Garry Nkombo should resign for presenting a forged and false letter to parliament-Tutwa

Mazabuka Central Garry Nkombo.
Mazabuka Central Garry Nkombo.
UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo
UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament TUTWA NGULUBE has urged Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo to resign for presenting a forged and false letter to parliament .

Yesterday Speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini ruled that Mr . Nkombo had presented a forged and false letter purporting that ZESCO had given three million Kwacha to the PF.

Commenting on the ruling Mr. Ngulube said the Mazabuka law maker has no moral right to remain in parliament after presenting forged documents to the speaker .

He also observed that what Mr. Nkombo did is part of several schemes by bitter individual who have constantly lost elections to destroy the image of the President and the party .

He wondered why an honorable member would sink so low as to accuse innocent ZESCO employees of wrong doing .

He said Zambian should treat the corruption allegation against government with a pitch of salt following the speakers ruling .

He noted that the world would have believed that the PF got money from ZESCO had it not been for the speakers ruling .

Yesterday, Mr Nkombo escaped jail for breaching Parliamentary privileges after he tabled a falsified document which he claimed was an internal memo at Zesco over the payment of K3 million to PF secretary general Davies Mwila.

In March this year, Nkombo produced and laid before the floor of Parliament, a forged letter allegedly confirming a payment of K3 million in favour of Mr. Mwila.

The PF then wrote to Zesco seeking confirmation on the authenticity of the letter and in its response, Zesco said the letter was forged, deceitful, and malicious.

This prompted party deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube to raise a point of order, seeking a ruling from the Speaker of the National Assembly if Mr. Nkombo was in order to lay on the floor of the house a bogus and malicious letter.

Mr. Ngulube also requested the Speaker to refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in accordance with Standing order no. 53 and Section 18, 21 and 27 of the National Assembly Powers and Privileges Act.

And in his ruling yesterday, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini, who had referred the matter to the Committee on Privileges, Absences and Support services for determination, said Mr. Nkombo was in breach of parliamentary privileges.

Dr Matibini says it was a criminal offence under section 18 of the National Assembly Powers and Privileges Act to present to the assembly or any committee of Parliament any false, untrue and falsified document.

Dr. Matibini warned Members of Parliament against presenting false documents to the house and that Mr. Nkombo was not in order to present a false document to Parliament as doing so was criminal and the offender could be prosecuted by the DPP.

He however exercised lenience on Mr. Nkombo as he was a first offender which he said was also the position of the parliamentary committee on Privileges which adjudicated over the matter.


  1. PF should be the last ones to talk about false documents……

    theirs is a world where no documents are found , even houses just appear to build themselves

    • Caught pants down.
      Spaka goes yapping.

      This should not go without serious repercussion for doing so would be setting wrong precedence. This is of huge consequence.

      Zesco ought to sue this nigga to prevent future recurrence of such wrongdoing by a law maker. He is setting a bad example to kids like Mweetwa. No wonder he is fond of walk-outs at parley.

    • No PF thief has resigned on moral ground even with strong evidence against them and an ***** can have the guts to call on someone who busted the corruption which they have swept under the carpet using corrupt elements at their disposal to resign. Does this fool know how much their corruption and theft is hurting the poor? Stupid *****s.

  2. Con artists: party of cheats and Masquerades

    When we say this regional grouping is full of malice and drama, goons don’t wanna listen to us.
    Parley walkout leader is a con. Leader of the opposition party in Parliament is a forgery himself. One wonders how these terrorists came to be. A leader should be held in high esteem but behold a leader caught pants down with document forgery. Someone needs to scrutinize every document including this dudes qualification documents.

    Zambians, you can’t trust these fake goons. They are cheats, Zesco pole cutters, hackers, fakes and bitter lots. A gang of misleaders and misrepresentatives.
    I am ashamed!

    • You are absolutely right to be ashamed for ignoring thousands of criminal acts perpetuated by your idols against People of Zambia and yet acting as the last holly man on Earth.

