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President Edgar Lungu is now the most unpopular political leader in Zambia, UPND


Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka said Mr. Lungu’s lack of direction on Zambia’s economy demonstrates the reason why millions of Zambians are crying of hardships today.

Mr. Katuka said there is no doubt that if given more more time to mess up the economy, Zambia will be no more.

He said Mr. Lungu has given preference to his foreign crooks in awarding contracts at the expense of the Zambian contractors.

Mr. Katuka said the hearts of Zambians are bleeding due to poverty created by Lungu’s irresponsible leadership.

He said the time for the Patriotic Front to correct the hunger situation they have caused in Zambia is up and the cabinet reshuffles made a few days ago are nothing but an act of desperation by Edgar Lungu

Mr. Katuka said it is a well known fact today that PF is the most corrupt government to have ruled this country ever.

He said the PF have destroyed the civil service, they have punished farmers by not distributing agro-inputs on time and they have made it difficult even for call-boys and marketeers to survive due to high cost of mealie meal and cooking oil.

Mr. Katuka said it is time for PF to pack and go.


  1. That is why he only holds speeches at the airport where he addresses only his cadres and at campaign rallies again where there are PF Cadres.

    • Indeed the peresident shows no sense of direction or leadership. It seems his idea of leadership is to criss cross the country commissioning irrelevant projects. I mean, how can the head of state go to commission a lodge in kabwe?
      He has no courage to hold a press conference to address the nation’s concerns, perhaps because he knows he has no answers.
      I wouldnt be surprised if he spends his time at the office playing solitaire and browsing on facebook

    • Such kind of speeches will not help HH get into State House. With almost 20 years in opposition you guys, your campaigns to win people’s hearts & elections really SUCKS.

      There are so many things that you can challenge PF on, by using your + spokespersons, and bring about a good opposition front. But you are out-of-breath-all-the-time. And this coming from a person who is suppose to be the Chief Executive of UPND ( Mr Katuka ) once again sucks.

      Who is your …

      1. Home Affairs Spokesperson
      2. Education Spokesperson
      3. Commerce & Business Spokesperson
      4. Justice Spokesperson
      5. Health Spokesperson
      6. Environmental Spokesperson
      7. Transport & Communications Spokesperson
      8. Social Affairs Spokesperson
      9. Technology Spokesperson

      You never want to…

    • Wrong!
      Dr. ECL remains your number 1 nightmare in your lives.
      The elite people of Zambia have fallen in love with the POTROZ.

      The flipside stands true. People have realised ghe directionless, strategyless and incompetence hovering the UPNDEAD misleaders.

      Tiye nayo Udzamudziba 2021. Siaseka ka?

      Let’s roll my niggaz!

    • cont..

      You never want to address these issues and tell Zambians what you would do to improve things differently.

      Surely it cannot be ++Garry Nkombo & ++Hakainde Hichlima all the time making the cases. Where is the rest of the so called intelligent guys who can take up PF. Are they just intelligent on paper?

      ++ Yeah! You have a 10 Point List. Wow! And that’s good enough to win elections into government

    • Independent Observer@ 1.4

      Kikiki… Ati Intelligent on Paper. Nice one big bro. Its really laughable and truth be preached. They are tired of failing to win elections.

    • Katuka, You have vested too much into propaganda and **. No doubt the national economy is in distress with compounding problems, but our problems are not insurmountable. While you are made to believe that your leader is the answer, Zambians at large understand that one man alone can’t make a difference. Surely you can choose to introspect and bring out what makes sense. This dedication to self-serving pursuits is not building your party any momentum. Being over-dramatic veered in meaningless rhetoric is a strategy that will never land you power. Such mindless propaganda cannot move the apathetic to buy-in. Instead, it alienates them from your party. Take a bit of your time to dedicate elsewhere meaningfully.

    • +++ A Point of order !

      If the { MOST UNPOPULAR PRESIDENT } can beat the opposition leader who has been trying for {15 YEARS}, having lost 2 elections to the very {MOST UNPOPULAR PRESIDENT}

      Then, the result of the {MATHEMATICAL EQUATION} is that.


      That really speaks volume. Basically HH needs a RED CARD.

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER … probably the greatest political equation that UPND must come to realise. They need a new leader. Ba Hakainde is very tired.. please.

    • Mr Stephen Katuka sir…learn to love beyond tribal lines…so in your mind the on the portrait behind you is more popular in Zambia???….Tribal politics is turning people off…and UPND will be rejected again if they won’t change their tribal grouping tactics

  2. Since when was the PF leader ECL popular with the UPND? It is Edgar Changwa Lungu who has beated your president twice. Mr Katuka come to earth, the moon is not good for you.

