UPND and PF final Rallies in Katuba



  1. Hh says pf cadres are selling land in katuba.

    Thats not true. I have been in the area. Lenje Chiefs and headmen are the ones selling this to Chinese and people from lusaka

    • If the Chiefs are selling Traditional and State Land to the Chinese why is the PF Govt not stopping this illegal act? The PF Govt has previously sold State Land to the Chinese and that is a fact.

    • PF presidential rally boring with translations, I prefer the UPND presidential rally. But why 2021 elections start so early?

    • The National Anthem is a National Anthem not a PF song. PF please respect this fact, desist from raising your PF symbol when the National Anthem is being sum.

    • UPND rally was more issue based and informative as opposed to that man who hates HH and the Southerners. ECL’s campaign speech was childish and full of hate for a fellow Zambian.

      God bless Zambia.

  2. @moya. Do you know what traditional land is.

    These are the same lenje chief that work with hh.

    Stop cheap politics

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