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Lungu calls support of SMEs


President Edgar Lungu has called for support from Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.

President Lungu implored African countries to initiate policies that promote the growth of SMEs on the continent and beyond.

He noted that without political will from governments, it will be difficult for SMEs to thrive and participate in intra Africa trade, which he described as very competitive.

President Lungu pointed out that SMEs will only benefit from the African Continental Free Trade Area, with sufficient support by the respective governments.

The President who is in Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the Source 21 Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) International Trade Fair and high level business summit, stressed on the need to implement trade laws that favour SMEs.

President Lungu maintained that without rendering the much needed support to the SMES, it will be difficult for them to penetrate the international markets.

The Head of State further stressed that the international market will only be dominated by big well established companies.

President Lungu added that African countries should dialogue among themselves often, as this is the surest way of finding solutions to the problems being faced by SMEs on the continent.

And speaking earlier Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said African countries should take advantage of their respective economic strengths by trading amongst themselves.

President Kenyatta noted that once this is achieved, more jobs will be created for the young people in Africa if intra trade is to be improved.

The five day high level business summit is taking place from July 17-21st, 2019.

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  1. “…President Edgar Lungu has called for support from Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa…”

    Start by telling them what your GRZ has done to support SMEs ………you are taxing the daylights out of businesses to support your incompetence

    • After doing his BEST to destroy SME’s in Zambia thru nepotism, corruption, ZDA illegal incentives to multi-nationals resulting in State Capture, inept and biased judiciary, unfair competition, theft of Intellectual Property, inefficient PACRA, monthly increase of red tape, dozens of nuisance tax, thuggery by ZRA, astronomical lending rates, His Excellency has suddenly realized that the back-bone of any successful economy are SME’s ???

    • Just asking

      Lungu has a hangover, he doesn’t know what he is talking about……

      If he knew what he is on about , he would tell them what his GRZ has done for the same….

  2. These so called leaders make me sick…..

    Always should….must…..could…..

    Before going to wan.k pronouncements , they should tell the audience what their respective governments have done concerning the topic at hand ……or just sit and be a spectator earning allawances….

  3. I watched Lungu speaking on Kenyan TV and i thought he’s not serious about SMEs. His speech at the Nairobi business summit was contrived.

  4. He is just reading speeches he doesn’t even understand wasting taxpayers money in Kenya …there was an important Summit last week he didn’t attend which involved jobs for the rail line from Cairo to Cape instead he opted to fly to WP at a correctional officers graduation, Kaputa and Mansa.

    • Campaigning as usual in Western province koswe uyo Jona Chakoks!

  5. Useless President. Zambians wake up. This leadership of PF won’t take the Zambia anywhere. Clean Up all the PF leadership and MPs. It’s probably time to look at voting for a good number of decent independents to give check mates to a minority opposition. Violent cadres, live within the community. Identify them and start neck lacing them if they can’t change. Fear is a thief. If you have fear you can’t progress. Cadres are just human beings as well. Revolutions are started by people. No one will come from outside to liberate the nation from these desparate corrupt creatures. It’s time to work up and do it.

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