UNZA to construct two lecture theatres

Biology Department - UNZA
Biology Department – UNZA

The University of Zambia has commenced construction of two lecture theatres each with sitting capacity for 350 students at a total of K27. 3 million.

The two lecture theatres being built at the UNZA main campus in the space between the Confucius Institute and Population Studies teaching building is made possible with funds internally generated by UNZA.

In addition, the university has commissioned rehabilitation works of the University library ablution and electrical installations at a total cost of K750,000.

The University Library are being funded by the UNZA Alumni Relations and Advancement operation.

Meanwhile, UNZA Vice Chancellor Professor Luke Mumba has reaffirmed Management’s commitment to addressing infrastructure challenges the university is facing including issues around student accommodation.

“As part of our effort to addressing the student accommodation challenges, we commissioned construction of bunk beds in 2018. Our target is to produce 1,674 bunk beds at a cost of K5 million kwacha. So far, the University has installed 450 bunk beds.” Proffesor Mumba says.

The Vice Chancellor added that the university has made some noteworthy achievements in infrastructure development that include the construction and refurbishment of the Special Needs Education Centre at the School of Education at a total cost of K7 million with the financial support of the Christian Blind Mission in Germany and the construction of the School of Public Health Lecture Theatre at a total cost of US$1 million with the financial support from the United States Government through the Department of Defence and the Centre for Disease Control.

Professor Mumba said UNZA Management is committed to investing in infrastructure development projects at its two campuses to promote the highest quality of teaching, research and community service for its Staff and Students.

This is according to a statement issued by UNZA spokesperson Brenda Bukowa.


  1. Surely if you can’t maintain the facilities you already have, can’t you ask yourself whether its more lecture theatres you really need?

    All these projects are just conduits for corruption and kickbacks. Better to use that money to upgrade the library into a modern facility.

    • you dont know is what you talking about,lecture theatre are needed like yesterday coz the student population has gone higher yet the lecture are not growing hence the building of new ones.

    • That’s the right spirit UNZA. This institution is the bedrock of Zambia’s economy, we need to keep preserving it and improving it. UNZA students with all your obvious intellectual gifts, please put innovation at the centre of your academic life there. The duty of a student is to think, create, and raise the standards of your country. As Woodrow Wilson said, “every man out of the university must be both a man of his time and his country.” If our intelligentia with their obvious breadth of knowledge can’t take the nation to the next level, then who will? Politicians? All the best.

  2. Dealing with capacity of learning venues at UNZA is a matter of priority and I commend the management for this. But parallel to this is to have a proper maintenance plan. Let’s support our university

    • you right my mufella but sport infrastructure should be looked into it as well as graduation square u need an indoor not open space 50 years in existance

  3. I can’t imagine bunk beds at UNZA as if its a secondary school? A university???? I’m sure even its ranking at global level will deteriorate further. This time around if there was proper planning, we should have been talking about one person per room. Now I hear students even rent apartments in the nearby Kalingalinga and Mtendere compounds.

    • Bunk beds save space and increase capacity boss. Even at Chinese Universities you will find bunk beds. Update your operating system ASAP.

  4. Ask private investors to build student hostels; just provide the land. This is what University of Namibia (UNAM) has done. Now UNAM has over 50 blocks of brand new student hostels built by private investors. And the student accomodation challenges are history!

  5. Ask H.H to build a hostel for the students. Since he is a very rich man , it will just be a drop in the ocean for him !

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