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Voting for UPND will be the right thing to do, there too much poverty-HH


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in Cholokelo ward of Katuba constituency drumming up support for his parliamentary by-election candidate Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa

UPND Leader Hakachilema says voting for his party will be the right thing to do in the 30th July Katuba Parliamentary by election.

Drumming up support for UPND candidate Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa in
Kapopola, Kabangalala, Kabile and Stumbeko of Kabile ward, Mr. Hichilema said voting for the PF will be mistake.

He said views from the electorate are that there is too much poverty in the country due to economic mismanagement by the PF.

Mr. Hichilema said this is a common cry and has asked them to vote Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa, in order to have effective representation in parliament.

He emphasized that Voting for UPND is the only right thing to do and has therefore commited the party to delivering economy emancipation in Zambia.


  1. Please Christians learn something good from HH and that is door to door preaching of the gospel . For God so loved the word, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    • Why Zambians don’t like rich and “ordinary” people??
      Why Zambians like drunk and thuggish people?
      Why Zambians don’t like HH as rich man? He is rich good. GBM riches are bad, thuggish.
      Why Zambians has not gathered behind Harry Kalaba as “ordinary” man?
      Zambians respect the drunk, empty komboni dwellers. Zambians are enjoying Kambwili’s politics (me too), but still if I had to vote I will give that rich HH.
      HH is a humble rich man, just swallow it.
      My party is closed..

    • Going back to Katuba..
      UPND are styupidy, they choose a PF fitting candidate. A real estate thief, styupidy UPND elections team, change Garry.
      PF candidate is better, a village headman.

    • He doesn’t look, dress, express presidential

      It’s up to the people of Katuba.
      What would be characterized as a mistake is voting for the same party especially if that party has not done a thing in that Constituency.
      If I were in Katuba, I would think twice about it. Trying something different in the bye elections is a litmus test for the upcoming 2021 polls.
      Don’t vote for stagnation.

    • No logic. if there is poverty we must vote for rich HH to rule us? Wont he just make himself richer and us poorer? Where on earth has any rich president made the poor rich?

    • And how much is HH the cause of that poverty? His deals with the boers are contributing to his richness but abject poverty for workers. HH is not a messiah for Zambians.

  2. Kkkkkkk…..what will a UPND real estate agent give to Katuba residents if voted into office?will he improve their economy?kkkk….wonders shall never end!!all constituencies under UPND MPs in 3 bantustan provinces are in extreme poverty(under developed).So what is special about Katuba?IF THOESE WORDS ARE COMING FROM PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU,THEN WE CAN BELIEVE BECAUSE AT LEAST WE’RE SEEING TARRED ROADS,CLINICS,SCHOOLS,HOSPITALS,ETC IN MANY CONSTITUENCIES UNDER PF MPS!!!They say “seeing is believing”.HH’s campaign message is very shallow!!This is the same nigga who controls his MPs like Robbots!!Please katuba voters ignore this loser because we need roads,schools,hospitals,clinics ASAP in our area and only a PF MP shall deliver that period!!!

    • Its sad in this day and age that some people still paddle these lies that when you vote for the Ruling Party that’s the only way development will come your way if bloggers like this one can be duped into such thinking what more a semi literate in rural Zambia. This is why former Finance Minister Mutati said by elections are costly he didnt say the holding of elections was expensive but misappropriation of GRZ resources during will see the likes of AVIC grading road, Chilufya upgrading clinics to “mini hospitals” in the area all which is unbudgeted and is passed on to the taxpayer. All this is only possible when you have a regime that is reckless and not prudent…I hope an independent candidate won that seat.

    • jay jay 2.1 We agree again an independent candidate would be the best option. In fact if all of UPND’s North western and Western provincial MP elections were won by independents, Zambia would change and develop massively. That way the would not always be running away to their pay masters in South Africa. PF needs an opposition with brains, not one that sings the same tune horse in voice.

    • @Njimbu. My man you lost and I can confirm that you are a die-hard PF cadre. You just got something against HH that will never satisfy your poor soul. HH is a man of integrity and of a sound mind. Add to that, HH is a hard worker and a smart businessman who can change Zambia for better if given a chance which I hope to happen in 2021.

