Government withdraws Sales Tax Bill

Bwalya Ngandu
Bwalya Ngandu
Bwalya Ngandu
Bwalya Ngandu

Finance Minister Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu this afternoon moved a motion in Parliament to withdraw the Sales Tax Bill (N.A.B Number 7 of 2019) from the current sitting of Parliament.

The Sales Tax Bill will be reintroduced during the Budget Session of Parliament.

Addressing the House through the Speaker, Dr Ngandu stated that the Sales Tax Bill will be reintroduced during the Budget Session commencing in September, 2019, in readiness for it’s commencement in January, 2020.

Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu stated that, “this will allow for sufficient time to address the concerns in the Sales Tax Bill that stakeholders raised during the comprehensive consultations that were undertaken on Sales Tax implementation, and for businesses to adapt.”

In view of the foregoing, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ng’andu said Sales Tax will be implemented in January 2020.


  1. Indeed the Zambian leadership under pf seems clueless and disorganised . Elisa my Swiss white wife is disappointed in you Zambian. I am tired of defending you to her. We are having a weekend at the Dorchester hotel this weekend where rooms go for 500 pound a night. Remain in your poverty

    • Lol If PF allowed Brian to stand in 2021, they probably could win. Young, fresh, technocrat, low political milage. Start grooming him and Brian keep your hands clean. This N’gandu guy is an effective executive, keep it up sir, thumbs up.

    • These old fellas should step aside and give us the youths a chance to lead the nation, tukateka lilali kanshi. Close chi ministry of religious affairs, that reverend is irrelevant with her chiefs and traditional affairs counterpart. Abolish these too ministries please, very irrelevant cost centres.

  2. good, they’ve listened to many concerns.
    they weren’t ready. taxes are a very sensitive and vitally important exercise. it’s more complex than simply collecting monies from a service/product that’s purchased/consumed
    the info that the former finance minister was pushing across didn’t address a lot of questions that directly affect all Zambians.
    I sure hope they’ll genuinely be as transparent as they can (crossing my fingers) and make careful analysis of all the concerns that will be raised in a non partisan fashion

  3. Here again is evidence of PF shambles, they were warned by technocrats but they chose to ignore them but opted to listen to bootlickers like that EZA fat President. Remember that all this has cost the taxpayers dearly …yet lazy Lungu was busy flying all over the skies.

  4. This is really total confusion at the Ministry of Finance! Meanwhile, how are they going to meet the funding gap for the higher income expected from Sales Tax if they do’nt implement the Sales Tax Act? It not your faulty Mr Ngandu but the faulty of that idyot Lungu!
    As usual, the thieving bas.tard Lungu thought simply removing Mutati was going to bring more money without sweat! But Margaret Katwekatwe made sure she enjoyed herself to the greatest extent because she knew she wasn’t going to last and above all the economy was already messed by that thieving Old arse Alexzwander Chikanda!

    • @tiredmwe:
      Do you have brains you idyot?
      It is not Mwanakatwe’s faulty that retirees were not paid! Lungu stole all the money to build 48 Houses for Tasila Lungu, his daughter instead paying retirees. That is your Dununa reverse you were dancing to and you should continue dancing to it you fo.ol!
      Stop complaining about retirees and just enjoy your sorrows for putting a criminal into the presidency.

  5. The ministry of finance should have listened to stakeholders as regards sales tax.The sales tax should only be applied to mines for their penchant to exporting raw base metals as opposed to value addition.They are the main culprits with their transfer pricing tricks.The challenge is,the mines are the ones most opposed to the implementation of sales tax for it will cement their loopholes and is the new finance minister ready for armtwisting with the mine owners? Iam afraid this could be another ZRA and FQM tax settlement full of shenanigans.

  6. Seems the new trend is to “allow” ACC to open and investigate cases “transparently” and “independently”, but then ensure acquittal of suspects by withholding vital evidence.
    In more serious cases like the “ownerless” 48 apartments, ACC should give up its investigations if the owner is known and never proceed to trial.

  7. This is not a straight forward statement. Firstly the headline is misleading. In the article the first point is that it is being withdrawn from THIS sitting of Parliament. Secondly, supposedly due to concerns raised, it will be raised in the September session to address those concerns. Then, in spite of the above, the statement says “Sales Tax will be implemented in January 2020”

    My head is going bonkers. Is there ever anything clear from this regime?

    • Hinds Peter, your weed from Broad Street, St Michael has expired. Get better weed from St Lucy or from Mia Mottley herself. Better yet, quit smoking.

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