Dr Mushimba opposes CBU’s “exorbitant” surcharges

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba

Higher Education Minister Dr Brian Mushimba has announced that he will engage management at CBU over its decision to slap a 1,500 surcharge on all returning students.

CBU is expected to reopen on Monday, August 19th 2019 after being closed for close to four months.

But in a circular released on Thursday, CBU management announced that all returning students are expected to pay a surcharge of K1,500 to be used to repair private, public and institutional property that was damaged during the university riot on April 5th 2019.

However, Dr Mushimba says he will engage CBU management over the surcharge.

“As announced at the press briefing on re-opening CBU, I was clear there would be a surcharge against all students towards the damage caused to public and private property during the riot. I’m in isoka on duty and hearing exorbitant charges from CBU. Will engage them shortly,” Dr Mushimba announced on Twitter.

Earlier Dr Mushimba had indicated that he will commence meetings with all public university management, councils and unions next week.

He said this will signal the start of continuous dialogue with stakeholders in public universities a way of finding solutions and interventions that stand in the way of quality education for all.

Dr Mushimba also maintained that the students that were expelled have been forgiven

“Those suspended have had their suspension lifted. Those expelled have had their expulsion rescinded and put on suspension. This is the position I communicated already when we announced the re-opening of CBU. I subsequently advised students to focus on learning,” Dr Mushimba said.

“The fact that they are no longer expelled and with time, will have the opportunity to finish their education, they have been forgiven. Let’s leave it at that for now.”

He added, “I’m a product of public universities. I believe in education for all and its ability to equalize ones life. I serve a Government that understands the urgency around issues to do with enhanced delivery of higher education. These guides me to craft solutions and interventions appropriately.”


  1. Brian is making sense with interest in degrees. Not Ba Luo who even advocated for UNZA to stop issuing PhDs.
    Luo don’t recognize Mushimba as Dr.

  2. Yaba! I can sense that the days of Naison Ngoma are numbered. I hope this Yankee Minister will bring back sanity to these institutions. Nkandu Luo had turned them into cash cows for herself and her minions, not even Deans had a say on how the institutions were being run. This was against the long standing practice

  3. Brian alepanga sense kwena. K1,500 is too much. How did the Uni come up with that figure? say for instance, if there 10,000 students x 1,500.00 = K15,000,000.00 let them tell us the value of property which was destroyed if anything this was a contributory negligence from school management, Luo and students.

  4. This is just daylight robbery, because for all I know, all property including vehicles are covered under insurance, even buildings.Insurance is supposed to take care of such incidences.The minister needs to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly whats going on at CBU.Maybe Naison Ngoma has outlived his usefulness after all.

    • Most insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by riotous behavior. But you’re onto something….Seeing as universities experience a lot of riots, why don’t they get some sort of special purpose insurance cover that protects any goods students damage when rioting?

  5. Brian should be careful and not drift into micro managing universities. His communication through tweeter may one incite students. Forgiving students publicly is disregard for University governance systems and at best he should have done it through the university established disciplinary system. At this rate – next you will hear him giving marks

  6. Only a man or parent who hates their kids can take them to cbu or any Zambian university for that matter. This is why my white blonde Swiss wife and I decided to take our mixed race kids to international schools and then the best university in Europe. We love outr kids.

    • Sometimes you should use your head to think, where is a villager from chilubula supposed to send their child, Oxford?

    • Not every body can afford to take their kids to international schools and our parents don’t hate us they just want for us to get an education.

    • This comment makes no sense at all! I’m suspecting you’re racist too! It’s not all parents that can afford to take their children to universities abroad. What you have said is truly insensitive and please think before you comment on a matter so as not to offend others!

  7. He sounds learnt indeed. Real Doc. One now wonders where that woman got her PHd from let alone Professor. She is too evil to be called Prof. She is a disaster!!!!
    I end here!

    • @Rudemonk.
      That woman Luo had her tertiary education in Russia. You see, when we tell people the outcomes of studying in Russia, they start saying we’re just pro west. We have another Russian educated id1ot called Lubinda Habaazoka at the economics association of Zambia who always vomits trash whenever he opens his mouth to discuss Zambia’s economic matters. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that these two Russian educated individuals are both 1diots? Meanwhile people who were in Russia with Lubinda Habaazoka say that the guy was doing monkey jokes in Russia on T.V portraying black people as monkeys.

  8. Zambia is in auto pilot and in this case students complained about this and this Brian is just echoing people’s concerns. PF is the most useless government ever, decisions under their watch are terrible, citizens literally have to do the thinking for them. I would not be praising Brian for this, if people didn’t complain he wouldn’t have done anything now he is trying to score points

    • China, it’s well documented that a good leader listens and makes a decision based on what his subjects are saying am suprised with your comments

  9. NEEZ need more medication as I can see is going round all the street bins to check for food.you have papers from chainama hospital please visit any your nearest mental health facility the you will be okay.

    Brian is making sense period

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