Reopening CBU is my priority-Mushimba

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

Newly appointed Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba says the reopening of the Copperbelt University will be top of his priority list.

CBU has been closed for 106 days.

Dr Mushimba who has been moved from Transport to Higher Education took to Twitter shortly after the announcement of cabinet reshuffles said he welcomed the new challenge.

“Extremely humbled and privileged to have served at MTC the last three years. I welcome the new challenge as I move to higher education. Among many pressing and immediate interventions, Re-opening CBU is a priority,” Hon. Mushiba tweeted.


    • Yes yes man, just open the thing and we will happy, then you can go back and focus on your wife.
      And I mean it, most of these ministers are under performing because of marital affairs problems.
      Luo is frustrated that not even a whitemen who are good of cleaning up our communities by taking out ugly women, they are leaving out Luo. It is a problem to women.
      Look at Magerete how she abandoned Mupanga, I hope she will now go back to master room.
      List goes on.
      Brian boyi trust what I say, Ba Edgar is listening…

    • Yes, Brian go ahead and re-open CBU. You’re more level-headed than Nkandu Luo ever will be. If dialogue is failing btwn High Education ministry and tertiary education institutions, where the hell do we expect it to take place? End this Zambian irony.

    • You will soon learn that meal allowances and it’s timely payment is a no delay factor.
      That exam unprepared students can not be unpredictable.
      That politically charged lecturer characters won’t be have any of your calmly calmly approaches.
      Welcome to the club or riot angry spoiled kids.
      Bakakufumya fwaka.
      Professor aiselefye. Nomba imwe ba graduate. Ba fresher. I hope you left Zampost doing great.

  1. Your priority should be to find a lasting solution to closures of higher institution of learning. Are we not ashamed that our universities are not among the best in the region? The rating of our current universities is extremely below par. No wonder, your visionless predecessor wanted to equate them to colleges. It is quite disheartening to see universities that were producing the best are now a sorry sight. Your second priority, is to lobby from Ministry of Finance, to put research and development on the apex of these university. The other thing inculcate a sense of innovation and academic freedom from these universities. Academicians, world over, should be given space to think independently. Let government’s hand be dispensed with from academic management and administration.

  2. This excited dull chap as usual even before Luo has handed over he is making promises like he was doing about that airline…in any govt all these chaps would be in the backbench but Lazy Lungu is too scared of them. How does Luo justify that K10 million CCTV valuation.

    • @Malinso,am a he. We need universities to be equated to the best universities in the world. Our students when they go abroad for postgraduate studies, they perform exceptionally well. They come from universities where the standards are low.Now,when they go to universities which are well equipped like Cambridge, they have that freedom of expressing their intellectual capabilities without being frustrated. They become high performers. It is a pity that we have discarded our universities and thrown them in an abyss of oblivion. The infrastructure, such as libraries, cannot be compared to others in the region. Student to book ratio is quite appalling. We need to invest in our higher institution of learning so that they become oasis of knowledge and intellectual motivation.

  3. @ mbaluso
    I entire agree with you bro or sister. The first priority not only by the Minister but entire Government is to find lasting solution to closures of higher institutions of learning. In most countries, Universities are a pride to the nation and we can do it here as well.
    The thinking capacity and minds of young students is at their peak during their University time and we should collaborate and work with them, these are aint our enemies but stakeholders who should critically reason and provide possible solutions, which of course we can refine.
    Lets make the Universities safe and conducive places for our children to develop mentally for the real world challenges by constantly engaging them at every possible opportunity. The students are not enemies of the state as some…

  4. @ contd
    Lets make the Universities safe and conducive places for our children to develop mentally for the real world challenges by constantly engaging them at every possible opportunity. The students are not enemies of the state as some quarters would like to wish but partners in shaping a future we all hope for.

  5. That’s a big slap in Luo’s Heineken face!
    I wonder what she will look like now – may be fish-face … Kikikiki

    • She has a title of Professor but craves the power that comes with ministerial jobs…even if Lazy appointed her Minister of Toilets, she will gladly take it..neither got any integrity nor pride.

  6. Please brian don not mention reopening of CBU as priority just open it Bwana. This is very embarassing to our forefathers who priotised establishment of the University. Your priority should be re-instating meal allowances to the two universities.
    So we are waiting and remember time is moving and have already spent 1day.

    Good luck.

  7. leadership is a gift from Jesus christ.
    Madam luo truly failed.

  8. Opening is your priority.. you said it on July 19th…12days passed.. today is July 31st.. still you didn’t open??

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