Yellow Card campaigners challenged to provide evidence of looting of Zambia’s resources


The Zambia Union of Government and Allied Workers has challenged the Yellow Card Campaigners to give evidence on who is looting the country’s resources.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Union President Muyaywa Kabisa noted that it will be pointless for the organisers of the Yellow Card Campaign to end up on Public Rallies, megaphones and placards if no evidence is provided to the cause.

Mr Kabisa said if the organisers take action in that direction, it will also give an opportunity to these alleged to have acquired wealth through corrupt practices, to exonerate themselves and make the nation know the source of their wealth and how hard they have worked to earn it.

He noted that unless there is evidence or cause, the commencement of criminal proceedings against alleged corrupt individuals, issues of governance importance such as this, should not be resolved by public rallies and placards.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kabisa added that the union is concerned with increased social media, print and electronic media vehement claims of corruption in the governance system.

He explained that these claims have moved from mere social media claims to rallies as seen from the Yellow Card Campaign on the 20th of July 2019, at the Parliament grounds in Lusaka.

Mr Kabisa emphasized that this goes to show that the word corruption, in relation to governance, will soon be a Mantra on the mind of everyone and eventually, the trust people have for the system of governance will decrease and lawlessness will take its toll.

He emphasised on the need for constructive engagement with the political leadership, sharing of tangible evidence and prosecution of culprits in the courts of law.

Mr Kabisa however said mere speculation and vehement propagation of unsubstantiated corruption allegations, will not in any way win the fight against corruption.

He has since called on President Edgar Lungu to extend an invitation to the organisers of the Yellow Card Campaign, to lay before him the evidence they hold and engage on other issues raised by them.

Mr Kabisa said they have not heard whether the Yellow Card organisers had sought a meeting with the Head of State or with any investigative agency to table their evidence and concerns.

Sections of society have organized a Yellow Card campaign claiming to have evidence of alleged corrupt activities involving some high profile people in the country


  1. What evidence? Read Auditor General Reports from 2015 to date…..and you have the evidence

    • They live beyond their income, build multiple mansions at Chalala, are cited in the general auditors and FIC reports!
      Yet this nobody of a person has the audacity to ask for evidence.
      What a mockery of a country!
      We the people of Zambia deserve better leadership.

    • Hahaha. This is not funny, but i cant stop laughing at how ridiculous this is. Lungu and freinds are terrified and now they are parading hired guns to defend them. Descredited people like Ntewewe, Habaazoka and now this one. Mulimbe chabe

    • But zo ona this chap Kabisa is dull and has authoritarian inclinations, iwe Kabisa as a civil servant you should not open your mouth challenging people who pay your salary so that you can offer efficient public services. Isn’t it just recently that ACC apprehended a MOF official who built 56 houses using govt coffers and you are asking for evidence. How dull can one be sure? You think that official was acting alone? Let people protest till we see change, you chaps in govt take things for granted. We have a nation to build here, hash up!

    • My first mandate when I become president is to fire every one in civil service and have them re-apply for their jobs “if they qualify”. It will be lean. Only the best and the brightest will hold government / cabinet positions so that public service delivery is top notch. I will suspend the requirement of one first having to be an MP in order to be cabinet minister so that I can freely tap from the huge talent pool available in the entire country (only technocrats need apply). Kabisa of course will be retired in national interest.

    • Your jobs in government will not be a lifetime achievement award, filya mu landa ati job security sorry! I will subject everyone to an annual performance contract, oh yes I will! Like everyone who is a christian is automatically in ministry, everyone who works in govt will be “in service” together with me, servants! Elo nikakwikate ati waiba, I won’t say what I will do but take note, “the greatest benefit for the majority” so you corrupt official are a minority against the majority of Zambians, I might lock you up and throw away the keys.

  2. You procure fire engines at $1 million each but insure them at $250, 000. Do you need to have a PHD in forensics in order to know that this is not only corruption but also foolishness of the highest order? Please stop provoking us further

  3. Evidence of corruption?You are joking sir,just a firetruck costing $1mn is enough to begin with,i hope you are being paid enough for you to reduce yourself to a joker in the eyes of the public.In fact your statement amounts to a criminal act.You are trying to incite society to rise against well meaning responsible citizens for no justifiable reason. Zambia let us keep a tab of individuals like these

  4. And whose this ejoti(Kabisa) to question our intelligence? the current levels of corruption are self evident.

  5. Mr.Kabisa of all people should know that individuals who do not hold public office cannot provide evidence of corruption in the public service.They protest and other expressions of concern when statutory institutions tasked to fight corruption provide credible suggedtions of corruption in public institutions and nobody seems to care.If the President invites those Yellow protesters,they will go with copies of FIC and Auditor General reports to State House


    • Provide evidence to whom? To ones appointed by the corrupt executives? Or perhaps to ones which have risen from paupers to billionaires in a few external borrowings?

  7. “…it will also give an opportunity to these alleged to have acquired wealth through corrupt practices, to exonerate themselves and make the nation know the source of their wealth and how hard they have worked to earn it…..”

    How did lungu earn $2.3 million after 18 months in Offìce ?

    How has tasila lungu become a multimillionaire since her father became president ?

    How did Chitotela afford 3 expensive farms and other properties since he became minister ?

    With Rotten Creatures like this ka Belly Bootlicker Kabisa, forget about Zambia developing.
    Even his name “Kabisa” means one who hides the truth “Kubisa”, or one who’s brain is not fully evolved to see the evidence thats right before their own eyes.

  9. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This line of ‘provide evidence’ as defence argument by these corrupt politicians and their minions is so tired and flawed it really infuriates me. The corrupt politicians have access to national treasury and only they make contracts deals and acquire loans in the dark. Then they cover their tracks and hide their loot in foreign accounts. How could mere citizens truly have ‘evidence’ and even there was who could turn that evidence into prosecuting them?

    The evidence is there for all to see: the fact that the majority of people are still wallowing in perpetual poverty despite the fact that the country has resources; loans and aid money. Yet few politicians have amassed wealth so much within few years of being in government that is not proportional to their salaries… and this is the…

    • Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      … and this is the wealth that is only ‘visible’ and not the hidden wealth. ‘Provide evidence’ my a$s! STFU and sit down!

      The evidence is in your face or are you too corrupt blind to see?

  10. No wonder why even salary increment for government workers was a mockery 3%.With such unions in place! The FIC and Auditor General’s reports are very clear documents of evidence of looting of the country’s treasury. What more evidence do these useless unions want?

  11. And so what are you going to do about it other than nothing, stop complaining about it because it’s you who put them in power by choosing ECL
    You reap what you sow

  12. Can someone please explain to me where such *****s come from? Any way just to help these blind *****s, We have Useless fire tenders that cost $1M, a jet that cost $63m, Basic ambulances costing $250 000 and even the money you bring paid for such non-sense. Bane, grow up na amano, let us build a Zambia deserved of or children and not these agents of PG…. Class dismissed

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