    • @Chendabusiku, I think Mr Katuka needs to define the word “popular” first. Mr Katuka needs to be reminded to take his president to the under five clinic. The so called unpopular president will make people cry “they have stolen our vote in 2021”. I no fun of PF and ECL but we have the most useless opposition in the history of Multiparty democracy in Zambia.

  3. Katuka focus more on your UPND which has spent more than 20 years in opposition!!!if ECL is the most unpopular politician today,then you must be dancing.Sadly for you the opposite is the reality.Your HH is the most unwanted politician in 6.5 provinces and thats why he keeps on sticking to bembas such as GBM,Kambwili etc like a tick!!
    Results in 2021 will show if what you are yapping about Katuka is correct or ni luvale dreams!!

  4. Leadership in PF is a total mess, if you look at the leadership at the ministerial level, how many are popular with the masses, I am sure you will not have an answer to this off the cuff because you have to analyze and come up with an acceptable answer.
    The above question should also give you an idea of the presidents standing in society, because if his leadership is not liked then it follows that he is also not liked no rocket science here this is just logic and because of that, if he really wants to build his own image he must start by fixing the image of those that represent him by not switching them around and still keeping them but by actually getting rid of them, a good example is Luo there was jubilation at higher education ministry but misery at fishery why not just totally get…

  5. President Lungu is by Far a Likeable Presidential Material than HH Hes has a heart of Many Zambians He listens and makes amends when corrected and advised to

    In fact on the very Contrary President Lungu has empathy for many Zambians than HH given and looking at the way he interacts with his workers colleagues party members and many Zambians He is better able to navigate the man problems than Zambians are facing better than HH

    He may error or make mistakes but he easily forgives himself and makes amends He has a conscious and unlike the others with a seared Conscious

    We may have foreign crooks amidst Us but Lungus is more than capable of protecting and safe guarding the interest of…

  6. far far better than HH and disassociates himself and banns such when observed and noticed be it Chinese Europeans Americans Africans or Indeed Zambians

    He espouses Integrity and ethics and strive to promote equality and fairness This you can observe in his day to day works and office

  7. He has made himself popular by suppressing the voice of opposition. Dictators do not like a voice of reasoning. Opposition,on the other hand, have made themselves frivolous by being docile. In an environment of hostility, we need an opposition that can count. Nothing will be achieved on a silver platter. Ruling parties in Africa have no respect for opposition voice. Most of ruling parties forms cartels which are insulated against advice. If opposition have to penetrate such barriers, they need to put the ruling party on its toes. Otherwise opposition in its country form is a dead wood. They need to up their game because a lot of things are in disarray. PF is the weakest ruling party that can easily be kicked out if we have a strong opposition.

    • Kodi Umudziba Chimbokaila iwe?
      Know level and calm the hell down.
      Let PF beat their drum until 2021 when we the elite people of this country do a repeat.
      We shall send your ka goddess (kalesa) ka double h into political Oblivion.
      Ndipo adzakuchita uipa ba mambala.
      You will sweat a compound formula of water, sweat and blood.

  8. This upanddown party never ceases to amaze me. The same Lungu you are saying is the most unpopular now will wack your god pants down in 2021. You people in upnd are totally clueless like hyenas. Yes the economy is not doing well but your president will be beaten again. Even if presidential elections were held today, hh cannot win. If you didn’t know hh is the most hated politician in Zambia.

  9. UPND If that’s what you believe then subject HH to a popular party vote to see if he’s still the preffered UPND flag bearer.This stinks of UPND hypocrisy and i don’t even like Lungu that much.

  10. Isnt this the same UPND which celebrated Mr Sata’s death saying it is time for HH to rule before 20/01/2015? A Political prostitute,late Daniel Munkombwe ended up supporting a loser HH in 2015!!What about the famous Chainama press briefing before 11/08/2016 when several seasoned politicians denounced ECL’s PF and endorsed HH,do you recall that Katuka?WHAT HAPPENED TO HH IN 2015 & 2016?DID HE WIN?What about now when HH has completely lost support from those seasoned politicians such as Dr.Scott,GBM,Miles Sampa,Dr.Nevers Mumba,etc,are things still the same for HH?unless you are a Chainama patient like this Luvale man,then you can believe in “utopia story” that Edgar Lungu is very unpopular in Zambia today!!

  11. kikiki the president wants to build toilets in katuba . at all the keys to government ministries are with him. can one dought thieft of government resources. far from it. all those who are talking bad about upnd are benefiries of the plundered money. be prepared 2021 we will demand for the proper explanation.

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