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Rwandan President Paul Kagame applauds Zambia for strides made in SDGs


President Paul Kagame launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Sub Regional Centre for Southern Africa at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka on Wednesday,August 7,2019.PICTURES SDG Centre

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has commended Zambia for strides made in adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) resolutions.

President Kagame states that the speed at which Zambia is following the agenda is gratifying.

Speaking during the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals cantre for Southern Africa in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Kagame who is also Chair of the SDGCA Board explains that among the roles of the centre is to support government endeavors by providing technical advice on upgrading the capacity of realising the targets of the SDGs.

He expressed appreciation to the outstanding facilities provided at the centre as it comprises of all the facilities needed to achieve its mission.

President Kagame notes that full attainment of the SDGS requires policy making and reliable data systems to track progress.

He said analysis should be tailored to the circumstance of each country.

“It’s up to government, the civil society and the private sector to make the most of this resource”, he added.

President Kagame further stressed on the importance of the country moving with speed in attaining the SDGs.

“Time is of the essence. 2030 is only a decade away and the continent is not on track”, he said.

He said the continent will next month participate at the UN General assembly an opportunity to assess progress and goals on achieving the SDGs.

President Kagame noted that the centre is timely and hopes other regions will follow soon.

Speaking at the same event, Namibian Vice President Nangolo Mbumba appealed to all Southern African countries to support the Centre for home grown solutions and use it for its intended purpose.

Dr Mbumba said the launch constitutes for Africans an important milestone as the continent works in marking a clear and precise path in achieving the SDGs.

He encouraged Africans to remain committed and dedicated by using all resources to achieve the SDGs stipulated.

“As Africans we are delighted in the consensus on global and adoption of 17 goals adopted by UN member countries.

As signatories have a moral obligation to deliver on all SDGs”, he said.

He further stated that in order for the country to enjoy peace and prosperity there is need for collaboration among all stakeholders

The Namibian Vice President added that the SDGS are aimed at enhancing the African Union 2063 agenda.

He said the launch will go a long way in operationalising and monitoring efforts in achieving the goals.

Dr Mbumba commended African leaders in supporting the initiative and committing to change.


  1. Mr Kagame i have great respect for you but on this you’re wrong.Zambia isn’t gonna be achieving its SDG goals with Lungu’s sickly economy on growth of just 2%.

    • That key should have been handed over to HH, he is the right guy to do those development thing. HH’s party is called UPNDevelopent.

  2. President Lungu consult your counter part H.E President Paul Kagame on how Rwanda has developed so fast despite terrible genecide Rwanda had gone through. Yet in Zambia no war, no genecide and this year 55 years of independence we are still struggling to develop our country.

    • #Mwiponta Mukabwela The answer is Kagame’s Government is not disturbed by toxic opposition who are always looking for negatives and not Zambia’s growth.

    • You have to be an extremely dull party if you cannot focus on a development programme coz opposition are criticizing you. Means you should be running a club at school and not a government overseeing a country.

  3. President Kagame, did you have to say that? we know our country better, you are advised to keep out of our affairs and save yourself some embarrassment. For starters have you read the IMF report?

  4. Comments 1, 2 and 3 are all symptoms of a diseased culture infected by the doomsayers HH and UPND. All the above comments have no substance and facts. For you own info, Rwanda has been receiving huge donor aid to help the country heal from the unfortunate genocide. On top of that, for it to be where it is today, Rwanda like any country has borrowed huge sums of money especially from China. Many people doubted the capacity of President Kagame when he embarked on the economic reforms, just like many perpetual losers have been undermining and doubting President Lungu to transform Zambia.
    Fortunately for Zambia, President Lungu is a focused President who many of us are happy with his transformation development drive. For President Kagame to notice the positives Zambia is making, just know…

    • I agree. Many overlook the fact that countries like Rwanda, South Africa and even post-war Germany all received huge sums of reparation funds to rebuild their economies. Zambians having remained politically stable have been widely left to battle their economic struggles alone or face alternative traps set up by IMF and World Bank to siphon their resources.

    • Nine Chale am shocked you even have the guts to give such a childish excuse! Did we ever go through what these countries you have cited have gone through?? Damn dude insoni ebuntu! Even if we were given those repatriation funds as long as the current clowns were the ones in power we would still be where we are today. You rushed to get billions in debt, how did you use that money to grow the economy? Don’t be daft please!

