mufulira or anywhere else.

    • Some of those town’s, Luanshya and chingola included dependance on the Mines must change. Dr. ECL must not concentrate on building shopping malls and supermarkets there. Dependance on Mines will ground those towns permanently one blue day.
      FTJ once knocked the hell out’a Ndola City. Robbing it of it’s once vibrant Industries.
      Build Mini Economic Zones in these semi-ghost economic disadvantaged coutrysides.
      Yangu mfwile naya tandalapo pa milambo. It’s been ages.

    • @Nemwine, PF can afford to campaign even when there are no elections because they think it’s money that wins elections. In 1991 UNIP ran an expensive campaign were they even hired foreign artists. Nyama Soya and MMD were even worse but what happened? The money the PF is illegally extorting from the Chinese will not save from the impending tsunami. Just wait and see. The only problem is that because people are so disillusioned the country might end up in wrong hands again. Even buffoons like Kambwili are misleading people. If I were Edgar I would fire Nkandu Luo, Freedom Sikazwe, Kaiser Zulu, Steven Kampyongo, Dora Slit, Godrida Sumaili, Tutwa Ngulube, Davies Mwila and Bowman Lusambo. All these are criminal parasites who will cause him elections

    • Ayatollah: Good points. I agree people aren’t stopping to ask, “how did we get it so wrong”? “How do we prevent it from happening again”? I don’t need to say more. It really depresses me. People on the Copperbelt are enduring hardship they aren’t used to.

  8. Good move Mr President…. It has been long overdue.
    Dr. ensure you deliver
    Mr President disappoint more of those that you see are not performing.

  9. Rev Ernest you said the same thing with Mwanakatwe, what makes you think this is the best decision before you see the results. Just pray this would be the best hire otherwise he has a long road ahead of him. A drastically declining economy and dwindling liquidity. So much riding on him. I won’t be surprised if he too gets fired soon because expectations are high now

  10. That was way overdue Bwana Lungu .She was economically clueless and she really embarrassed Zambia in her last visit to USA with dumb answers.

  11. There’re still a number of deadwood in that Cabinet who need to be fired, if not for incompetence then at least on moral grounds.

  12. At least we have a sober, respectable person of integrity taking over the reigns of Ministry of Finance in Dr. Bwalya Ngandu. Not the embarrassment of a public drunk in Margaret Mwanakatwe. She has also been cited as the cause of delays in the payment of salaries to institutions like UNZA.

  13. Lungu needs replacing himself……

    An always losing football team replaces the maneger first , not the goal keeper.

    With the same hopless manager , no matter which players you get, you are always on the losing side……

    • You are very right and hh needs replacement too.

      You can NOT have one shooter taking penalties and missing.

      Tell you what. There’s no guarantee he is winning in 2021. At least 2026 I can see the whole country turn ing against LUNGU-PF

  14. Congratulations Dr. Ng’andu but welcome to the arena in which you should be ready to be called all sorts of names. Politics is so dirty a game that educated people are reduced to almost nothing like they have never been to school.Hon.Mwanakatwe must have done a terrible thing. At least she could have been transferred to another Ministry. As for Mumbi Phiri she became so bigheaded that she thought she was untouchable. Just last week in Parliament Namugala almost sent her out of the House due to too much noise-making I guess

  15. From Fossil Chikwanda- Mutati – Margaret – B.N
    B.N will have to fight the huge debt. Sales tax has also failed implimentation.

    • @Yaba,
      Umucinshi bane. Sokulu ABC eo walaita ati Fossil Chikwanda? Efilya batila amalinganya mapuli yalaponwesha.

  16. Truth be told. as long as there is no money in th treasury,you will keep on firing and hiring…the Government is dead Broke bane.

  17. Well I don’t know if there is anything to thank mwanakatwe for. The woman has been a disgrace to all women and Zambian at large. If there was any appointment that a woman should have shone at that was it but she missed it by miles. Good move but a little late by lungu.

  18. It is not the papers that work.That is a misconception that we have. His predecessor had a very rich CV but failed to perform. Let’s not put papers forward. It is the inner drive and the zeal to perform. We need someone who will be very open to the president about his extravagancy in travelling. Someone who will tell the president that there is no money for his unnecessary trips. He needs to lift the bull by its horns.

