Legislation for film industry in the works

Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya says her ministry is formulating legislation that will guide and harmonize policies in the film industry.

Ms Siliya says in the next few weeks, the ministry will be calling for meetings with stakeholders to make suggestions on what areas require government legislation in the film industry.

She was speaking in a speech read for her by Ministry of Information Acting Director Press and Media Development Modern Mayembe during the film and Television Market fair at the 93rd Agriculture and Commercial show.

Ms Siliya explained that Government is prioritising the film industry because it has potential to contribute to the country’s economy through job creation.

And Ms Siliya stated that Government has also invested in Digital migration which is also benefiting filmmakers.

And Multi Choice Zambia Telecast Academic Director Berry Lwando said it is critical for local film makers to improve content so that they can compete on the international market.

Meanwhile, a visiting film producer from the United States of America Christian Epps said Africa has potential to grow the industry.



  1. They want to tax you for even watching films. Useless incompetent government. Even muzungu mukazi wanga waku Switzerland is disappointed in how government is running Zambia. She is one who forced us to move back to Europe for a few months as she had enough

  2. Why do ministers think some people are employed to do speeches for them? If you don’t have time to be there why not leave the stage to Director Press and Media Development to get the limelight and deliver his own speech?

    • Fyi. It’s a govt procedure. You invite the head of the ministry, and she or he deligates if not available.

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