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Why Patriotic Front Continues To Be Zambia’s Number One Party 0f Choice


PF Media Director Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Zambians across social spectra and strata in different parts of the country and beyond our borders continue to join the Patriotic Front en masse.

The natural question to ask then is; “why does the Patriotic Front (PF) continue to be the number one (01) choice to the majority of Zambians across ethnicity and across other demographics– home and abroad?”

The following paragraphs will give a few reasons to answer the above question.


The Patriotic Front (PF) is a grassroots movement of revolutionary peasants, workers and intellectuals. We are a movement of the “people” to attain inclusive and sustainable development for all people – without leaving anyone behind.

Unlike certain political parties which exalt cult of personality by designing their relevance and motivations around one man (personality), PF from its genesis under its patriarch the late Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata (MHRIP), has been people-centered. This ethos is at the core of the PF Constitution which states:

“The main task of the Party and the working people of the Republic of Zambia is to accomplish a transition from self-centeredness”.

In contrast to PF, most opposition parties cannot distinguish themselves from their leader.

They have succumbed to the cult of personality, and the party has become a personal pet project of their leader. They thus exist for and are wrapped around the elitist finger of a particular self-serving “I-know-it-all” individual, who has no stomach for advice and constructive criticism.

Their personal interest inevitably over rides national.

In contrast, the PF is led by people-centeredness; putting the good of society and the nation first; and humility, where the citizen is the boss.


The Patriotic Front has structures on the ground across Zambia. Our Central Committee, the guiding organ of the Party, comprises members from every region of our nation – making it the most representative party structurally as well as in terms of its ordinary members.
Evidently, the leadership of PF is not exclusive to a particular tribe or region, neither is its membership.

As *His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu* emphasized at the opening of the PF Copperbelt Provincial Conference recently:

_“Even when the darkest cloud hovered over Patriotic Front after the death of our colossus, President Michael Chilufya Sata, it was intra-party democracy which birthed his successor in the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu._ *_In other Political Parties, just my name which comes from a different part of Zambia as that of our founding leader could have prevented me from standing here today as your President.*_
It was not tribal or material consideration that got us to be here today, it was the values we have held on to as a Party since inception: Oneness beyond tribe, religion, gender or colour…

*_”If Edgar Chagwa Lungu, with an Eastern heritage could contest in intraparty elections and succeed Michael Chilufya Sata, a northerner; then every Zambian from every tribe can be assured that Patriotic Front has a place for them to aspire and contest too.”_*

There is no political party which comes close to matching the PF. Unlike other political parties the PF is national; it is not ethnic and myopic like the others,


While some opposition political parties have institutionalised dictatorship by allowing one individual to manipulate his party’s constitution to enable him to rule unopposed indefinitely; PF’s thriving intra-party democracy means that we continue to renew our mandate with the people – the general membership on whose behalf we lead. In PF, the clarion call for continuous renewal and re-energizing of party structures across the country is non-negotiable.

That is why PF continues to be a vibrant national movement of the people themselves. Even those who join the PF are both wholeheartedly embraced and at liberty to enjoy the benefits of membership which include aspiring and contesting by any member, within the provision of the PF party constitution.


The Patriotic Front (PF) understands that developing or empowering only one part of the population (men) while neglecting the other part (women) is not development, but inequality. True to this belief, the PF continues to spearhead women’s empowerment, and shall not relent in its mission of achieving gender equity and gender equality in line with national, continental and universal strategic goals.

The PF values women and the girl child so much so that the Party has pioneered the mainstreaming of gender equality through Policy and Legislation.

Under PF, Zambian women are increasingly participating and flourishing in decision-making positions including on important national matters.
Our record speaks for itself; it is unparalleled.


Unlike a certain opposition political party that only has a few shadowy and elitist “mayadi” youths whose presence is mainly on Facebook for the purpose of insulting, disparaging every good deed by PF and fabricating/spreading fake news; the majority of Patriotic Front members are youths drawn from across Zambia’s socio-economic landscape.

As stated in its Manifesto the Patriotic Front is pro-youth. We believe that Youth Entrepreneurship is the present and future of Zambia’s inclusive and sustainable development.

The PF believes in youths and matches this with actions by formulating and implementing Youth Empowerment Programmes for Zambia’s industrialization through manufacturing including agro-processing and others.

Unlike other political parties with “muyayaya” mentality, the Patriotic Front has a well-articulated leadership progression programme which allows the Youth to progressively take up more key leadership positions.


The masterpiece and the icing on the cake is the character and quality of our leadership.

Since His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu took over leadership of the Patriotic Front, from our founding father the late President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHRIP), he has continued to emulate our Patriarch and has thus demonstrated a leadership style that has been about more than just a title or a designation.

