Zambian government appreciates the continued support it is receiving from EU-Malanji


Foreign Affairs Minister Hon Joseph Malanji says the Zambian government appreciates the support it has continued receiving from the European Union (EU).

The Foreign Affairs Minister said this at his office in Lusaka when outgoing EU Ambassador to Zambia His Excellency Alessandro Mariani paid a courtesy call on him.

Hon Malanji said Mr. Mariani was very instrumental to Zambia’s national development as seen through his participation in the political dialogue.

He said through the engagemens with the EU, Zambia has seen some programs coming into the country saying this is progressive.

He added that despite Mr. Mariani leaving the country as head of the EU, the cooperation between Zambia and the European Union will continue.

“It is our prayer that your successor will equally be equal to the task like you have been. We have seen you go to remote parts of the country where some ministers have not been,” he said.

He said the government under His Excellency President Edgar Lungu is grateful for the commitment from the outgoing EU Ambassador to Zambia through various programs in Zambia.

And Mr. Mariani stated that he is grateful to the hospitality from the people of Zambia since his stay in Zambia.

He highlighted that the political dialogue was a fantastic forum for stakeholders to genuinely address their differences.

Mr. Mariani has assured Hon Malanji that his successor will also be equal to the task when he takes over office as he leaves for Brussels.

He was confident that Zambia will continue on its national developmental path.

He further assured that the EU will always be solid and supportive to the people of Zambia.


    • I could never take pride in being a beggar. You can never tell when things are not okay with me because I simply find it difficult to be asking for money.
      Not proud of Zambia taking pride in begging from the EU 50+ years after independence.

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