AVIC International Zambia Increases salaries for its employees by up to 10%

Avic International employees working on the US$ 23 million upgrade project of Lumumba Road
Avic International employees working on the US$ 23 million upgrade project of Lumumba Road

AVIC International Zambia Limited has increased salaries for its employees by up to 10%.

Company Public Relations Officer Justinah Kapambwe said those targeted for the upward adjustment are electricians, welders, carpenters and plumbers, all from the construction department.

Mrs. Kapambwe said this follows a series of successful meetings held between the targeted employees and management.

She said the company has since encouraged workers to familiarise themselves with the Zambian Labour Laws that are very clear on issues such as probationary contracts.

Mrs. Kapambwe said although AVIC Zambia Limited has also considered increasing salaries of some employees still serving their probationary period to help government address high unemployment levels, the company has implored local workers to aquaint themselves with labour laws to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

She said management has also appealed to employees to refrain from vices such as theft as they were retrogressive to the company’s growth and ultimately the nation.

Mrs. Kapambwe said theft is a criminal act and employees involved in such will be reported to the police and the law will take its course.

She said the desire of management is to create a condusive working environment for all workers.


  1. We know AVIC built the 48 houses for the Politically Exposed Person.Just read the 2018 FIC report.
    According to an interview with one the tenants,the owner is a woman.

    • 10% for keeping their mouths shut over the 48 apartments they built in Chalala for PF unknown officials.
      Even tunnels at State House nobody knew who constructed them and where the soil dug out was dumped. And workers were well rewarded.
      PF be more smart.

  2. For a minute mutima wachoka!!! I read that as GRZ increases workers salaries by 10%. Long Nigerian Fyola!!! Umchi!

  3. How much is the average amount a worker paid in terms of their salaries. it’s just peanuts and if u come to add on the 10 percent to the salaries , you will find out that it’s very little money . Chinese companies are totally useless when it comes to condition of services to their employees . Their condition of service are pathetic ,

  4. Let only those who pay their maids better than K2,000 be the ones to throw stones.

    We go, “Avic mfyo mfyo, Avic mfyo mfyo” yet we pay our domestic servants peanuts wrapped in insults.

    Learn to see sense in the good deeds of others. Mbuzi

    • This is a company that getting paid millions in dollars, they are making huge profits read between the lines

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