  19. @its Political. You seem to have a perfect foresight. HH must be replaced exactly coz in 2026 ECL will be replaced. The example you gave of a striker missing penalties and he is give chance all the time does not make sense

  20. I don’t know this Dr Bwalya Ngandu, but if he is the right man for the job then congratulations to him.
    At the end of the day it’s not titles of education that will solve our economic woes but men and women of integrity who have long term plans for the country.

  21. I dont think Doc Bwalya Ngandu is the right man for the job. Because of Ergonomics he was better placed at BoZ operations department since operations mainly deals with systems and human beings in those systems. Efficiency wise he is ok but he lucks the technical aspects of Economics and Finance.


  22. Well done Mr President EC Lungu. Very timely appointment of Dr Bwalya Ng’andu as Finance Minister. Kudos to the outgoing minister as well she tried her best in a difficult job. Mr President keep on steering the team and Zambia.

  23. Good gesture for firing her from the ministerial post, but I feel it is not the way to go, why not try this; “FIRE YOURSELF FOR BEING INCOMPETENT” for us to move forward. Mr president you mean you can’t see the writing on on the wall that you are likely to swallow the same bitter pill you created for others to swallow, e.g your Justice Minister Given Lubinda Lynched and undressed by his own pf cadres. Anyway 2021 the owners of this country have resolved to fire you through the ballot box. Period!!!!

  24. The sacking of the Drunkard at Ministry of Finance was long overdue. However the Chinese say that “A fish Rots from the Head Down wards”. The Problem in Zambia is a stubborn empty head at the Helm. In terms of Seniority the Minister of Finance is more Senior than the Governor of BOZ. So how does Lungu appoint a Deputy Governor of BOZ to be Minister of Finance leaving the Governor of BOZ in his post. How will the two work together in co-ordinating Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Zambia? Does ECL understand these things we wonder? We doubt it. A bad Carpenter blames his tools. This is like changing Musical Chairs on the Deck of a Sinking Titanic Ship. That won’t save it from sinking. Just wait and see!

    • That’s why it is important to treat your juniors well as well as everyone who is beneath you. You never know how tomorrow will turn out. Life does throw some upsets sometimes.

  25. @ Mwabupo, ulabeja musankwa. Ecl, even u hate him is not like u tribalists who sees everything with tribal eyes. That’s why u will always lose. Mapenzi.

  26. The cardinal question to ask ourselves is what led us to be in this position economically and is there political will to adhere to macroeconomic fundamentals which will help us circumvent the daunting task ahead of us? Changing ministers is one thing and allowing them to operate with minimum political interference is another.

  27. Ba Kateka, please look at Kenneth K Mwenda, he is a world renowned rhodes scholar as well. He can do well as Minister of Justice

  28. Bwalya Ngundu you have been around long time, you have seen the ups and the downs of our economy, bring economic solutions and not politics at Finance Ministery. There is wealth in our country, please pay attention to the minerals wealth, work closely with the minister of mines, got the Gold being mined illegally from Rufunsa to Lundazi, and the emeralds, and Cobalt on the Copper belt, forget this talk about Copper. The above mentioned minerals are enough to make a difference to the economy of Zambia. Just a thought.

  29. @Nostradamus
    Agree King Solomon was and is still the richest person ever. However ,it is too late for this appointment , is Dr Bwalya Ng’andu going to wave a magic wand and the $20bn debt Lungu has accrued disappear?

  30. @Ayatollah, your concept of issues still exhibits intelligent deficiency despite your capitulation of PF failures to which you religiously hold. Your proposal to fire Nkandu Luo, Freedom Sikazwe, Dolla, Kampyongo, Kaiser Zulu etc and leave the rotting head just proves your lack of intelligence. You hold high the chief architect of corruption late president FTJ because he appointed your cousins and aunties whom you now despise having come from Mufulira. What did FTJ do in Mufulira? Dirty as it was, is still dirty today under your hero EC Lungu.
    Disaster awaits furthe with your PF and Lungu as they will fight hard to remain in power at all costs with your type of thinking believing Lungu can take Zambia to higher strides with corruption. Mufulira will continue to bleed while you look.