President Lungu has rolled up his sleeves and has socialised with us, as one of us – which he is. He works with us, he laughs with us, he cries with us and hopes with us. Therein lies one of his key strengths; strong yet personable, humble, accommodating, a statesman, a visionary with qualities needed for a super leader.

He has continued to oversee the Patriotic Front’s unprecedented infrastructural development in terms of roads, primary schools, universities, hospitals, airports, dams and so on.

This infrastructural development has been so unprecedented since the 1960s and 1970s, that United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), African Union (AU), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Development Bank (ADB) have jointly recognised President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a Champion of the Third Industrial Decade for Africa (IDDA3).

Shockingly, certain opposition parties and some negative forces with their fits of envy have banded together to disparage this infrastructure development by labeling it as “corruption and underdevelopment”.

However, the majority of Zambians ask themselves this question:

_“If the widespread infrastructural development, which the opposition are also enjoying, is called corruption and underdevelopment; then what development could this same opposition party hope to bring Zambia?”_
_Would they stop and uproot all infrastructure development?_


The majority people at the grassroots all across former opposition strongholds have seen through the deceit of the opposition and they are flocking en mass to PF.

The momentum is unstoppable…


The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat  Lusaka


  1. “It’s a masterpiece! As a matter of FACT, I don’t know where to put my X in 2021, BUT where NOT TO, I know with the clarity of a UHD TV… and it’s a nightmare” sorry if I got you kind of confused!

    • This is grade five level dumb. Objective data guys. Numbers, without manipulation, seldom lie. Chanda, let’s play a numbers game. Number of days Universities closed under PF. Level of unemployment under PF. Level of indebtedness under PF, in numbers. Cost of acquisition for a fire truck under PF, this relative to (any one nation in the world), in numbers. Over and under on author benefiting from said PF. You know, like what makes you the unbiased authority on this subject.

    • I will just comment on your first point Mr Chanda. It is clear in that point that your description of PF is marxist (communitarian). In that ideology, the proletariat works to reduce alienation between citizen(bourgoise) and state. But in all honesty, how many Zambians are feeling alienated under your regime? Are you as popular as you claim judging by how economically unsafe citizens are feeling under your regime? Indeed if someone here will challenge me by saying they are happy and prosperous under your regime, I will be surprised. PF for the people my foot! Of course PF is a member of the international socialist society whatever you call it, but trust me you are not practicing what you are preaching. Zambians are far from self actualized under PF, far! Wabepa boi. We are woke.

    • Sunday, stop ukunyya amasushi, you are to blame for all PF losses.
      You lost 3 MP by-elections out of 4 this year.
      Point #6 is the worst. If my employ writes about me like that, I would fire him instantly. That is total insult and mockery.

    • Largely true.

      Only one narrative subtracts a one like take away one or simply put (X – 1). X is like most of the goodies you have said exalting your party which by and large stand true.

      The (-1) is the declaration of a candidate as a SOLE CANDIDATE for a particular poll. Sole Candidature discussions and narrations that center on protecting the incumbents is retrogressive to progressive intraparty democracies. Why don’t you declare Sole Candidature rhetoric at the intraparty polls at Conferences. There alone.
      The (-1) is however “interpartite”. Every party suffers from it. Had it not been for the Constitutional presidential tenure provision, the ECLs of this world would behave like wacky double h. The bitter wamuyayaya failure. Ricocheting at 2006, 2008,…

    • …, 2011, 2015, 2016 and definitely 2021. For this reason and others, Yes the PF remains favored among unfortunate regional groupings.
      Please continue beating and hammering the hell out’a bitter and trivial double h. You gotta retire this political downs syndrome failure with his magot-head crown agent sympathizers like double gay.
      You gotta make sure that the UPNDEAD under bonehead double h never taste State House.
      You gotta beat the s.u.c.k.e.r on policy narrative and development acceleration.

    • Sunday Chanda, it must NOT be about attacking HH all the time or UPND. You are the spokesperson for PF, a party that formed the government. So PF and the Government are one.

      Don’t focus on one single subject, Week-In, and Week-Out! There are so many things you can bring to this platform online. You just seem to be missing the opportunity all the time.

      Tell Zambia the programs that PF as a government has implemented, which are taking the nation forward. On the same venue, tell Zambia, things that have not worked.

      Zambians are very smart people who are good at changing their minds. UPND can at anytime have a new leader if HH said I am out. And if a new person came in, that person can change the blueprint of UPND and its internal politics, therefore the dynamics of…

    • cont…

      …. dynamics of politics can change. They say 7 days in politics is a long time.

