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Reject Mr. Edgar Lungu and His Politics of Toilets 


Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence.
Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence.

By Hakainde Hichilema

We have taken note of the remarks attributed to Mr. Edgar Lungu, as quoted in the ‘News Diggers while campaigning in Katuba constituency parliamentary bye election.

To say we should have been building toilets for the residents of Katuba and other places where we have our MPs, is not only unfortunate but also immature and belittling, not only to the people of that constituency but to all Zambian citizens.

For us in the UPND politics is a noble and sacred service which we respectly hold, and we think this is not the kind of discourse our citizens should be subjected to from all of us in political leadership in our country.

Citizens expect an exceptional and mature conversation on matters affecting their lives than this kind of worthless debate. Surely Mr Edgar Lungu can do better than this. We believe even in taverns, shabeens and bars there is some level of decent conversation than this kind of talk by Mr. Lungu.

How can he inspire a generation of young people who are looking for role models from their leaders, with such frivolous behaviour and immature talk, when our citizens are urgently seekig for solutions on matters affecting their day to day struggles such as lack of jobs, affordable healthcare, school fees for their children and food on their tables, among many other things.

Jobs are being lost in the mining sector such as Mopani which is cancelling contracts for Zambian contractors on the Copperbelt under Mr. Lungu’s watch, and all he can talk about is toilets instead of addressing this and other pressing national issues such as escalating prices of mealie meal.

UPND members throughout the country including us politicians pay taxes to the national treasury which is currently being plundered by Mr. Lungu and his friends through corruption and outright theft of public resources.

Therefore like other citizens, UPND members equally expect development in their areas regardless of their political choices which is their democratic right.

Is Mr. Lungu in any way suggesting that there should be a one party dictatorship, where all citizens will be forced to belong to the PF inorder for them to receive development?

It is this kind of bigotry that is fueling social divisions in the country, at the expense of addressing pressing national issues.

As a matter of fact, we are trying our level best in our own small way to support communities in various parts of the country, by sinking boreholes, building schools and clinics, constructing cattle dip tanks, supporting children in schools and other vulnerable communities among many other activities.

This is despite the shrinking economic space in our businesses that are forever being squeezed by the PF regime in order to economically disadvantage us and weaken our resolve, but we will not give in to these tactics.

When UPND is elected into office in 2021, we will redefine development as a fundamental human right which must be freely extended to all citizens regardless of political affiliations and regional or religious background.

We will not withhold development from regions that did not vote for us or selectively carry out an economic agenda, to punish those that hold dissenting views from us. This is our solemn promise to the Zambian people and our cooperating partners.

These are the values on which the UPND was founded upon, this is the character and standards with which the founding fathers and mothers of our Republic set, and will endeavour to follow them to the latter.

For now we request our dear citizens to reject low level politics of divisiveness, name calling, and other such bad vices, but embrace the UPND politics of seeking for solutions to the problems affecting our people.

Hakainde Hichilema


    • HH 6 times losing and still sounds wonder Zambians keep on rejecting him….it looks like Zambians are rejecting HH…..and not UPND as per se…and for this same reason Zambia will continue to be ruled by PF bandits

    • Drinking on duty will make even top man to realize that there are toilets everywhere.
      Sounds like Ba Edgar’s political adviser was urinating to presidential tires.
      Then he said boss, there are no toilets around here!!

    • Lungu is the richest man in Zambia by far.

      How he got his wealth is another story.

      In fact, for every Kwacha that has been stolen, there is a child that dies in hospital due to lack of medicine.

      Even the problem of street kids has been ignored by those that can actually make a difference.

    • “We believe even in taverns, shabeens and bars there is some level of decent conversation than this kind of talk by Mr. Lungu.”
      How could taverns, shabeens and bars have some level of decency? How could tavern inspire a generation of young people? Double h is wasted project. If ECL is wrong in your way of understanding, just hit the point home n’ on target.
      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Your M.O. is equally questionable.
      I can’t feel the political meat in your rhetoric. Come on double h grow up. Your M.O. is that your men and women in the council, parliament and party should not work with Government of the day. That’s mean and evil. That’s the kinda politics you champion day in day out. With your notorious tribal M.O. the article is pure trash.
      Take M.O. as Modus Operandi.

