Kenyan MP with baby ordered to leave parliament


Kenyan MP Peter Kaluma has criticised the behaviour of his colleagues after a female legislator was kicked out of parliament for taking her five-month-old baby into the debating chamber.

Zulekha Hassan said she had “had an emergency” and as the parliament had no nursery she was left with no choice.

The speaker said the presence of the baby broke parliamentary rules that do not allow a “stranger” in the chamber.

Some of her male colleagues described her actions as shameful.

Speaker Christopher Omulele ordered Ms Hassan out of the chamber and said that she could return without the baby.

Some MPs shouted and others started shoving each other.

A video shared on Twitter shows male MPs shouting at Ms Hassan as she held her baby. Female MPs left the chamber in solidarity with the MP after she was ejected.

Mr Kaluma said that his colleagues had embarrassed parliament by shouting “shame” at the child, who might one day grow up to be president.

Ms Hassan called on parliament to create a more “family-friendly atmosphere” if it wanted more women to become MPs.

“I have tried really hard not to come with the baby, but today I had an emergency; what was I supposed to do? If parliament had a nursery or a creche, I would be able to put my baby there,” she said.

Deputy speaker Moses Cheboi said in a statement that there is a facility in parliament for mothers to nurse their babies.

However mothers have to “bring along their nannies to watch over the babies at the facility while they undertake their official duties”.

In 2017, Kenyan lawmakers passed a bill compelling employers to construct special rooms where mothers could breastfeed and change their babies.

Ms Hassan’s supporters have condemned her treatment which comes during World Breastfeeding week.

Several female politicians around the world been pictured taking their babies to work.

In 2018 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden was the first female world leader to take her baby, three-month-old Neve Te Aroha, to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Source: BBC


  1. My beautiful white Swiss woman wouldn’t have done such a silly thing. There is a time and place for everything. If anything she is putting the baby at risk of contracting corruption in that building. This is problem with black women who have been given a bit of power. Learn from my wife elisa.

  2. It is wrong to take a baby to such a workplace. We need to learn to establish boundaries between a home and a workplace. Having a baby at work inconveniences others and their rights should be respected too. It can also be harmful to a child in many different ways, e.g. noise, infections. Child rearing should take place at home! Leave workplaces for what they are designed for.

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