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I’ll not impose Gay Rights on Zambians in Exchange for Donor Aid-President Lungu


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) speaks with Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin at State House in Lusaka on Tuesday,July 16,2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) speaks with Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin at State House in Lusaka on Tuesday,July 16,2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019

President Edgar Lungu has said that he will not impose gay rights on Zambians in exchange for donor aid. President Lungu said that certain rights that are enjoyed in other parts of the world may not be accepted by Zambians.

The President said that cultural differences have proved that some of the rights enjoyed in some countries cannot be applied elsewhere.

President Lungu said this when outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin paid a courtesy call on him at State House.

The President assured the envoy that Government will continue cooperating with the Swedish Government in terms of cooperation in areas such as gender equality.

Mr. Cederik has thanked President Lungu for always being available to meet him in the past four years that he has served his country in Zambia.

He praised the Head of State for his stance on the quality of life for Zambians in areas such as sexual reproductive health.

Mr. Cederin said he had to deal with two major cases of corruption during his time as Swedish Ambassador involving misapplication of funds at the Zambia National Farmers Union and in relation to the social cash transfer.

He has since thanked President Lungu having taken a clear stance in dealing with the corruption cases where the Head of State encouraged the concerned Cooperating Partners to make sure that they get to the bottom of the matter.


  1. Did the Swedish Ambassador want the Zambian govt to be all gay? Just asking. If not why this ‘response?’

    • Agree with Ba Edgar.
      How can you discuss gay in Bemba language? Culturally it doesn’t work.
      Imagine a man in village telling another man that “imwe bagayi fwaleni bwino, ndemittomba pofye”. What kind of fight can errupt?
      That’s how you laymen should think.

    • Lungu you are the man. Period !!

      We have ++ ( 5 Powerful Gay Men ) in this world who have heavily invested in:

      1. Western Sovereign Bonds,
      2. The World Bank
      3. The IMF
      4. European Union Bank
      5. Five Global Investment Banks

      These 5 Powerful Gay Men want to drive their agenda into turning the world into Sodom & Gomola by putting conditions to developing nations in South America, Africa and Far East nations on who gets a (i) Good Loan (ii) Bad Loan, or (iii) Rejected Road

      On top of that – they are influencing Global Credit Reference Agencies such as Moody, S&P etc.. to down grade nations. And yet the USA, UK and German protects them !!

    • Yes, And one of them is the Rothchilds Banking Empire. The people Zambia consulted when selling KCM to these Vadenta

    • Is this man a lawyer surely …there he is stating “I will not impose …” as if its his own bedroom he is talking about…power has consumed this empty tin.

    • @Nostra … you are a piece of work!!! You’re too much for me.

      I love your sense of human, that aside ECL is right on the money.

      @INDEPENDENT OBSERVER … Ala mwalasa ba wesu!!! You’re the best!

      Keep it coming and let’s run this Zambian Enterprise the best way we know how.

      Let’s roll … epo mpelele,



    • South Africa was forced to accept gay rights by the large White population in that country. Mandela had a gun to his head accept or go back to Robben Island. He was too tired to go back. Whites had to be given their demands

  2. Gender is defined biologically and genetically not by freshly desires. Marriage is a principle which cannot and will never change because God created it has a function for propagation and cannot be legislated like what is happening these western countries . For the first time Lungu we are on the same wave.

    • Not a very intelligent answer from someone who says he was the best lawyer in his class! That’s not a typical answer to expect from someone who claims to be a lawyer! People have the right to choose freely between life and death! By not granting gay rights, you are equally imposing your preferences on them! You have just opened a Can of legal worms!
      Yes, we abhor Sodomy but giving it the attention it does not deserve, we make it seem important!

    • Gods exist only in diseased minds.
      To use the sick immorality of religion to attack and abuse people for the way they are born or whom they love is disgusting and reprehensible.
      Shame on you.

  3. you guys preach of Zambia being a Christian nation. isn’t your doctrine that all people are created equal and don’t judge, only god can be the judge….
    by denying rights to the lgbt, what you’re saying in essence is that they are less than, that they don’t deserve the same rights as other humans/Zambians because their sexual orientation renders them less than those of the heterosexual orientation
    what if tasila is in fact a lesbian but due to Zambian laws she’s scared of coming out, would she be less than a daughter of his if in fact she were?
    there are already a good # of lgbt people in Zambia, and the sun still shines and it still rains in Zambia, nothing has changed.
    sexual orientation isn’t the ultimate measure of who’s human worth of protecting. the country is being…

    • You wonder who asked this moron Lazy Lungu about Gay Rights always throwing in red herring when corruption issue is brought in

    • Zambia is indeed a Christian nation and lgbti are welcome to live in Zambia but they should live by Christian values: sexuality in Christianity is defined as a heterosexual relationship between man and woman. Homosexuality is acknowledged in Christianity but is abhorred and God showed us his position on it by destroying Soddom and Gomorrah as a show of what would happen to any civilization which would embrace vices such as homosexuality, incest etc

      So, in Zambian society, we have written our statuettes choosing the above position which is also the position of our forefathers traditionally in any province of Zambia and that’s what we will follow.