  31. People are talking about changing the entire cabinet….What about Edgar Lungu himself?
    Despite all the different Finance Ministers he has appointed,the debt to China still continues to grow and the economy has continued to decline.
    The IMF are not interested in providing a financial bailout.

    • Lucifer: the Rhodes scholarship will was altered by the British parliament to make non-whites and women qualify for sponsorship. It was originally intended for only British living outside Britain, Germans and Americans because Rhodes feared that the worldviews of stay-a-home Brits was diverging from those who went out in the colonies. Rhodes made his money from mining in Southern Africa. Why shouldn’t we be eligible? In fact we get a raw deal because USA gets more slots than Southern Africans whereas we get only one or two. Not fair considering that Rhodes’ millions were made in our part of the world.

  32. Black people and inferiority – Rhodes scholar – rubbish, and shows your lack of pride. Imagine if Hitler left a scholarship fund for Jews – would they being flocking to it like headless chicken. Cecil Rhodes was a racist and a bandit. No wonder you are never respected and you will remain beggars.

    Real men – send their children to top university using their funds.

    All you think about is sex – have kids with no plan and no education fund. What kind of people are you?

  33. It’s too late, Bwalya Ng’andu will not be able to do anything,Zambia is heading straight for a default. The drun.kard is not the only one responsible, Mutati too and especially Chikwanda.
    In any case, even the best finance minister will have to implement the disastrous and surreal management of his boss…

  34. I would have gone with Celeb Fundanga as FM,Ngandu as deputy. Ndabisa Mayo as BOZ governor. We need heavyweights.

  35. What qualifications does one need to be a competent Minister of Finance? The first Minister of Finance in 1965, Elijah Mudenda, was an agronomist; the second, in 1970, John Mwanakatwe was a teacher. Others were as follows: Kebby Musokotwane, 1981, Teacher; Luke Mwananshiku, 1982, Economist; Gibson Gerald Chigaga, 1987; Emmanuel Kasonde, 1991; Ronald Damson Siame Penza, 1993, Economist ; Edith Zewelani Nawakwi, 1998, Economist; Katele Kalumba, 2000, Social Worker; Ng’andu Peter Magande, 2003, Economist; Situmbeko Musokotwane, 2008, Economist; Felix C Mutati, 2016, Accountant; ; Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe, 2018, Accountant; and now Bwalya Ng’andu, 2019, Psychologist.

    • You don’t need any specific qualifications because you have technocrats in the civil service to help you. Chancellor Gordon Brown was a journalist, Chancellor George Osbourne studied Modern History.

  36. It’s Political you are right, HH needs to be replaced, or else his party will remain the largest opposition forever

  37. I am glad that the president has now on this particular issue seen what some of us have always been seeing from inception when a mistake is committed and then corrected even after a long time, it is better to commend the person seeing what is correct even though damage has been previously done.

  38. Has he just woken up to the realisation that government business is serious – and not flirting around with the likes of Mwanakatwe and Mumbi Phiri? What does he see in some of these characters? As most have said, the whole regime needs an overhaul but better still, a complete replacement.

  39. GRZ revenue collection plans are in tatters coz she slept on job or drunk on it if you believe that. Can’t-miss benchmark and stay on the job. Unfair that collateral damage is a woman too. Many more useless men than these ladies who should have been culled long time ago.

    We all know Ngandu ran BoZ very savvily. Kalyaya is a tribal balancing figurehead as will be shown by who will replace Ngandu. Without him, Kwacha would be over 20 to USA as Lucifer worshipper in chief wanted. Time to take monetary savviness to the fiscal side. Those praying for doom in Zambia can wallow in their hellish torment as kwacha rebounds and Investors trek back.

  40. He should now write the last lines on his cv. He has lost a good job and gone political. He is PF cadre and he will become unemployable in future. He will be known as former minister of finance in PF regime. What a tag!

  41. its like our leader is experimenting on our economy he appoints not based on merit how is ergonomics and psychology related to economics …that’s why we not progressing as a country

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