President Lungu advises Zambians to be open and embrace criticism

President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has advised Zambians to be open and embrace criticism.

Speaking during the funeral mass of former Mukuba Secondary School Alumni Chairperson Moses Malunda in Lusaka, President Lungu said the deceased was an easily approachable person who embraced everyone.

The President said he met Mr. Malunda at Mukuba Secondary school and worked with him at Barclays Bank.

And Copperbelt lawyer and former classmate William Nyirenda said Mr. Malunda fought Kidney failure over the years.

Mr. Nyirenda who also attended National service with the deceased appealed to President Lungu to consider reintroducing national service for youths saying there is too much indiscipline among the youth.

And widow Emelda in a tribute presented by her friend Catherine Chime, thanked GOD for having given her an opportunity to journey through life with her departed husband.

And Daughter Chisha thanked President Lungu for having joined the family in mourning her father.

And Reverend Rosewell Siame advised the family to remain united and look to God for comfort during this trying moment.

Mr. Malunda 63, who died on July 29th leaves behind a wife and four daughters.

He had an illustrious banking career having worked for Barclays and Cavmont Banks.


  1. not everything lungu does (or doesn’t do) is news worthy you morons. I don’t think the majority of Zambians give a rat’s a sss what he thinks, he’s not the moral compass of Zambians. people are free to embrace whatever the f they deem fit …just is he has seen it fit to embrace corruption and cover ups

    • What a lying president! What hypocrisy! Embrace criticism! This from someone who ducks criticism by evoking a presidential anti libel law. We all know we can’t criticise Lungu because police will arrest us for presidential libel. Yesterday Kampyongo was warming Kambwili that he could be locked up for criticism of the president. People really want to pretend to be good when we all know they are evil

  2. That’s rich coming from a man who went to the extent of shutting down a whole newspaper because of its criticisms. Not satisfied with that, they were looking for a way to censor people on social media.

  3. Kenya has started exporting oil, it would be a curse to discover oil or even Gold under the current dispensation because it has shown a lack of accountability. If we have oil or even Gold or other unexplored minerals, I pray to God that they are discovered under a more accountable government, otherwise these would all just go to the Chinese.

  4. These statements are confusing sometimes, serious? But maybe we should distinguish between official statements and private ones.

  5. Really sad indeed , Malunda was our head boy at Mukuba boys Secondary school and Nyirenda was deputy Head prefect in 1975. Very nice men these two .May his soul rest in peace. About introducing compulsory national service lets get there immediately.Current School leavers are very indisplined . I don’t think they even know that we used to salute the portlate of powerful president Kenneth Kaunda and the court of arms.The youth of today they just wake up with kachasu hangover and start insulting the president and it’s leadership for their failures. I know jobs are not there and difficult to find so was in Kaunda era , unless you go for compulsory national service, College, University then you will find agood rewarding career free of charge.Let the current youths face displine. It’s now or…

  6. Or never..We used write university of Cambridge school leaving examination which used to be set for all common wealth countries. We used to study all night and pass with flying colours. Shame on current young Zambian generation who only think about drinking beers and having many boys or girl friends . Sad indeed

  7. 007 , Ihave progressed in life over the years.Ihave 6 properties in Zambia and one in Uk. All my children have gone through university and are working here in Uk. I have 2 latest SUV cars both worth £80,000. So you see if Inever studied hard at Mukuba my family would be languishing in poverty .

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