Monday, June 17, 2024

Salma Sky unveils “Over you” music video


For The Love Of R&B And Discussing Love In All It’s States, The Queen Of The South, Salma Sky,  Brings To You “Over You” An Artistic Expression Of Some Toxic Relationships

Video directed By Tivo Shikapwashya


  1. no, this one seems like something personal…
    she says is done and over someone…. usual stuff.
    sounds like a break up song to me, but break up from whom?

  2. Shikapwasha, this is really awful and is getting worse as a Director surely! Look at the Visual and Colour mixes; total rub.bish.
    This is the problem with teach yourself Screen Directing. The fella cant even add value – let him go to Congo and read music at Kinshasa University. What a waste because the vocals are perfect but sound mixing of awful; visuals and centuries behind and the colour mix is the worst I have ever seen!

  3. What’s this? Is it part of an album? Or another stab at relevance? Let’s get serious and plan our careers baneh, muti mvesa ulesi.

  4. Unless you dont understand anything at all… this is great music video and the song is good… these are not politics but efforts that needs our support. Great work

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