I.G Kanganja cautions people planning to protest against prolonged CBU closure

Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has cautioned people on the Copperbelt who are planning to stage protests with regard to re-opening of the Copperbelt University to follow the law. Mr. Kanganja said all those involved must ensure that they adhere to the provisions of pieces of legislation which guide on public conduct and activities.

He said the police will not entertain anything that is going to be done outside what the law provides for. Mr. Kanganja said police officers have been placed on high alert to sternly deal with any situation or conduct that will be done outside the confines of the law.

He has since reminded those organising the yellow card protest at parliament to ensure that law and order is maintained during their protest and should stick to their assurance to the police that they will conduct themselves peacefully during their protest.

Mr. Kanganja said any contrary conduct will not be tolerated further advising those with contrary views to avoid any acts likely to cause mayhem.


  1. As if he would give them officers if the protesters wrote to his office or that midget girl Charity Katanga…it will be the same response “we don’t have manpower to cover the event” but have manpower to arrest each and everyone of you.

    • Trying to threaten us Mr. IG? If you dont the waves of change, you are going to miss the train. This is only the beginning. We will not be intimidated

    • Any positive posting from you? Or is only negatives that you know? Wondering what kind of of a head of family you make. You seem to be permanently angry. Your children might be very unfortunate especially if they read your postings.

    • What a lie this report. It should read Kanganja has cautioned people on the Copperbelt who are planning to stage protests with regard to re-opening of the Copperbelt University to ask the PF to instruct him to give them a permit.
      If the PF secretary General orders me I will command my police force to escorts the protestor and protect them from UPND detractors, Kanganja said

    • @Obatala, the majority Zambians will say when the time for PF is up. That is how democracy works, the majority always wins.

  2. if only a few protest, the cops can harass and contain them
    if masses protest, all they can do is look from a distance
    look at the sudan, Tokyo, Ethiopia ..
    every democratic and civil society has a right to hold demonstrations and protests to put points across if they feel that their issues ain’t being addressed in their legislative houses

  3. A compromised, politically biased IG issuing statements bordering on stifling protests…..Be it peaceful or violent planned protests, you’d be eager to please your appointing authority by “confining” (e.g in number and/or location) the protest, that is if you even issue a permit….

  4. Mr IG, don’t seal a boiling pot!
    When you deny citizens the freedoms and rights to vent their frustrations through peaceful protests, they resort to taking the law into their hands like slapping their intended targets! In most cases, it’s poor policing of peaceful protests that provokes violence! Zambians are peaceful people!
    Allow people to hold peaceful protests!

  5. What is Kanganja talking about? His cops are scared of a few drunk cadres. His police force can not handle a matitude of protesters. The time is near for him to recon with. An entire police commissioner should not be in the business of scaring citizens. His job is to protect the citizenry and property. Without the citizens he can not have a job.

  6. The Protesters a good citizens even though they may not be a desirable colleagues in a conventional political enterprise.

  7. Lungu knows if any form of civil peaceful protests are allowed to go on, the majority of Zambians are unemployed and just about surviving…….this could swell into normalcy and be order of the day…..

    A sad indictment of his rule after having borrowed $17 billion he still fears citizens turining against him…..

  8. iwe kanganja who told you that protesting is outside the law? Let those that want to protest protest, its within heir rights. Your job is to see that they protest in peace without your police force stopping or maiming them.

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  14. It is fair for the IG to advise the would be ” Protestors” to follow the Law but the question is, What is the law on protests? Does he know it? Does he abide by it? When did he follow the law? Where did he follow the law? Who has ever followed the law? Does he not see PF cadres break the law when they breach traffic regulations on their way to bury their Collegues? For me Kakoma Kanganja has failed the Nation. He is too Timid. He may enter the History books as the Worst IG Zambia has ever had. Ephraim Mateyo may have been the best in my time.

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