Tobacco, Alcohol Fueling Cancer

Women Drinking Beer
Women Drinking Beer
Women Drinking Beer
Women Drinking Beer

A breast cancer expert has warned that increased tobacco and alcohol intake is fueling breast cancer cases among women in the country.

Pelham Hazeley said that breast cancer cases are on the increase and attributed this to substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyles.

Dr. Hazeley who is also Primary Medical Centre Executive Director has urged women to go for breast cancer screening for early detection and treatment.She said breast cancer is among the commonest cancers reported among women worldwide and cases are rising in developing countries such as Zambia.

Dr. Hazeley has since encouraged men and women to conduct regular self-examination and be aware of their health and seek medical attention to prolong their lives.

She was speaking during a breast cancer awareness campaign aimed at supporting the fight against breast cancer in Lusaka.



  1. what kind of dr. is this hazeley
    smoking doesn’t cause breast cancer. I am not implying that smoking is a good habit, but if you want to be credible don’t say things that ain’t factual. there’s no correlation between smoking and breast cancer, (many other cancers yeah and breast cancer isn’t one of them)
    while I am at this same topic, it comes to be as sexist that this is only aimed at women. there’s need for both men and women to live healthy lifestyles.
    can you please give women (particularly Zambian women) a break. their plates are already full. they’ve enough s hit to deal with.
    and if a lady wants to relax with a glass of a beverage of her choice and blow up some steam (figuratively and literally) let her do so as stress is a leading cause of many cancers. go figure lol

    • Why are you so angry at the article? The doctor did not say breast cancer is specifically caused by smoking; she mentioned an unhealthy lifestyle; eating too much pork and the rise in drinking amongst women in Zambia. She also stated men should also get regular medical check ups, she didn’t have too, seeing this was at a breast cancer awareness occasion. Kikikiki

  2. Smoking is very harmful to health & it in many cases cause lung cancer. Though the side effects are long term.I would advise our Zambian Government to burn Smoking completely.The issue of banning smoking in public is no longer working because a lot of smokers have the habit of smoking in public ,hence affecting non smokers(Passive smokers).

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