Zambian Born British National regrets leaving Africa


Zambian YouTuber Lily Mutamz shares an exclusive interesting 2 part series of a Zambian Born British National Nola Vout. In the First part series Nola talks about her life in Chingola. Lily Mutamz met Nola at a corner shop in her town Stockton-on-Tees and Nola immediately guessed that Lily was Zambian via her accent. The two both born in Chingola have since been in touch and Nola has shared quite a lot of interesting History with Lily Mutamz audience on YouTube. Check out this interesting video and leave a comment if you recognize some of the history shared by Nola.


  1. We salute you for being women of substance not these economic refugees who always talk ill about this great nation Zambia

  2. Lazy journalism. You could at least give us a summary of their conversation instead of just posting a link to the video. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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