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PF accuses UPND of planning to hold Press Briefing attacking the party over NDF

Headlines PF accuses UPND of planning to hold Press Briefing attacking the...

PF Chairperson for legal affairs Brian Mundubile
PF Chairperson for legal affairs Brian Mundubile

The opposition UPND is today scheduled to hold a press briefing in Lusaka at which Party President Haakainde Hichilema intends to call on the people of Zambia to put pressure on the PF to stop the Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2019.

But PF Chairman for Legal Affairs Brain Mundubile has said the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) was very independent of the Patriotic Front (PF) and that there was no way the ruling Party could have influenced any decision at a meeting of over 400 delegates with less than 80 Members of Parliament.

Hon. Mundubile said in Kasama today that the PF is aware that some political parties did not in fact boycott the NDF but that they were operating in the background through some Civil Society Organisations (CSO) which they sponsored.

But Mr. Mundubile says the PF has already made its stand clear on the NDF recommendations and was not bowing to any pressure and said *”now that we have spoken, many political parties will come out their hiding.

Mr. Hichilema who addresses the press conference at his residence in new Kasama at 0900 hrs intends to purport that the Patriotic Front (PF) has u – turned on the recommendations of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) because of pressure from the people of Zambia.

The UPND leader also intends to urge Zambians to continue pushing on the people to stop the bill.

He is expected to encourage the people of Zambia to speak more and put pressure on President Edgar Chagwa Lungu so that he u-turns on bill.

PF has already made its stand clear on recommendations such as the issue of Deputy Ministers and collision government and cannot be said to be under pressure from the citizens

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  1. The problem with hh is that he has no agenda for the country. His is always a reaction to what the PF is doing. Firstly it was we want a new constitution, when it was given he u-turns. Then it was amend this constitution, when amendment conference is convened then he boycotts it. There was do people eat roads, then he changed & said i will come & build roads. He tells zambians to invest in the economy when takes his money to panama. And his tribal supporters just follow in the twists & turns. Efwe we are left suprised with such a manless man

    • How can you explain to arse l!cking !mbecile that is better to be without “agenda”, than having PF “agenda” to PLUNDER the Country to the level of extreme poverty saddled with astronomical debit for generations to come?

    • HH should have just let be within PF’s infighting. It’s a PF week, they are mourning loss of parliament seats and minister jobs.
      It is time for Lubinda to return to UPND, all his friends just turned against him and leave him alone with a dead NDF.
      He will be fired as minister this week.

    • Ba hh kaya mwandi. You had a chance to attend NDF you stopped your MPS from attending, today you’re crying. It’s really a shame to belong to upnd. I wonder why people follow this visionless hh.

  2. Brian Mundubile, are you the same “learned” arshole which was praising “achievements” (LoL) of NDF last week?
    You are just another hungry beggar who do not care a damn about suffering your thieving masters have imposed on the Country.

  3. Comment:It is important for the UPND to have the press briefing addressed by party president Mr HH what is your problem with that?

  4. The UPND have a secretariat why he is having a press briefing at his home? Is it a family meeting? This guy thinks he owns the Party, oh! actually he does. President since 2006 unchallenged. Dictator

  5. Trib.al Hacks kuwayawaya fye……. the man is directionless in the wilderness …… and no one pays attention ……this trib. al is really laughable!!

    • Does Plunderers Federation has any direction apart of institutionalized plunder, state capture and incompetent/corrupt judiciary?

    • i feel pit for non tongaz who blindly follow HH like dundumwezi zombies, he keeps changing goal posts and they all follow suite like they don’t have eve the smallest brain. it’s really sad to belong to HH

  6. Its possible for him to win by simpl e majority but He can not meet a 50+1 threshold . coalition works to his advantage.

    After winning a simple majority , a rerun we be costly and blood stained in his controlled territory.

    The biggest problem is that he cannot listen to anyone. Hes stubborn, rude, self centred emotional.

