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Zambia Institute of Architects saddened by Woodlands Stadium accident


Wall collapse at woodlands stadium killing 3 contractors

The Zambia Institute of Architects is saddened with the accident that occurred at Woodlands Stadium which resulted in the loss of life.

Institute President Sydney Ngoma says it is the mandate of the developers and their agents to ensure that no worker is exposed to hazards and accidents and that there is zero tolerance to unsafe construction practices that would affect or terminate human life within a construction site.

Mr. Ngoma has since urged all developers and members of the public to comply with best practices where safety is concerned.

He further urged members of the public to ensure that they involve architects in their developments throughout the project life so that there is guidance, leadership and strict adherence to laws that pertain to safe work environments.

Mr. Ngoma said it is also notable that Sustainable Development Goals Number 11 and 12 provide for promotion of sustainable cities and communities through responsible consumption and production throughout the construction life cycle.

He said the Zambia Institute of Architects shall therefore institute further investigations into the matter through its inspectorate in collaboration with its stakeholders and ensure that all developments in the country are complaint and provide a safe working environment for our citizens.


  1. Who enforces these Best Practice Methods ….in the UK they have Considerate Constructors Scheme; its a non-profit making, independent organisation founded in 1997 by the construction industry to improve its image. In Zambia we have these professions who never lobby the govt or sit down and look into such independent schemes its always bragging about their titles and the cars they drive.

    • This is a regulated industry. Who inspects sites to ensure that safety procedures are enforced? Not that this unnecessary loss of life will change anything. That’s just not like us Zambians. But change is always possible. I just don’t see it coming in my lifetime.

  2. So why is this Ngoma guy blabbering, says nothing about what happened as far as the accident, who are the contractors and what exactly were they doing????

  3. Some of these Institution are only heard of when an accident happens. What does ZICTA, EIZ, Environmental Council of Zambia, ZABS, Workers Compensation Fund, Lusaka City Council to mention but just a few do when there is no accidents. They just collect levies and have no idea why they even collect money.

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    In Zambia, everything is about being reactive and not proactive. With the rampant corruption with projects being given to shoddy Chinese companies, I’m not surprised at accidents like this. Who vets some of these companies and what safety quality requirements are they given to comply with and how is the verification and validation of said compliance executed, by whom? Where I work we have to comply with strict safety and environmental standards, including statutory and legal requirements for the complex systems and products we produce as well as processes and activities we execute. Safety is King and is emphasized on a daily basis like the air we breathe. In Zambia it’s chipante-pante and a lottery. What a failed project this country is.

  5. ZIA is nothing but a flop, this Ngoma chap talks about “best practices” and “carry out inspections across the country”,
    What is best practice?
    How are you going to carry out inspections in a country that is 750,000 square kilometers.

    All talk with zero action

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