    • From this article we should all agree that Lungu has been equalled to tarverners. We partly agree. But the author also, hichilema, is also disabled in the brain. This argument is shallow. Hichilema has no record on which we can be convinced that he can achieve anything except seeing loopholes to enrich himself like he did with the privatization program. That’s all.

    • Definitely the right man to rule Zambia or any African country for that matter. A role model in lifestyle, business acumen, and patriotism. Some people if they had your type of cash, they would be busy yatching in the maldives and flashing their money living extravagantly. You are humble, you stay rooted. “A prophet is never respected in his own country.” Maybe it is our fate to perish like babylonians under PF, but keep fighting the sensible citizens of Zambia are behind you. Long.Live.HH.

    • Awe but ba Lungu nabo I cant follow his reasoning mwe! UPND should have been building toilets for the residents of Katuba and other places where it has MPs? Does UPND have a separate treasury from the rest of the country? Its government that builds this stuff, of course the MP would actively campaign that government provide the funds. I agree with HH this is immature.

    • Brilliant discourse there Mr President.

      Lungu was too drunk and wanted to pee desperately and hit no 2 but they were no decent toilets for him to do it. So he blames HH for no toilets in Katuba as if HH has access to tax money.

      They try by allocating just quarter of the tax income to HH and what can be achieved by him. Already using his personal money he is helping communities across the country.

      HH is the only future for Zambia.

    • Interestingly and unfortunately most Zambian voters enjoy more trash talk than decent talk. They would rather hear someone demean another about toilets than discuss the implications of KCM decision on Zambian’s future

  1. Bo HH
    how did you expect the President to respond to people’s calls for simple toilets even
    at markets?

  2. I believe president Lungu meant upnd mps are not working for their constituents by overlooking even basic needs like toilets. Oval headed six time loser misconstrues the whole issue as an exchange of words instead of focusing on the achievements of upnd in the area. Ati leader of opposition?? Please bring Mulyokela on stage we laugh and a bit…..

    • @ Zambian citizen…Lungu actaully did say that despite HH being richer than him, he has failed to build toilets in katuba. Really stupid thing to say. Does HH has access to national finances? What has this stupid president contributed to vulnerable people out of his stolen money? We pay taxes not to HH but to the government of which Lungu is president and therefore we demand toilets not from HH but from Lungu. Its our money and not your , you moronic president.

    • Having a third of parliament makes upnd part of the governance system. If the president has to supervise CDF, why should we vote for mps?? oval headed loser should spend time pushing his mps to do their national duties for their constituents not appearing in the media attacking the president. That’s why his mayor resigned yesterday.

    • In a way you are right. If I was HH I would have ignored that statement and focussed on UPND achievements if any. Otherwise it makes HH to be seen the same way as Lungu: people who cant debate issues

    • I want to ask what UPND MPs do in this country? Because we don’t see their relevance including here in Livingstone. We tongas must start learning to be objective with the realities of life. It’s enough

    • How can UPND MPs work with the money given to their constituencies when HH has put so many restrictions on them. CDF is meant to take care of such small issues. HH has destroyed UPND.

  3. Building public conveniences and toilets is part of national development, especially on Market stores, Intercity Bus Stops, communities forums, Sports Centres, Play Parks etc.

    What are you preaching HH?.

    Are you saying people should just use open fields, trenches, roadsides to respond to the call of nature.

    • Cleanliness is next godliness.

      Why is double h worked out?

      Alefwaya bantu balenyela no kusundila mumpanga mambala uyu?

      Wonders shall never end!

