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Gears wants ECZ to move their elections accreditation office in Katuba to a central location


Gears Initiative Zambia has appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to consider moving the Katuba elections accreditation office to a more central place within Katuba Constituency.

Organisation Director Gideon Musonda said in view of the Elections accreditation process scheduled for 25th to 29th July 2019 in Chibombo at the Council office, GEARS Initiative in consultation with other stakeholders has noted with concern that it will be a costly exercise of transporting it’s monitors from Katuba Constituency to Chibombo for accreditation.

Mr. Musonda said it is his organization’s policy to recruit local monitors from an area where elections are taking place a d transporting monitors to a long distant area like chibombo will significantly affect deployment plan due to cost implications.

He said he is aware of ECZ security concerns and lack of infrastructure in Katuba as shared in one of the stakeholders meeting, but he feels that those concerns can be easily addressed with enhanced security just like is the case with mobile registration of voters.

Mr. Musonda said the other option the commission can consider is to relax the requirement of capturing photos of individuals to be accredited and allow one official to take a list and signed copies of accreditation forms.

He has since urged the ECZ to consider hus appeal in the interest of enhanced participation and credibility of Katuba parliamentary elections.


  1. One point missing you would have emphasized that ECZ warn violent political party.

    People are harming each other.

  2. GEARS is a surrogate CSO for the UPND spearheaded by MacDonald Chipenzi, The whole country the majority of Zambians know this fact except for the UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress due to group think mentality…

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