File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) chairs the 17th Cabinet meeting at State House in Lusaka on Monday, October 1,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018

All People’s Congress Leader Nason Msoni has challenged President Edgar Lungu to reshuffle the entire cabinet to enhance efficiency and bring back sanity to governance of the country.

Commenting on the dismissal of Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe who has been replaced with Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Bwalya Ng’andu, Mr. Msoni said a more holistic approach is required to change the current stalled dynamics and the poor performance of government.

Mr. Msoni said a far more reaching and inclusive cabinet reshuffle is expected and is long overdue.He said this kind of piece-meal and cosmetic changes to the structure of government falls far short of public expectations and will not add any value or efficiency for as long as the incompetent and corrupt criminals remain in government.

Mr. Msoni has urged President Lungu to identify indicted criminals and remove them from government.He said Zambia desperately needs a fresh start if it is to win back local and international confidence.Mr. Msoni said no one believes that making one single appointment will bring the necessary spark needed to get governance back on track.

He said in meeting his public pronouncement on the need for national unity and coercion, Zambians expect President Lungu to inculcate that sense of inclusivity in the kind of appointments his making.Meanwhile, Mr. Msoni has further urged President Lungu to outgrow partisan and regional appointments which have the potential to further divide Zambians.

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    • @ Nkana, what do you mean reshuffling can cost money?
      The only cost is relocating from residential home to another.
      House of Minister of Finance is bigger than house of Minister of Religious Affairs.
      Ba Sumaili can do better job at Justice to stop cartel judgement we are seeing.
      Ba Sumaili can do a better job as Home Affairs minister.
      Ba Sumaili can do better job minister of Presidential Affairs to chase away those thugs partying on Presidential Gulf Stream jet.
      Ergonomics is Reshuffling Expert, let Bwalya Ngandu reshuffle cabinet on my behalf, because I don’t remember more than 6 ministers out the 40 useless PF ministers.


  1. Spot on Nason!
    We need new brooms!
    These rats have overstayed! When a Koswe overstays in the house, you know what happens …
    First ones to go should be Luo, Lubinda, Kampyongo, Silly Dora, Mukula lady, Lusambo, Chitotela, Nonde and Vincent Mwale! All these chaps have become irrelevant and are actually Decampaigning ba ECL. They have forgotten their jobs and are busy enriching themselves at the expense of those they ought to serve!
    Replace the entire lot for non-performance! Go further and fire the current IG and the entire Police top team! We need to reboot the entire system!


  2. I do not agree with reshuffle, that will be same wine in a different bottle. I actually sympathize with the president, he does not have the right people to choose from within cabinet, that is how he had to cross over to pick someone from BOZ. Quantity is quality


  3. Agree 100%, it is important because we have Ministers that are not adding any value to your cabinet.
    Prof Nkandu Luo
    Vice President Inonge Wina (Ask her to resign)
    Brian Mushimba (Appoint as Veep)
    Kampyongo (needs to be sent to the diplomatic service)
    Chitotela (Please fire)
    Religious Affairs (please close this Ministry)
    Alexander Chiteme (He needs to be moved to Commerce, he hasn’t made much impact)
    Tutwa Ngulube (Appoint as Justice Minister)
    Given Lubinda (Appoint as Agriculture Minister)
    Chitalu Chitamfya (please fire)


  4. Jean Kapata (Please fire)
    Davis Chama (Leave him there)
    Freedom Sikazwe (Transfer to Sport, so he can smile there)
    David Mabuma (Education – please fire, he has made no impact)
    Please appoint new MPs to cabinet


    • Your recommendations comrade are very nice, except on Dr Mushimba. He’s become a Lost Cause.


  5. Remove those that have damaged the reputation of civil service through tribal based retirements in national and public interests.No body wants this to be the legacy of this presidency.Health,home affairs,defence,general education etc.Remove these sir


  6. People are talking about changing the entire cabinet….What about Edgar Lungu himself?
    Despite all the different Finance Ministers he has appointed,the debt to China still continues to grow and the economy has continued to decline.
    The IMF are not interested in providing a financial bailout.


  7. When I say Lazy Lungu himself is incompetent people think its a joke…even this new Minister the man had to call himself like he is calling a relative. Back in KK’s day when State House calls someone introduces the President



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