Chipata Cop charged for murdering Golfer


The incident in which police in Chipata shot dead a Mbala based golf player after suspecting him of being a criminal has taken a new turn.

This is after a postmortem which was conducted from Chipata Central Hospital yesterday revealed conflicting statements from Zambia Police Service.

According to a postmortem, James Bwalya Chishimba had two bullet wounds on two different parts of his body, with one hitting him in his back, which came out through the stomach and the other on his right thigh.

The postmortem also showed that Mr Chishimba’s 6th and 7th Ribs were fractured.

Meanwhile, the Coroner’s Authority of burial signed by Magistrate Moses Mkumba Phiri stated that Mr Chishimba died from extensive liver and right injury with Hemothorax and injury to the popliteal artery.

This is however contrary to what Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Geoffrey Kunda told Journalists on Tuesday that Mr. Chishimba was accidentally hit once by a stray bullet after the police officer who was guarding Zambia Revenue Authority offices fired warning shots after suspecting the deceased of wanting to open the ZRA cash gate.

And Chipata Golf Club Captain Edward Phiri has expressed concern over the manner in which police have handled the matter.

Mr Phiri noted with sadness that the Zambia Police Service who are supposed to protect the public were trying to conceal the truth behind the shooting incident.

He noted that it is unfortunate that the Police who are supposed to protect members of the public are trying to protect a criminal.

Mr Phiri added that it was shocking that after the postmortem resists were released, they realized that their colleague had two wounds and a fractured leg, a thing he says the police tried to conceal.

Meanwhile, when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Geoffrey Kunda stated that the police officer involved in the shooting incident has been arrested.

Mr Kunda who could not disclose the details of the police officer, noted that the officer has been arrested and charged with murder.

And when asked for comment on the findings of the postmortem Mr. Kunda declined to comment on the matter.


  1. This is a real police force that doesn’t offer any service to the public. Very sad indeed. May the soul of the innocent victim rest in eternal peace.

    • The corrupt Kanganja Police Force. They dont know how to fight crime. They only know how to take orders from the PF.
      Story says “Chishimba had two bullet wounds on two different parts of his body, with one hitting him in his back, which came out through the stomach and the other on his right thigh.”
      A bullet in the back means he is running away from the shooter and is therefore not a threat. A trained police officer doesnt shoot unless this is the most wanted criminal.

  2. These are issues that should be investigated to the very core. Other eye witness accounts state that the man was shoot in cold blood after an argument with the police officer and having been dragged to the ZRA offices. When citizens lose confidence in the very State apparatus that is meant to protect them, because it exhibits attempted cover ups and behaviours that are biased towards members of the ruling party, then know that lawlessness has taken over. No rule of law or justice for the majority.

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