YALI Commends President Lungu for his Open Door Policy

President Edgar Lungu during the meeting with Commonwealth from Secretary-General Patricia Scotland at during the second visit to State house
President Edgar Lungu during the meeting with Commonwealth from Secretary-General Patricia Scotland at during the second visit to State house

The Young African Leaders Initiative has commended President Edgar Lungu on his consistent open door policy and readiness to meet all well-meaning citizens and stakeholders.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe says he has also taken note that one of the many stakeholders, Mr Hakainde Hichilema has announced his willingness to meet President Lungu with “no conditions” attached, but unfortunately he immediately sets a condition saying so long as it is under the chairmanship of the Church.

Mr. Ntewewe has questioned why the church should chair a normal democratic engagement.

“Is HH suggesting that in the absence of the Chair, he can not have a cordial, respectful and mature conversation with the Republican President”, he added.

Mr. Ntewewe said YALI has noticed that the Head of State has been meeting various stakeholders including traditional leaders, trade unions and Church leaders among others.

He noted at every opportunity, there has not been any Chair for those engagements which YALI believe have yielded very positive outcomes further questioning what is so special about the engagement with HH that it even requires an arbitrator the reasoning which is unacceptable and absurd.

Mr. Ntewewe said the Church has not made clear the questions that were raised by Synod Bishop Sichilima and Until this is adequately explained, the three Church Mother Bodies would agree that they owe the Zambian people an explanation.

He said Justice must not only be done but also must be seen to be done.

“We must also emphasize that the dialogue and meeting who’s readiness the Head of State spoke of, is with regards to reconciliation and not to reopen matters resolved at the NDF. We therefore call upon UPND to drop all their preconditions”, Mr. Ntewewe added.


  1. PF is good at twist and turns, you can attest to this Mr Ntewewe. Remember, PF is saying you included clauses in the proposed bills which it had nothing to do with. He does not want to be accused of wanting to sell his party to PF.

    • It’s just common sense you Ntewewe, if you are going to meet with your perceived enemy, for accountability and safety sake, that there be a neutral person who can defend the truth of the proceedings. Remember 2021 is around the corner, in order to avoid any conspiracy it’s important to have someone neutral present.

  2. These praise singers are the ones that mislead leaders, tell a leader the truth and even if he gets annoyed with you once he is alone he will digest what you told him and adjust, but if you keep praising him even if he is doing something wrong he will feel insulated.

  3. @JJJ it’s also common sense that Three church mother Bodies can’t accomplish a meeting between ECL and HH .

    HH better choose any other organization to accompany him rather than the Church.

    Remember that big degree of hypocrisy the church exhibited in siavonga.Church made school boy mistake of the worst kind.

  4. HH leave the church in this matter,go meet ECL without conditions haaaaaaa in fact ECL forget about this meeting its just share waste of time.

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