  3. Yaba, our so called Honourables also, can’t say much more for fear of “breaching” parliamentary privileges and being locked up by the Speaker. Fortunately the Speaker is a kind and forgiving man and is lenient with first offenders. But I will not be fully enough to test his patience or kindness.

  4. Thorn in flesh, is that a complete list? Surely there is more to these holier than thou “honourables”.
    Ask Sunday Chanda to help you complete the list.

  5. The letter is true. It’s just Zesco management were told to deny the same and destroy their copy in order to save their jobs.

    • I agree Razor. One can NEVER trust the dishonest lying P.F, who told us Eswat1ni mansion was “a gift” from King Mswati, & the Kingdom of Eswat1ni, only for this to be vehemently denied by Eswat1ni Government officials.
      They will even deny ownership of that Daughters 48 houses, & as we speak they are busy destroying evidence, & cooking the books, like they did Kitolela’s Corruption case ba Ch1mbwi aba!

  6. Why is it that Even ZESCO letters have started forging themselves like the 48 houses especially after being exposed? Are we missing another “Don’t Kubeba” coverup?
    Kaya …

    • Forging themselves yakuti? Gary Nkombo forged the letter. Otherwise he should tell us where he got it from.

  7. There’s a possibility that ZESCO denied the letter under duress and they were maybe threatened with dismissals if they dare to confirm. So we’re not surprised, and this cannot make us forget about numerous crimes PF has been committing against the people of Zambia through theft, arrogance and corruption. Tutwa, your friends are the real criminals don’t divert the attention about who owns the 48 flats here.

    • @ Eastern Condurs
      My thoughts as well!
      This is a leaked ZESCO letter PF is trying to deny!
      It is common knowledge that ZESCO is full of PF cadres and that ZESCO has been a cash cow for ruling parties long before PF tasted power!
      It is also sad when you see the speaker taking partisan stand on matters of public interest! Is it not the duty of parliament to determine the authenticity of such documents? Just asking ZESCO about the authenticity of the letter is not enough! A proper investigative wing should have been assigned to investigate! The speaker needs to be reminded to stay above partisan influence! Just yesterday, Standard Chartered Bank said the letter purported to have been written by the bank over the 48 houses was a forgery! Is this not the desperate work of notorious PF…

    • Is this not the desperate work of notorious PF spin doctors we know like Sunday Chanda to distance Tasila from the 48 mushrooms? Garry was in order to seek the clarification of the house over the letter but the ruling of the speaker is very disappointingly partisan!

  8. Colleagues, help me understand this parliament. Is it within the Speaker’s authority to rule that the case cannot be referred to the Director of Prosecutions because the “Honourable” MP is a first offender. Isn’t that supposed to be the purview of the courts?

  9. @Eastern Condurs
    “There’s a possibility that ZESCO denied the letter under duress and they were maybe threatened with dismissals if they dare to confirm.”
    Really guys?!!!
    And UPND would just sit and watch…???

  10. Can some one please lend jay jay a big dildo. The boy is sexually frustrated. He writes essays on articles all day as if anyone care to read his drivel

  11. Bitter Hakiende h and his impis in the inherited under 5 gathering are slowly revealing their true worth. After giving fake “infestment” guidelines to government for its national silver to be sold for a song, his cronie a trained secondary school teacher tried to mislead the nation with a fake zesco letter. This blind follower could never defeat the highly regarded former area member Griffiths because of his poor character. Be warned if they can lie when in opposition wonder what they will do if they rule. Aba ni no size

  12. Gary said he would resign if ECL won the 2015 elections. Why hasn’t he resigned? Because he has zero morals. Why get surprised if he about a letter?

  13. Mr Nkombo should resign on moral grounds and he should be sued by zesco for tarnishing the image of the company (defamation) and also PF should take adequate steps to prosecute this man so that he becomes the example to others.This is what UPND is doing in order to discredit the PF.

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