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The Constitutional amendment move by PF in Parliament is illegal and unconstitutional-HH


HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
HH addressing a media briefing at his residence

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has called for an immediate stop to the alleged Patriotic Front party maneuvers in parliament in which they are intending to pass the constitutional amendment bill without following the parliamentary procedure.

The PF instead of opening the debate in parliament on the constitutional amendment bill they have instead laid on the table the actual bill for implementation which does not require a two third majority.

Mr. Hichilema has described the move as illegal and unconstitutional adding that it must be stopped forthwith.

He said what the PF leaders are trying to do in parliament is illegal but typical of the PF dictatorship.

Mr. Hichilema said the current happenings in parliament over the constitution must be stopped immediately as they don’t mean well for the country.

He added that this is the time for the citizens to stand up in unity of purpose and stop the alleged corrupt Patriotic Front party leaders from continuing to run down the country and turn it into a one party state.


    • What happed by Lusaka times? What reporting is this? We were not there in parliament, we don’t know what happened. So give info on what transpired. Armature reporting

    • HH get focused, issue of the week is the 48 flats or the suspected money laundering, under ministry of housing and Infrastructure.
      The constitution thing is kind of daily news.

    • Please Lusaka Times stop employing Grade 7 drop-outs as your journalists, reporters or whatever you call them. This article such an embarrassing piece of work not only to LT, but everyone in the world that has always held Zambians in high esteem and trusted our Education system. Nonsense!

  1. I am with my swiss white wife elisa in the north of england checking up on one of our properties we rent out here. We needed to do this due to the floods that have affected the north. we are happy to let you all know that our property is safe. my wife elisa wishes you all a happy weekend. we love coming up north to have a relaxed country side feel.

    • ECL and PF are desperate to have the Constitutional Amendment Bill 10 passed by Parliament. They are not sure they can get a 2/3 Majority of MPs to pass this Bill in Parliament. They use tactics and Bribe MPs to vote for the Bill. A 2/3 Majority thru Secret Ballot is required. If the voting is done thru Secret Ballot then ECL and PF fear that the Bill will be rejected. Hence they are using these tactics to circumvent the Constitutional Amendment Processes. All MPs must be alert to vote against this Notorious Bill.

  2. Please mobilize the citizens to stop this. For once team up with civic organizations and church for this one purpose- stop illegal constitutional change. Hold a meeting out side your residence and you don’t have to be the main person.

    • Mobilise!!! how???
      The party had a chance to make their contributions at the NDF. You are not different from a child who refuses to eat his food because of anger, but later in the night wakes up to look for left overs.
      Continue being a spectator that you have been in this process.
      Meanwhile, why should it always be you speaking? Is this how you’ll run govt…one man show….from his residence??????

  3. What does upendi constitution say

    Does it say you will be the only one standing and losing

    If you cant cant respect your own party constitution then STOP lecturer ing to us on republican constitution.

    Its like after losing lubwa election youve gone berserk

  4. Kkkk bitter Hakiende h with his inheritance reduced to an under 5 gathering with his cronies no veep or spokesman. Calculator boy you used tactics we used against Welensky to achieve what kkkk you should have allowed your timid followers called MPs to take NDC Head on but no you said boycott now you trying to do what your boys would have done better. Stick to your calculator and giving infestment advise on how to profit from selling off national assets Panama reported off shorer

  5. Kkkkkk this is a last creature to lecture us about constitutionalism.He became UPND Chairman in 2006 and to date,his regional party has never conducted any convention or he has never allowed anyone to challenge him,so please HH shut it up!!!
    Nobody will rise up against a hard working PF Govnt so stop inciting Zambians.Your desperation for state house will land you in Mukobeko for treason.So just wait for God’s time bo Kainde!!
    Votes from PF strongholds still show that voters in 6.5 provinces have nothing to do with HH’s UPND.Even those who will stand as councillors,MP candidates will simply be wasting their money and time because UPND simply cant win them seats in PF strongholds in 2021-mark my words!!Kambwili’s NDC would even do better in provinces such as Luapula,Northern and…

  6. Dictator HH who has never allowed intraparty elections in his party is calling a democratic party, dictator….kkkkkkkk. Bo HH please clean your house first before you start telling others to clean theirs…!!!! You are a wrong person to talk about dictatorship and corruption because you are a mirror of the two.

  7. Carders of course jumping to attack the richest man in the land, 48 houses with no owner citizens are dwee, no wonder these fools are stealing right through your nose building themselves mansions while you crowded in kombonis with a biting economy and more expenses to be added with this bad bill not intended to benefit any of you but the thieves in government

  8. Carders of course jumping to attack the richest man in the land, 48 houses with no owner citizens are dwee, no wonder these f@@ls are stealing right through your nose building themselves mansions while you crowded in kombonis with a biting economy and more expenses to be added with this bad bill not intended to benefit any of you but the thieves in government

    • Can Double H the looser explain the source of his wealth, what about the million of dollar hidden in offshore accounts. Would rather stick with lung than this conman

  9. There is no Smoke without Fire. HH has been informed by reliable sources that PF intends to railroad this Bill in Parliament. PF don’t have a 2/3 majority in Parliament so they are scheming how to illegally and unconstitutionally get Parliament to Rubber Stamp this Bill. PF are desperate to stay in Power in 2021. This Amendment will assist PF rig the 2021 Election and retain Power. PF know that their Presidential Candidate cannot win this upcoming Election without massive rigging. So PF is trying to rig the Parliamentary Procedures to pass this Bill in Parliament without fail. They are scared of the Secret Ballot and the 2/3 requirement. PF is capable of imposing this Amendment Bill if they are not stopped in their traps. The writing is on the Wall.

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