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Ministry of Mines Welcomes President Lungu’s directive to revoke dormant Mining licenses

Economy Ministry of Mines Welcomes President Lungu's directive to revoke dormant Mining...

Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa
Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development has welcomed the directive by President Edgar Lungu to revoke dormant Mining and exploration licenses.

Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Honorable Richard Musukwa says the concerns by the President are timely and the Ministry has already sent default notices to various Mining entities.

Mr. Musukwa says the Ministry will now proceed to terminate licenses for those who have not ameliorated them. He adds that Mining licenses which have been dormant will be revoked to pave way for new owners.

On Saturday 3rd August 2019, while on a working visit in North Western Province, President Lungu instructed the Ministry of Mines to ensure that all dormant Mining and exploration licenses are revoked.

Meanwhile, Mr. Musukwa says Government wants the people of Mwinlinga district to benefit from available natural resources in that area and the recent gold discoveries.

He says in order for this to be done, local people in Mwinilunga should form cooperatives which will enable them to mine legally under an approved mine plan anchored on safety.

Mr. Musukwa says the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development wants to work with the local community. He has advised the locals to engage the Ministry on various issues affecting them unlike taking the law into their own hands.

The Minister has since urged the Zambia Police Service to continue maintaining law and order in the district and ensure mineral resources are protected.

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  2. Kikiki. So he cannot say that himself as a minister of mines. It has to take the president to say something then he just parrots it. This is serious – what kind of a minister is this who cannot think on his own.

    • What does the law say? Or are you going to make up your own rules then be dragged to court in SA?
      Icalo uluse

    • Imagine the ministry is welcoming what the boss said as if they would say otherwise…you wonder what the minister does in Parliament…myopia of the highest order.

  3. I would have loved if our ministries were proactive enough. We should not be waiting for the President to give directive otherwise why then do we have minister and PS and all the people under them!

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  9. You should help the locals with mine licenses to partner with foreign investors who brings in cash at revamp the mine so that production happens. There are hundreds of emerald mines in Lumfwanyama but only a few operates same applies with copper and Gold mines.
    The late Chama chakomboka used to say that north western province is rich in mineral resources which could change the wealth of Zambia and he knew where these minerals and oil were and people that time used to take him for a fool, now north western province is the new Copperbelt. Video recordings of Chakomboka are there at ZNBC.
    Government should take a keen interest in north western province and do some serious mineral exploration. GOLD, URANIUM,CRUDE OIL, DIAMONDS, SILVER, EMERALDS,MUKULA AND COBALT are there in northwestern

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