Zambia, China are all weather friends – Ambassador Mwamba

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba and Chinese Ambassador to the African Union Mr. Liu Yuxi pose for a picture

Zambia will always express gratitude for the cooperation and support it receives from the People’s Republic of China.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, who is also Permanent Representative to the African Union(AU), His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba said China provided help for the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Line(TAZARA) to enable Zambia access the seaport for imports and exports.

He said at the time, Zambia’s access to a seaport through Lobito Bay in Angola, Beira in Mozambique and Durban were shut because of sanctions against the Ian Smith government in Southern Rhodesia and the colonial governments in Angola and Mozambique.

He said the magnitude of the Tazara project was that it was the largest construction project in the world at the time, and China helped build it at the time(1970-1975) that government didn’t not have adequate resources as is now.

He said China has always been keen to support infrastructure development in Africa to help the continent achieve its development goals.

And Chinese Ambassador to the African Union, His Excellency Mr. Liu Yuxi said China the Tazara project is taught in schools in China and is held as a proud symbol of China-Africa relations.

He said China will support Africa’s quest to be included at the highest decision making level of the United Nations.

He also stated that China will support Africa on the initiative for Africa to resolve its own issues and conflict affecting the continent in an African way.

China supported the construction of the African Union Commission Headquarters and is currently funding the establishment of a specialised disease centre to combat disease epidemic on the Continent.

The two were speaking at a bilateral meeting held in Addis Ababa

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba and Chinese Ambassador to the African Union Mr. Liu Yuxi pose for a picture

Mrs. Nadine Chanda Chabwe

Counsellor -Politics

Zambia Embassy
Addis Ababa



  2. iwe mwamba, wipe that permanent plastic smile off your face
    ain’t you ashamed to talk about tazara? all the work that went into realizing the project, all that was left was running and maintaining it between the two countries. and have failed miserably
    …and you want nuclear power plants in Zambia, you can’t even clean your own toilets at your work places!
    chine with it’s billion + people is looking for resources and inputs to help power their homes and industries, that’s what they are looking for. it’s strictly business for them, they ain’t out to make friends imwe mulechesa nameno ati they are our friends. friends? why don’t you stop and think what you have in common with them that would make you friends? you think if they weren’t milking your resources they’d come across…

  3. make friends with those across from can eat katapa together and talk about pepe kale or caterpillars and s hit. wake up!

  4. Yes China has been an all weather friend except greedy PF officials are denting the relationship. The Chinese Government must assist us to fight grand corruption by increasing the level of transparency in Chinese deals. Now even chamba smokers like Dandy Crazy can mock Zambians because of money the PF is dishing out from illegal deals with Chinese companies.

  5. This Mwamba should agree that the Chinese are exploiting Zambians but they are helping Ethiopians to develop.

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