Tuesday, May 28, 2024

MP moves motion in Parliament to stop the Expiration of Internet Data Bundles


The official opening of the third session of the twelfth National Assembly

Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa has moved a motion that seeks to prevent internet providers from prescribing the expiry dates on internet bundles which are bought by clients.

Professor Lungwangwa says citizens need to be protected from internet providers.

He says it is unfair for the provider to grab the data bundles if a client fails to utilize them within a specified period.

Professor Lungwangwa says data bundles should be transferable to avoid loss of money by clients.

And in seconding the motion Kasama Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa said Zambians are becoming dependant on internet hence the need to make internet service available.

Mr. Sampa said service providers cannot be allowed to continue grabbing data bundles from clients by prescribing the dates on which it should be used.


  1. Now this is the type of parliament that legislates for the people. Been long since this kind of people centred policies have been floated.

    • Zambians are just copy cats. If south africa says it they jump on board. Now it’s data. Everyday we have been hearing state capture, expropriation without compensation, Malema mentions nationalization of banks & mines, Zambians are coming up with statements on the same. No originality.

    • Lusaka Times has now become a joke…how do you allow morooons like wankerr NEEZ to comment….haven’t you noticed that traffic has reduced on your site….all the sensible bloggers have left LT

    • Why is it very difficult for the media to say UPND member of parliament. Had it been one of the shallow PF MPs the report would be having big banner headlines saying PF member of parliament instead of just parliament.

    • Now this is why you send MPs to National Assembly to represent you that’s their role…its not getting rich and then using change to hand you mealie meal bags and cooking oil with money they have stolen from you!!

  2. That is real thinking Professor Lungwangwa it’s true we really panic when we have bundles and time to expire is getting closer you end up downloading items that are not necessary

  3. My teenage son has been spending too much time in toilet . So I checked his browsing history and found he has been watching sara jay videos. Elisa my white wife wants me to have a word with him. For me I am just glad the boy has got good taste. What should I do

  4. Zambians are only interested in internet because that is the closest mosty of them will ever get to sleeping with a white woman like my wife. They spend time searching for the likes of sara jay and pleasuring themselves then when I post about my white wife they hurl insults at me. Silly w.a.a.nkers

    • You have an inferiority complex & low self esteem. Which black man would praise a race with no hips & just straight lines with no mbuyo. Black-bottle shaped women are then only sexy thing. But you pray for a pig skinned colour

  5. Ideally this isn’t a matter that should even be tabled in Parliament. This shows that the regulators are sleeping while enjoying hefty salaries and Porsche offices. ZICTA and CCPC should have addressed this issue long ago. Sometimes when the service is down you’re not compensated for lack of use and your bundles are confiscated forthwith. For MTN when they send you a message that you have used 70% of your bundle it means you can’t browse with the balance unless you topup

  6. For the first time in my life, I have seen parliamentarians mention something that actually matters… The welfare of the people. (Le peuple)
    Maintenant le Peuple!

  7. I also don’t understand these Internet service providers. You borrow talk time for K10 toady at 12:00 hrs. You use only K3 worth of talk time. The following day at exactly 12:00 hrs they will withdraw the balance of K7 immediately. Why??? So you are forced to make unnecessary phone calls to use up the airtime.

  8. @ Bongo Bongo tell this poor chap called NEEZ a dependant to a white pig. NEEZ post something suit to the news why posting negative story that really shows how dull you are for praising shapeless a straight line dry wood like your Swiss desperate hule.

  9. If our MPs where this united in every issue that affect the citizens things would have been better but alas its just on bundles come real issue they will support there parties for selfish reason.How i wish this can be a starting point for good things to come from our parliament.

  10. I commend u professor. Parliament shud protect its citizens… ZICTA is sleeping or maybe they are benefiting from our exploitation… The other problem is that the networks have been very bad in the last two months… Boma iyanganepo

  11. I have been questioning MTN since i came here from SA where as of 1st March 2019 it is illegal for the service provider to claim unused bundles. Bundles do not expire. They get used up. This is the kind of copying from SA we should be doing not having a Zambia Bureau of Standards to inspect used vehicles from Japan when Zambia cannot even remember what it used to do with the Fiat assembled here years ago.

  12. Lungwangwa should go ahead and move a motion where Napsa Act should reduce statutory age to 45 years. The life span as at now is below 55 years. Those of us who are approaching 40 years, are very lucky. A person should enjoy his hard earned income while he or she is still alive. If that money which Napsa is misusing in useless investments is channeled to empowering its citizens, Zambia will move into a middle income nation. Why should people die of poverty when they have money in Napsa? MPs should strive to change Napsa Act.If they fail to do that, let people borrow money out of their savings in Napsa. Why build Kalulushi Houses which are just white elephants? That is a wastage in peoples’ investments.

  13. This might sound good but very bad in my view. Parliament should concentrate on coming with acts that protect the whole consumers and not in a particular sector. We have ZICTA which should be regulating these Network providers and also consumer protection commission to protect consumers . The problem is most of these regulatory bodies dont even work and that’s the reason we are seeing sense in what the MP is proposing. What will happen if the Network providers change the strategy to expensive data charge to customers? Will the MP go back and pass another motion? anyway its food for thought.

  14. I agree with Victoriafalls and there is a danger that all promotional bundles might be withdrawn by the ISP and these are the ones that make a lot of bloggers survive in term of bundles. This might just be costly on the consumer because in the bid of an ISP making profit, they will devise other means to go round it.

  15. Barclays Bank also deducts people,s balance by k11, k9,k10 just follow your Account balances, they keep on reducing by small figures this is stealing just keep an eye on your accounts you will see what am saying.This has been going on for along time now.Where is the money going? Is Pamela Gondwe back?Stop it.

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