  4. ….. the country is being screwed by heterosexuals who are protected both by law and affiliation, so what’s the big deal with the lgbt, ain’t they human like everyone else?

  5. Chama’s comment is highly unintelligent. Rights are not granted by any person or government. The government can not “give” anyone rights or take them away. All people have the same rights given to us by God who has created us equal in his image. Suicide is not a human right, people don’t give life and therefore they have no right to take it away. What we do with our bodies should always be within God’s will for us and Homosexuality is obviously not part of God’s design. It’s good that the president is taking a firm stand on this issue but ultimately we don’t answer to the government, we answer to God.

  6. @Nostradamus, is that all you do? that’s pretty shallow thinking
    nobody is advocating that all Zambians should become part of the lgbt, my argument is that ain’t they just as human as everyone else?
    the right’s ain’t rights to become unruly …but the same rights that everyone else has because after all they are human like everyone else.
    the way you guys are reacting is like if you saw a member of the lgbt being assaulted or beaten, you’d join in and start throwing rocks at them too. does that seem right to y’all? what if your old child, sister or brother comes out and discloses or confines in you that is gay. would you disassociate yourself from them? would anything change now when all along they’ve been good people to you and their communities…
    there’s a lot more to who…

  7. The statement is loud and clear. Nothing to debate, discuss or politicize here. Those who cannot comprehend that have a problem with themselves.

    Stand firm Mr. President! Zambians will forever reject sodomatic practice because it is rotten. We refuse to sell out our values and culture in the name of human rights! Try Takatukaland.

  8. @ nine Chale, Nostradamus etc
    It is funny how people use the concept of the “Bible”, “Christian Nation” etc to denounce a so-called “Western import” when that same Bible was itself not so long alien!?
    Back to the issue of homosexuality/LGBT, it may be culturally taboo to talk about it or even admit it exists but it is futile to ignore to it, however miniscule the proportion of society that is of that sexual orientation.
    In end whenever Zambia borrows money (be from the occident or orient) it must comply with their conditions! He who pays the piper calls the tune

  9. Two gay people expressing their love for each other does not affect you in any way.
    But having said that, just look at what is happening in the UK, school boys are now being told they can wear skirts, books are being made for children that show gay relationships and cartoons now have gay characters, the gay community is imposing itself on the masses with so much vigor it is scary
    If they want us to have gay rights then they must also allow pologamy in the UK which is currently illegal.

  10. I concur with Chale and all those wise men and women who abhor this Satanic Sodomatic Practice committed in the name of sexual orientation or whatever they call it. Go and legalise that rubbish in your country. Not in Zambia!

    • Over 1500 species of animal, man included, has gay and straight members.
      Will you inform all the gay animals that their love is “rubbish”?

    • In Ezekiel 16:49 your christian god says that it is destroying Sodom and Gomorrah because the people only care about themselves not others around them. Sodomy was never on its list. Why are you so bothered when it is none of your business how others express love? Perhaps you hide your own sexuality by attacking others for theirs.

  11. We are a long way to understanding the matters of nature that we have no control over. That is why we hide behind scriptures to justify the denial of rights. By the way, fundamental human rights are not given by the state, or ECL in this case, but exist independently and only by virtue of being human. ECL should know better.
    How does a relationship practiced privately by consenting adults affect YOU or the country? (If no other crime is being committed) Let us also not pretend by giving the impression that heterosexual tendencies are moral and all else isn’t. What about all the documented perverted acts and repugnant sexual abuses that are performed by the ‘holy’ heterosexuals on a daily basis? We are hypocrites at best and a pagan nation at worst.

    • You are in the UK because you are servicing someone of the same sex,stay there and don’t came back with a deformed ass h…

  12. “Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new design of the Bank of England’s £50 note.
    He is celebrated for his code-cracking work that proved vital to the Allies in World War Two.
    The £50 note will be the last of the Bank of England collection to switch from paper to polymer when it enters circulation by the end of 2021.
    The note was once described as the “currency of corrupt elites” and is the least used in daily transactions.
    However, there are still 344 million £50 notes in circulation, with a combined value of £17.2bn, according to the Bank of England’s banknote circulation figures .

