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Decision by CBU Management to slap a K15 00 surcharge on students is unnecessary and very unfair-NDC


CBU Jambo Drive Campu
CBU Jambo Drive Campu

The National Democratic Congress says the decision by Copperbelt University management to slap a K1500 surcharge on students is unnecessary and very unfair.

NDC National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita says Zambia is passing through tough economic times and his party believe most students will not afford to pay this exhbobitant charge.

Mr. Kabwita said CBU has over 10 000 students and simple arithmetic shows that management will gobble in over K15 million through this bogus charge.

He said NDC condemns the students riots of April 2019, but believe the property damaged both private and institutional is far less what management is demanding for.

Mr. Kabwita has since appealed to the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Brian Mushimba to intervene in this matter.

He said NDC see the situation at CBU degenerating because the students union body might incite its members not to pay this outrageous charge.

Mr. Kabwita said what Minister Brian Mushimba should do is to ensure that normalcy returns to CBU at all costs.

He said Dr. Mushimba should sit down with CBU management and come up with a minimum fee acceptable by all.

Mr. Kabwita said NDC commends the efforts by Dr. Mushimba to pacify the unresolved issues at public learning institutions and he should not fall in the same trap of her predecessor Nkandu Luo.

He said Professor. Luo was a disgrace and her removal from the Ministry is most welcome.

Mr. Kabwita has also appealed to students at the University that their behaviour is nothing but decimal when it comes to dealing with sensitive matters.

He said students should desist from riotous behaviour saying damaging both institutional and private property should be the last resort by the intellectuals as the NDC has done so much to lobby for the reopening of cbu.

Mr. Kabwita said students should now take the Clarion opportunity on the reopening of CBU to reform and lauds the new Minister for reinstating all the expelled Cobusu leaders.

He said the new Minister of Higher Education should review the performance contract of CBU vice chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma who has brought more problems to the University.


  1. Lets start a new chapter please. These students our children where just being misled by some desperate politicians to protest on matters that could have easily been resolved through engagement. The new minister of Higher Education has demonstrated that President Lungu and PF means well and attaches great importance to the welfare of our education system, therefore CBU Management should not start making it difficult fro the students and Government. Nkandu Luo didnt know what she was doing in that Ministry as can be seen from the time she was transferred to the new ministry, nothing has moved, sad.
    To the students, please know you goals, that is to learn, understand your field well and apply that knowledge for real world problem solutions. Avoid being misled by desperate politicians who…

    • These students were not misled, but I’m behind what the new minister is all about. Our children need this education, thanks.

    • They should pay for the property they damaged. They should be taught a lesson That’s how they will become mature

  2. It is PF’s figures naimwe. PF buys a packet of cement at $100.
    Remember how much a toll gate in Kitwe cost, $6million!!
    Every thing is bogus…

  3. Lusaka Times please utilise your editor if you have one. The writer of this piece needs training in reporting. It is inconceivable that Mr Kabwita said what is attributed to him unless he is also semi-literate. What is the meaning of …..’that their behaviour is decimal when it comes to dealing…..’? The subject matter is too important to deserve such sloppy reporting.

  4. I am reiterating the point I made when the reopening of cbu was announced. I did say that there are deep rooted issues with cbu (unza as well) and the govent. reopening is easy, but there’s need for a honest and open dialog to get to the loooot cause of the friction between the two parties. sure there may be some politics involved, but by and large, there’s no clarity between what the students things they deserve from the govnt. and what the govnt deems as it’s responsibility towards the students.
    intimidation and any sort of violence by either parties only escalates the situation. it won’t be an easy dialogue due to the mistrust between the two parties, but that’s the only way of getting a lasting solution that’s desired and not the band aid solutions currently being offered

  5. Mr Kabwita must realise that as an offender, no punishment is too big is too small. You can only depend on mitigation factors to seek some pardon. When you misbehave, you must be ready to bear the consquencies.

  6. They should live by example let them pay, CK don’t mislead the nation you are not a politician but a comedian.

    What is disclosed to the media as the damaged property is far much exaggerated than what was damaged
    Only a glass to the Vice Chancellors office and some cheap restaurant tables from some privately run restaurant on campus which can’t even cost K50 000
    k15 000 000 for what
    That day light theft.

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