  3. I thought it was the people that were say “Voting for UPND will be the right thing to do” and then I saw -HH. Where the people of Katuba not already represented by UPND? What did UPND do for the people of Katuba to alleviate their poverty?

    • Muchinje abena Zambia. This kind of thinking has caused civil wars in some countries. Development of a constituency is done by Government in Power. What did he PF do to win in 2011? it did not even build a toilet. The biggest problem we have in this country is illiteracy and lack of civic education even for the semi literates we have. That’s why democracy is a futile undertaking in the midst of illiterates or the ignorant electorates. We have high-level leadership who trade votes for development as if it has to come with conditions. Shame!

  4. Cheap politics,poverty as been always there and don’t cheat that you are going to finish poverty bufi uboooo.Give me a clear statistics were poverty was eliminated.Use some other method and not that song you are singing,Poverty can only be eliminated by hard work.

    • Poverty can be eliminated by getting rid of corruption which is rampant in PF ..less corruption means a motorway that would have been inflated to cost $1.2 billion can cost $500K when cost management and value engineering techniques are deployed. PF are lucky that UPND are getting over confident and think they can not do without the alliance. I listen to BUFFOON CK campaigning in Mansa its like he is telling a story at night fire village gathering…he knows PF inside and out.

    • Simply look at Protea Hotels delivering a 249 room with conference facilities for 2500 people in Lusaka for $9 million …now compare that figure to reasons why PF justify the cost a $400 million Ndola – Lusaka highway costing $1.2 billion because they will construct hotels… imagine how many hotels Protea would build with just $90million

  5. People who promise do not deliver development.Mwanawasa did not promise development but he delivered. There was more money in our pockets, not this poverty we are going through.Bushe twakulalya imisebo?

  6. HH is a complete waste of time. We told you that by 2021, Kambwili and his NDC will be the second largest opposition party followed by UPND. Mark my words. Unfortunately neither Kambwili nor HH have convinced the voters to this day, no manifesto in case of Kambwili and scatter brain for HH, lost and disillusioned. Whilst they are trying so hard to paint a bad name on President Lungu, all Districs in Zambia are witnessing massive economic development. Which one would you believe, the one delivering or one speculating? Its obviously the former, whether you like it or not President Lungu and PF are damn focused on the job. Am sure by 2021, people will not even have time to listen to perpetual losers. PF is geared from the outset.

  7. it is just about effective representation in parliament or bringing innovations? typical backwardness politicking

  8. At this point we need to vote for anything other than PF, even a PIG we will vote for it because we are suffering as a nation.

  9. same old story.Will UPND candidate eradicate poverty????????????????.blue movie.oh sorry I meant a blue lie.Only dull people are fooled by politician.Politicians have mastered the art of lying .sad part of it is that even the educated Zambians are victims of propaganda.

  10. Well meaning zambians should never align themselves to any political party but make personal independent choices in line with whom they think is credible and means well for the country. Its time we learned to be objective in our judgement because Zambia will live on beyond tomorrow anf beyond us currently alive today. Lets avoid tribalism and caderism because as a zambian we are not defined by a political party its time we acted patriotic for the sake of the future of this great nation.

  11. political parties in your campaigning review your manifestos on what you wish to work for Zambians what is it that you wish to do(actions) that will result in bringing down poverty levels any person can make declarations but at the end of the day we remain very disappointed
    I hope you can define poverty common in Zambia well and identify right and appropriate interventions for Zambians

  12. Next time you vote don’t vote on tribal lines, don’t vote for sake of UPND or PF or whatever political party there is but vote for the sake of Zambia and because this country is what is common for whoever we are or from wherever we hail from. If you love your country you will take it upon yourself a duty to ensure the country prospers. Defend this country because that is all we have and the failings of the country just shows what kind of people we are, lets stand together and stand firm and never allow this country to be brought down by few individuals we elect who become corrupt. No foreigner will come to propel this country to prosperity but we ourselves the sooner we realise this the better. Let’s not remain docile and lets participate in every opportunity that comes to move this…

  13. Ba presodent dont misleads people that you end poverty when voted into poor.If only you can fight and defeat a very dangerous animal with no legs and hands called corruption,then you can eradicate poverty.

  14. Can vote for Upnd but not with HH as its leader or presidential candidate, NEVER, I would never vote for the devil I know!

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