  4. Its like HH smokes too much dagga!!isnt he the one who stop all his MPs from working with this Govnt?if any UPND Mayor or MP is seen near the president,such a UPND member becomes HH’s enemy.ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW THIS FACT!!This is the reason why all constituencies under UPND MPs are under developed.I have built my mansion at a farm in Katuba but i have failed to enjoy my stay there due to bad roads.almost all major roads in constituencies under PF MPs in Lusaka are tarred.IF KATUBA RESIDENTS WANT TO SEE CHANGE ,THEN VOTERS MUST REJECT UPND 100% NEXT WEEK.Even Chilanga under a PF MP now is receiving developing!!!Hence,as long as HH continues stopping his MPs from working with Govnt,then yes it is better to have a one party state and enjoy development across Zambia!!!HH should should know that…

  5. Continue….
    HH should know that we vote for development and not to satisfy his ego of becoming the FIRST TONGA PRESIDENT in Zambia because that wont benefit us in anyway!!!

    • @ Njimbu
      Lets hammer this desperate and directionless chap. We need to realise that HH doesnt mean anything to anyone but only his EGO as you rightly pointed out. Indeed we elect leaders for development NOT egoism!!!! Have you ever heard anyone in UPND especially HH declaring that he will build better and far modern roads than what Lungu is doing? Have you ever heard HH and UPND mapping out infrastructure development plan that Zambia desperately need to make Zambia a first choice by investors? How does HH and his lost UPND expect quality jobs to be created without robust infrastructure in place? Yet you see the man desperately trying to hoodwink people about mealie meal without shame, let HH read mor about how places like the East Asia and the likes of Dubai have made it, its about…

  6. This is what happens when you’ve spent all your political life in opposition. You stop seeing solutions to problems and start seeing problems in every solution.

    But the people are not blind and they have a free mind of their own to pass sound judgement on matters they hear.

    • Members of parliament don’t see those issues. If they did and decide to engage Government, double h perceive it as being crosses. You part ways.
      Double h is hyper delusional.
      He doesn’t know what development means.
      Tell him we need health people to develop our land.
      Yes double h build toilets man!

  7. Wow herein lies the problem by the so called educated on this blog. Partisan politics aside, for those of you espousing that this toilet think is appropriate, do you honestly think toilets will bring bring bread and butter on the table for masses, c’mon now, let’s all be sensible here. Rightly HH does not have akasaka kandalama, how he uses his wealth is his prerogative, the money that should be going to develop the country is going elsewhere, you all know where and need not spell it for you. Everyone in Zambia deserves better and beyond toilets. Mulekwata uluse kubantu, it’s called Ubuntu, lelo you may be ok but nothing is guaranteed, think about your future generations if nothing else

    • I must say some really dumb educated fools in this forum. From most of the comments above, I come to the conclusion that Zambia is destined to suffer for a very long time. People who look like they have a bit of grey matter in their heads since they can read and write are the worst fools you can ever come across. Shame.

    • Why does he take offense with progressive UPND reasonables who want to work with Government?
      He wants everyone to be a UPNDEAD.

      Redeem UPND from the Deads. Sanity will be restored.
      We gotta roll!

    • MY POINT




  8. What do you expect from a grouping full of parliament walkout MPs? I blame the electorates in those areas for not taking these absentee MPs to task.
    Where do UPNDEAD MPs go when they storm out’a parliament.
    How many of these UPNDEAD MPs visit their Constituencies when parliament goes in recess.
    When double h instructs his dead MPs to shun parliament duties, he forgets so soon that their allegiance is to the electorates.
    Why is double h whining like a jealous man.
    Nothing new, the double h syndrom is a misleading venture. Please Zambians dont be hoodwinked.