    “Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today,” said Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

    Are we going…

    • Continued from the first one-Are we going to issue a travel advisory use of £50 note for Zambian traveling to United Kingdom?

      By the way his sexual orientation was different.

    • None of the millions of gods man has created, yours included, is even aware that it has a backside let alone is capable of wiping it.

  13. Corruption is also a sin and its effects are more devastating than who adults chose to have sex with. If you are so Christian, deal with corruption that kills people everyday because there no medicines in hospitals, no proper maternity care etc.

    The selective morality of the so called Christian nation is nauseating!! All you know is banning Somizi but FIC reports rot on your desk. Pathetic cowards and hypocrites. Jesus turned the tables of the corrupt and ate with prostitutes!

    • I totally agree. I wish the way our leaders despise homosexuality in Zambia was the same way they despise corruption this country could have been at a much better and higher level in terms of development.

  14. All of the people that are supporting gay rights above if one has been following LT blogs are UPND supporters. I would ask all Zambian who do not want to Fu4ked in the Assss or that not to happen to there children NOT to vote for this known cult that has more than one manifesto.

  15. This is just an attempt to score cheap political points and judging from the number of people agreeing in here, it has worked as usual. A Christian nation whose morals have long been in the toilet but gay people are going to ruin us. FOH.

  16. Tru dat Mr President. Nuh BATTYBWOY ina di land of Zambia. Jah burn battybwoy bless up Mr President.

  17. Even if am not a supporter of Edgar,on this one he is right. Homosexuality is abomination to the nation. A man is supposed to marry a woman for procreation purposes. John and James or Josephine and Marry cannot produce a child. It is simply impossible. Ifikofye fyekafyeka.

  18. Are you telling me it’s good to allow gays in zambia?come on guys think your fellow man comes to you and say I love you bro how would you respond to him? Some other things it’s devil is using them

  19. Zambians are such cowards! Nshamonako! Their money is being looted per minute, leaders insulting them daily but on the gay rights issues, even the dull come out of the woodwork for some fame. Staap it! Fine, you dont agree with gay rights but do u really know the truth or you just quote the bible? first of all, stop the ignorance that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. Lies! There was a lot more than that. Read! Secondly, who told u gay people always want to have sex? do u, as a man, always want to have sex with any woman u see? gay people have preferences just like u and just because u are man does not make u attractive to the gays. stop flattering yourselves. thirdly, EL is only saying this because the offer wasnt sweet enough. Fourth, check his carefully worded…

  20. the current laws against homosexuality are the laws that were put in place during the colonial times. educate yourselves
    and btw, do you know how much homosexuality goes on among your catholic cycles, since they are the ones you use as an example of Christianity (white kiss a ss). read about the cases in Ireland and else where, how children fathered by catholic fathers and the nuns were buried ..
    I live in a country where not too long ago, black people didn’t count as humans, they were property. I refuse to perpetuate that hate to nobody. those of you buys saying they are not humans, if those with different skin color than you tell you you’re not human because your skid is black, that you can’t get in the same swimming pool as them, you can’t get on the same bus or eat from the same…

  21. …… same bus or eat from the same restaurant as them because of the color of your skin, would that feel ok?
    while we’re at it, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or hold title to anything because they are less than, because they are women…. do you get where I am going?
    there’s enough fights and bad things worth fighting. lgbt isn’t one of them. it doesn’t infringe on your personal freedoms or rights, so why are you sweating it
    and whether you like it or not, you can burry your heard in your a ss all you want and pretend it ain’t coming, oh but it is, gay rights are coming to Zambia in less than 10 years from now, mark my words.

  22. @Akalema … Your inability to debate or think is exposed by your irrational response above. I can only advise that when you have matured, (if ever) and taken the effort to learn broadly, come back and make another attempt to contribute – hopefully meaningfully this time.

  23. That is indeed the correct stance. Its a cultural matter and concepts from Western culture doesn’t fit like a glove in others. The fact is the absence of a legal nod, does not prevent the community concerned from enjoying their rights descreetly.

    Western countries do ensure their culture is protected from other non indigenous ones taking over.

  24. Freedom if wrongly used is a consumable commodity. My as I have lived in several countries around the world, the prime principal and objective of God’s creation of male and female in all species on land or in the oceans, was just that. We are tempting fate. God promised he will never destroy earth with water. But he never said anything about destroying it with volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Anyone seen a male lion having sex with a male lion or a bull elephant having sex with its fellow male or a chicken/hen having that let alone dogs, goats or pigs? You all supporting this inhumanity way of life, are headless and will be answerable come the time to face the creator arrives. You children of vipers.

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