    His followers simply operate as psychological stone throwers and they cant criticise him

  7. BA WISE MAN FROM DE EAST Wat hv u planted at at UPND Secretariat dat u want HH to hv his press conference their instead of him having it at his house, hv u bn to de UPND Secretariat o to his house if u hv bn then u r saying things u don’t understand I’m talking of space besides it’s his house n not yo father’s house de best a wise person can do is to wait n hear wat de man HH is going to say n gv a comment later zambians let’s learn to c sense out of nonsense ninshi Zina HH inakuchitanichani khansi chakuti mukagona mulota HH mukauka mukamba HH kutukana mutukana HH this guy is so powerful such dat de whole PF n government don’t sleep ova this guy HH awe nincimbi uyu munyamata from de day of election’s in 2016 u talk plan arrest HH I hear u even talk of him HH not winning electio’s…

    • BA WISE MAN FROM DE EAST don’t bring Zimbabwean politics to this peaceful country.
      By the way the website that accurately predicted the November 2017 coup, Spotlight, has published the below piece which contains allegations that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was poisoned during a lunch meal with his boss, Emmerson Mnangagwa. FULL TEXT:
      VANCOUVER– In what could now result in a total political war between President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his second in charge, Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, the latter is reportedly said to have been allegedly poisoned during a private lunch meeting with the former at a luxury hotel in Harare last year, Spotlight Zimbabwe, has been told.
      Chiwenga is battling for his life in South Africa, where he was flown for medical treatment…

    • @Mavuto, even our Lungu should keep way from Emmerson Mnangagwa before his “captured”. Emmerson is literal, he was not poisoned on August 12, 2017 during a ZANU PF Youth Interface rally, new details have emerged.
      A high placed source in the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation who spoke to this reporter revealed the plot that led to the fake poisoning claims.
      “What you must know is that Number 1 was not poisoned in August but that was part of the broader plan to get him transported to South Africa without the security agents. You will recall that the President was under siege from the First Lady and the G40 cabal.
      “The plan was that he was supposed to be moved to a neutral country where he can up the game for the removal of VaMugabe. He can faked the poisoning plot and was…

  8. We cannot amend the Zambian Constitution piece meal. Now that the Sponsors of the NDF Amendment Bill have disowned some of the Resolution the whole Bill should be rejected by Parliament. All MPs should now vote against the Bill. At best Lubinda should withdraw the Bill from the Order Paper. Its a Pity Millions of Kwacha were wasted on the NDF sham Constitutional making Forum.

  9. H H can be useful if he could have an agenda for this country rather than being just a negative leader, his role is not just oppose what ever comes from the ruling Party’s agenda, let him tell us what UPND will do differently to better this country. Let him tell us what his agenda is on Agriculture, Tourism, Mining, Trade and Tax, the general well-being of the country, we can’t have politics all the time. We need leaders with an agenda to develop this country, people want economic freedom, we have had enough of politics. Just a thought.

  10. Where is Kabimba? He supported the NDF resolutions to the Core, let him talk now.We like wasting money in Zambia, What is remaining in NDF Act now that, alot of items are not supported?

    • kasapo and your friend ndeti nati, mulibakopo sana. stop contradicting your selves. just shut up if you have nothing to say. we all know that pansaka tapabula chiwelewele but imwe mwachila

  11. Says Sakwiba Sikota – NDF Constitution Drafts Amendments:Do not Throw Away the Baby and Disappoint Many June 28, 2019.

    Now that PF themselves have thrown away the the very Baby Sikota was trying to convince MPS to vote for we want to hear his voice. It should be very embarrassing to him. I want to hear from him about his baby.

    • kasapo and your friend ndeti nati, mulibakopo sana. stop contradicting your selves. just shut up if you have nothing to say. we all know that pansaka tapabula chiwelewele but imwe mwachila

  12. Says Sakwiba Sikota – Lusaka Times 28 June 2019 – Do not throw out the baby who seeks reduction of tension and costs and disappoint the many who think we spend too much time politicking and campaigning who would happily find that the NDF Provides for coalition government to save on costly presidential run off. We would only have a run off if the parties failed to be mature enough to talk amongst themselves with Zambia rather than self being the motivator. Just look at how Mauritius has been one of the fastest and consistently thriving economy with coalition government after coalition government over the decades.

    • I dont think Zambian politicians are mature and wise enough to do coalition politics. Get matured first and then you can talk of working for the country (coalition government)

  13. The writer would have said that HH is try to tell HIS TONGA FOLKS to “bark as usual “, not to generalize the Zambians.

    The fact is that HH is ever BITTER he can’t make a leader.

    • Your definition of leader is sickening ,Isn’t he a leader of a political party while the only leadership you have is that of being leader of your wife and children?

  14. So all of you adults are commenting on a press briefing that has not even happened ,Basing it on rumors from the PF?Isn’t it simple logic that the PF has backtracked on this owing to pressure from citizens .If anyone is to even take credit its Laura Miti who attacked this whole process as a Sham and LAZ have supported her .You are attacking HH who has not even uttered a word yet .Lets grow up and be objective please .These cadres in PF are not taking us anywhere as a country …

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