    • I want to ask what UPND MPs do in this country? Because we don’t see their relevance including here in Livingstone. We tongas must start learning to be objective with the realities of life. It’s enough

  9. When we tell you that HH is dull and not worth of even wasting your vote on, we simply mean it. This is the guy whose tribal MPs, some have held those positions as long as 15 years, yet the people they decieve and threaten to vote for them live like they are not part of Zambia. President Lungu was basically saying, if the people of Katuba cannot be respected by the UPND MPs by not even building a toilet, a very basic human need, why would they in truth and honest continue being subjected to such poor leadership of UPND? Probably this simple yet open fact has hit HH so hard that he is now even more lost, its real, UPND PMs are a disaster, they are pathetic and its time people stopped voting for them because these are wasted years which they will never recover. Katuba is just next to…

  10. contd
    Probably this simple yet open fact has hit HH so hard that he is now even more lost, its real, UPND PMs are a disaster, they are pathetic and its time people stopped voting for them because these are wasted years which they will never recover. Katuba is just next to Lusaka, but extremely neglected by UPND where the late MP came from.

  11. There comes a time when even those tribal voters get tired and stop voting for UPND’s good for nothing politicians!!The case at hand is in North Western provinces where voters are tired of UPND’s fake promises and now voting for PF members.Western is following suit too.if HH has eyes,let him realise this fact.STOPPING UPND COUNCILLORS,MAYORS AND MPS FROM WORKING WITH THE GOVNT OF THE DAY IS VERY RETROGRESSIVE BECAUSE THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE GOVNT PER 5 YRS IN ZAMBIA!!!This is the reason why even chiefs in 3 pro upnd provinces are urging their subjects to be working with the Govnt of the day so as to avoid remaining under developed.ALL UPND MPS DO IN PARLIAMENT IS WALKINGOUT,WHY?ONLY THEIR TONGA god HH KNOWS!!we need serious development in Katuba and for now only a PF MP can achieve that…

  12. ngimbu of the two who smokes and who drinks. our economy is bad because planning is done in bars. universties are closed because decisions are made in bars. very un fortunate those who are benefiting to the plunder are defending the rot. too bad.

  13. At times you feel HH keeps politicking just to stay relevant and to make Zambians feel “we need a real leader”.He speaks just bcoz he has to say something.

  14. @ my point, you have a brain but you are failing to use it, the idea of Hakainde being against anything the president says even the toilets only exhibits his shallowness of understanding of the meaning of an opposition party..Mwanawasa once said the problem with Hakainde he wants to cheat to mislead, to pretend to be something he is not. opposing everything for the sake of opposing is foolish, such a person is a considered a fool, however its you I should question, if you dearly support a fool even on toilets what does that make you… message approved

  15. Charity begins at home.
    If we do not talk about healthy environment forget any form of development
    You can see why we say that “he is under 5”
    ….and he sounds so upset, why?

  16. 2 decades he cant even produce a single mp in urban area.

    We need a medical board. Losing 6times is not a joke. Imagine someone faling grade seven 6times

    The boy will end up beating a teacher

  17. Ask senior UPND officials and they will tell you that it is very rough in Katuba for UPND.HH has tried 3 times to meet chieftainess Mungule but all in vain.all headmen are avoiding HH because they have made it very clear that they need Katuba to develop and for now only a PF MP can do that.As things stand,headmam Mwachilele (PF candidate) shall grab this seat from UPND next week as voters are too keen to see new roads,clinics,hospitals,schools,etc in Katuba.The Real estate agent(UPND’s candidate) is evening complaining that this party is not funding or supporting him as he feels abandoned!!Chieftainess Mungule is fully behind Mwachilele……HENCE LETS WAIT AND SEE!!!Recall,both candidates (for PF & UPND’re lenje).PF is campaigning in tonga and so is UPND,so tribalism wont favour UPND…

  18. The report attributed to a certain Jonathan Mataware can only be made by a grotesque *****. He thinks HH is a rich man who goes around building toilets, while Mataware goes around with bags of government money to build toilets. How many toilets did he build in Chawama using his personal funds when he was MP? How many MPs are building toilets with their own resources?

  19. hh is just a fool with as lot of money n very poor I Q,no wonder he doesn’t understand politics .Dr ECL was referring to the MPs not doing their best to provide for the people,honestly can one trust this hh to lead 15m people …..kaya

  20. Modi , the Indian Prime Minister came into power by telling his countrymen that he’ll make toilets available if he gets elected into office…. so this is not something out of the ordinary.

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