Research to use a vaccine made from genetically modified material for diarrhoea in infants given green light

33-YEAR OLD Woman of Musmali Village in Mansa has given birth to four Babies, one boy and 3 girls. Here, the father to the quadruplets Emmanuel Semba 38, Dr. Kasongo Irung (who performed the ceaserian op), Mansa General Hospital Nursing Officer, Astridah Hikaamba and four student Nurses with the babies

The National Biosafety Aiuthority has given a go ahead to the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia to conduct research using a vaccine made from genetically modified material aimed at fighting diarrhoea in infants.

And the Authority has also also granted FREDDY HIRSCH Group Limited a permit to import spices that may contain ingredients made from genetically modified organisms.

The NBA Board on Wednesday, following recommendations from its Scientific Advisory Committee, allowed Freddy Hirsh and CIDRZ to proceed with importation of spices and conducting research respectively.

Sandra Lombe the NBA Communications Officer said Freddy Hirsh will bring in different varieties of spices, of which some are used in the production of some sausages such as boerewors.

She said the company applied to bring in 29 products among them; Garlic powder, Paprika Rosen, ZAMBEEF HP, ZAMBEEF French Polony, Beef Sausage, Boerewors farm Style ‘R” , Hunters Biltong Seasoning, Oukraal Wors ’R’, Cumberland pork sausage, Russian Montana and Peri Peri rub spices.

Mrs. Lombe said others are Tapioca Starch , Soya Protein Isolate, Super Reform 150 Ham, Chilli Bite Seasoning (Hot), BBQ Beef, Instant Cure S, NF Curing Brine S, Beef Burger, QM Barbeque Marinade, Continental French , French polony, GM Aufschnitt, Pork Sausage ‘R’, Coriander ground, Pepper black ground, BBQ Sprinkle, Vienna and Supreme Braai.

She said this means that whoever buys the above mentioned products is expected to have a copy of Freddy Hirsch’s permit.

Mrs. Lombe said henceforth, all those making products using the said spices for sale will be required to clearly label their products that they ‘May contain ingredients of GMO products saying failure to do so will lead to seizure and burning of their products in accordance with the provisions of the law.

She said it is important that the products are labelled so that people make informed decisions when purchasing such food products.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lombe explained that CIDRZ will conduct research on infants aged between 6 and 8 weeks and will cover 1,500 children in Zambia.

She said about 8,200 infants in three African countries including Zambia will participate in the vaccine trial.

Mrs. Lombe said the trial is aimed at reducing mortality rate in infants through diarrhoea diseases.


  1. This is B.S ..Diarrhoea is caused by poor water and sanitation.Why don’t we look at research to improve water and sanitation? John Snow in the UK 1854 (father of epidemiology) was able to trace the cholera outbreak to a water source. Improving health and sanitation is what helped Britain overcome infectious disease. Don’t listen to colonialists throwing money at Africa in the wrong ventures aimed to keep us wallowing in filth and dependant on them for AID.Wake up African scientists and defend your continent

  2. If you allow your children to be used as Guinea pigs, MUZAFA!!
    Why don’t they use some poor Eastern European countries where there’s a lot of Shick P0lomya in rural areas due to them lagging behind in development?

  3. Why is this country so quick to vaccinate our children with substances they have no proof of the performance kanshi. They have not heard the views of the people regarding the same. Fast fast ati vaccinate the children. Wait until something goes wrong navima vaccines then you will be sued.

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