      The all-powerful UNIP was removed. MMD was removed and PF at one point in the future will go. So don’t take peoples loyalty for granted.

      You guys should focus on changing Zambia and not HH. Then again at times, one cannot know the difference between your role and Dora Silya’s jobs. As both of you two speak for PF.

    • Sunday Fimo Fimo . Read and listen to the wisdom coming INDEPENDENT OBSERVER. There is a lot of sense in what he is saying. PF has become too big headed

    • Thorn in the chakuti, are you sure you are telling a party with the likes of Jean Kapata, Kampyongo, Kaiser nabashala to beat HH on policy narrative and development acceleration?? Looool!!! FUNNY! Or maybe there is an alternate universe you are referring to where PF actually have the brains to understand things like policy narrative coz if I had to ask you right now what PF’s policy narrative is for the growth of the economy and improvement in economic indicators is, you will have no answer. Swallow the bitter pill and confess that the party you support is full of bumbling dunderheads who dont know whether they are coming or going with a ka president who lives on his own planet. Have you seen the IMF forecast for our economy? The same IMF you are chasing around for a bailout loan? Awe…

    • Awe you guys are clowns, elo not even funny clowns, just pathetic ones. Now you are withdrawing the sales Tax bill and asking for a supplementary budget of over K10 billion for debt repayments. How does one justify that their party is still the party of choice with such blatant incompetence? Bushe mwaliba normal ba Thorn nabanenu ayini? Can you please point to how the country is improving under PF? If you can’t what do you support then? That is what baffles me I swear.

    • When I think of Sunday Chanda, I am reminded of the case of Eichmann who executed Nazi logistic directives studiously not knowing that he was sending the jews to auschwitz (concentration camps). Like Sunday he was just trying to obey his masters and get ahead. But we all know how many millions of lives his execution costs.

    • Clearly this bum Sunday Fooking Chanda has no love at all for development of this country…just see how he is swift to post useless issues…when has he ever posted anything condemning corruption about social transfer or the trending topics on social media like the 48 Houses….just like his boss when the topic is brought up when they are backed into a corner they become defensive and start showing concern to “citizens” being wrongly accused of malpractice

    • Pf has been caught with their pants down over the 48 mansions and hence this silly editorial to try and distract the citizens. First the fire tenders and now this—pf must go PERIOD.

  2. We all know all this is fiction.
    We know the President for who he is
    He is not a Christian
    He is not humble
    He is not a patriarch
    His leadership qualities are questionable
    The author is a kandile trying too hard to please the master.
    The PF has spiraled out of control with scandal after scandal.
    We are in trouble

  3. With ACC fighting corruption vigorously and winning acquittals and successfully discovering owners of mysterious properties, nothing can topple PF, Sunday Chanda knows that it is PF forever.
    And there is no personality cult, good point Sunday.

  4. This is grade five level dumb. Objective data guys. Numbers, without manipulation, seldom lie. Chanda, let’s play a numbers game. Number of days Universities closed under PF. Level of unemployment under PF. Level of indebtedness under PF, in numbers. Cost of acquisition for a fire truck under PF, this relative to (any one nation in the world), in numbers. Over and under on author benefiting from said PF. You know, like what makes you the unbiased authority on this subject.

  5. We have witnessed the most tribal discourse in history both in speech and practice.summary dismissals based on tribe and extrajudicial killings including that mapenzi,vespers etc.I think either you have just landed in zed or you live in another planet right.Houses are building themseves !!!!

  6. This is why I left zambians with my Swiss white wife and only rent out properties there and other investments. I can’t live in a country run by rifrafs. Elisa my Swiss wife thinks zambia is headed for doom and did not want our mixed race kids growing up in such environment

  7. Most popular party —- please give us some of what you are taking Mr Chanda. Zambia has never been this low since we became a democratic country. The IMF has just slashed our growth forecast. People are jobless, hungry and desperate. Just because your pockets are full does not mean the ordinary citizen’s is !

  8. The party and the poor people are in good hands, the good economy is in poor hands, or has been.
    Where is more money in your pockets which the colossus promised us? Chanelled to individual pockets whom ACC is moribund to prosecute .

  9. This Sunday Chanda, today he decides to write his propaganda or fake news on Saturday, what has happened to the usual Sundays? Sunday is too holy perhaps, fearing the eternal fire?

  10. In the 2011, 2015 and 2016 elections, majority of votes for HH were from Southern Province. Nearly half the population of his current MPs are from Southern Province. This tribal strategy has failed to win HH the Presidency. HH needs to seriously reflect on his 2021 campaign strategy and distance himself from tribal politics.Never mind diversification of the Zambian economy; HH must diversify his support base. For example the Eastern Province voters are now aware that to counter Southern voting patterns, they too must vote overwhelmingly for their “son” ECL in 2021. This will complicate HH’s chances of winning.