  5. contd
    Fortunately for Zambia, President Lungu is a focused President who many of us are happy with his transformation development drive. For President Kagame to notice the positives Zambia is making, just know that indeed PF and President Lungu are on the right path because if you know President Kagame, he says the truth. HH and UPND must not even waste their time in 2021 because the will lose that election squarely. Even Dr. Guy Scott and GBM have acknowledged that HH is not electable.

    • Where do you disappear to when there are stories about our shrinking economic indicators under this dull president of yours?

    • Dudelove ask him Malinso refuses to accept the truth that ECL is incompetent almost years now he has nothing to say to Zambians about where we r coming from and where we r going bcoz he does not know whether we r going or coming ECL is at sea.

    • @Malinso
      What are you smoking? Please stop hallucinations, are you so thick that you cant see that your Lungu is steering the country back to stone age. Paul Kagame is not stupid, he knows his counterpart is a clueless clown. Lastly if I may borrow KK’s phraise ‘ STUPID *****’ stop posting tosh.

  6. Of course kagame lacks the backbone to be honest and also it’s not in his interest to care about Zambia. My white Swiss wife worked in rwanda for few years and says the development in rwanda comes at a price of a dictatorship under kagame

  7. Of course kagame lacks the backbone to be honest and also it’s not in his interest to care about Zambia. My white Swiss wife worked in rwanda for few years and says the development in rwanda comes at a price of a dictatorship under kagamex

  8. No bwana Kagame you are terribly wrong. You don’t live here. You are not the one who feels the pinch of this cruel regime.Zambia made strides during the Mwanawasa administration. The PF came in to take us backwards in long strides

  9. So Kagame is insinuating that Zambia is on track of becoming a middle income country by 2030.Looks like Kagame and the board of IMF are at variance.Even if Kagame is being futuristic,the future is defined today and this is the today that IMF has a problem with when it comes to Zambia’ s economic outlook.I take it that Kagame was just being diplomatic here.

  10. Okay imwe tu UPND, who is IMF and where are they found and what was their position of US during Obama’s tenure of office? What is their reason today of US economic position under President Trump and what is it that the IMF are pointing to which have made the US economy to be where it is today? Give us real and correct answers otherwise keep quiet and stop misleading yourselves. Mwanawasa strengthened the Kwacha against the Dollar, but what impact did this have on the ordinary citizen? I can challenge you, that even with that strong Kwacha, Mwanawasa never built anything and the economy was zero.
    The only thing that most of you did was to get involved in short-term import based businesses like .com vehicles. You never invested those “free dollars” in good and long term-term business…

    • My dull friend, Levy and his people knew that to grow an economy to the level where you can start infrastructure development you first start with your GDP and human development. The strengthening of the Kwacha meant healthy treasury, steady economic growth, more money in circulation, affordable taxes, growth of SMEs which are now struggling to survive. As a developing nation you crawl steadily in order to get to the levels of developed nations. It took hundreds of years for America to get where it is. The economy is at 2% under PF and 7% under Levy. 2% is closer to zero. Can you explain how the infrastructure under PF has translated into economic growth? Talk using figures mune.

    • Debt ratio to GDP under MMD – less than 40%, PF over 70% and climbing, Treasury reserves MMD – $3 billion, PF $1.4 billion and dropping, Exchange rate MMD – K5, PF K13 and climbing, in your parallel universe of dimwits, shrinking figures are something to celebrate? Are you PF supporters mentally OK?? Your useless Minister Alexander Chiteme was massacred on his own page when he tried to ridicule HH who spouted out economic figures during an interview. He was humiliated on his page by people who understand economics. You have dull ministers and even duller supporters.

    • #Malinso don’t try too hard to think like your name. Sustainable economic growth that starts with human development, uplifting of quality of life through proper schools, hospitals, food security, commerce and trade, well paying and permanent jobs etc…Mwanawasa never built the extravagant infrastructure that PF has built but under his leadership, Zambia attained HIPIC meaning that instead of 60% of our budget going toward servicing loans, that money actually was spent on procuring medicines, improving our education system. Zambian kwacha was as low as K2,800 (K2.8 rebased)/USD. Now with your so-called development by your Pompwentic Front, all economic parameters are a disaster, unemployment is sky high despite the many projects because they are all being done by foreigners. What good is…

  11. Zambia should not be looking up to Rwanda, instead Africa should be looking up to Zambia but its embarrassing that we claim to be peaceful but we are as broke and hungry as church mice. I think that we need to get serious with what we are doing. More than 50 years of independence we are still talking constitution review, bye elections, escorting the President to the airport, corruption and also ba Anita. Imwe please this clown nature must end.

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