  11. When you have a party in power that has to continuously assure itself that it is still popular, then the very opposite is true.

    • Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe!
      What shall we say for the sake of impression?
      That wacky deads are popular.
      At least the Patriots formed Cabinet. I mean PF has the mandate.

  12. Sunday Chanda is spot on …sometimes I wish all you UPND cadres could respond by writing why you think your Party is the best. Why can’t you respond to Sunday Chanda by telling us Zambians looking for a political home why yours is better than his?

    This is what makes some of us to vote for PF…they’re not the best but definitely the better devil than any other.

  13. Silumesi you’re correct…Sembe ba UPND can catalogue why they think they’re better than PF, we can consider but as it is UPND, NDC and sundry, kuwayawayafye.

  14. Instead of Kambwili telling us about AMASUSHI, he must be telling us what we must admire about his NDC.

    This is an information age. So let benangu reply to Sunday Chanda in a way that some of us youths can appreciate.

    Insulting ECL or talking about ba Kambwili’s MUSUSHI wont make us join these Parties. For a young graduate like my self, I’d rather join PF after reading this article to prove for myself

    • Sonta iwe mambala.

      2011, 2015 2016, 2021 in wins;
      the flip side –
      2001, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2021 in failures.

      Been in opposition for a long long time, from the late 90s.

      For the sake of impressions, can we say the deads are a success project?

      I regret giving this tribal grouping my vote in 2001. Never again!

      Bless FTJ for skewing that vote. After all y’all niggaz loved steak, cabbage LPM. That shortie FTJ, who told him to do the politically right thing?

  15. No need to insult Sunday Chanda,ba upnd dont you have a media director who can respond to this article? Insults will not help this country but mature debate where ideas can be exchanged.Those that feel Mr.Chanda is not on point why cant you post an article so that pipo can dabate ,unlike insults.

  16. You will be kicked out in 2021 and all thieves will be behind bars. Mark my words, all who stole, PF cadres to PSs engaged in theft are going in for life.

  17. Poor attempt at propaganda! If citizens are flocking to join PF, then why bribe them for votes during elections? Why ask, I mean pay, opposition councillors to quit their parties?

  18. I really don’t understand why this guys write ups are always about HH.I really think he has personal hatred against HH .Zambia has 11 or more other opposition political parties boss ..

    • I think Red lips Chanda is G@y & fancies H.H.
      Olo ni obsession, iyi yeve yachilamo!

  19. ITS NOT A LIE, P.F, IS THE No1 PARTY IN ZAMBIA, FOR SURE, But only for Corrupt, violent & Nepotistic Kawalala’s!!!

  20. I agree with Sunday Chanda. Unlike what UPND zealots are posting, he has put a strong case for his Party. This is the type of information PF must take out there not insults. It’s like the simplest definition of Opposition politics in Zambia is insults.

    UPND cadres here, learn to debate and not insult. Make a point and we’ll weigh it against Chanda’s article.

  21. Keep it up Sunday Chanda ! Let UPND also tell us why they think they’re special and worth the vote of Zambians.

    See Kambwili who is a grandfather preaching about AMASUSHI or FARTING in this day and age and he expects us to support his MASUSHI mentality?

    Zambia’s opposition needs to mature. Its embarrassing to say the least.

  22. What is UPND? What does it stand for? How different is UPND from Hichilema? Beyond the rhetoric, what can UPND do that PF hasn’t done? Where is the UPND Constitution?

  23. Imweee…UPND media team is docile because they specialize in fake news. UPND media is watchdog and Koswe. Who believes their hatred?

  24. Mafikizolo uli chisushi chakwa Kambwili…why cant you UPND chaps just provide answers kanshi?

    Tell us about your Party. Sunday Chanda has told us about PF.

  25. UPND, the problem is that you’re very bitter and you cannot hide it.

    People here are saying tell us what you stand for?

  26. I am surprised that a good number of people here actually believe that Sunday Chanda believes in what he is stating himself. He doesn’t. He is aware of the facts, but his job is just that, to use all forms of propaganda and divert people from the real struggles out there. To a number of right thinking members of society, this hogwash mumble jumble of the yesteryears does not cut any ice at all. Only fellow PF dunderheads and the gullible will imagine it as ‘truth’. Please spare us this nonsensical dribble.


  28. its a pity that a liar, a theif ,corrupt law breakers on behalf of the failing party is paid for dramatizing lies. ask the people themselves who rejected you in 2016. we know very well that if peoples votes were protected all of you would be serving. dont mock god time will soon come when you will be running away from your evils

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