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Mungwi District Hospital in Pictures


Mungwi District Hospital in Northern Province was Officially opened by Republican President of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the 8th day of August 2019, making it the first ever hospital in Mungwi District.

The Hospital was constructed by China Gansu Engineering Cooperation at a cost of K14.7 million, and will provide services such as X-RAY, physiotherapy, among other diagnostic and curative services.

Phase one of the hospital which comprises of an out-patient department and administration block, has been under construction since 2015.

Below are the pictures for the Hospital.


  1. It is better and cleaner than UTH, can the Government please evacuate my politician relative to this Hospital. They will save some some than send them down here

    • Serving the people of Zambia. I also see happy people smiling and laughing heartly….Eyo chimo at there is hunger in Zammbia,……..kikinini

    • 2 nurses on ka desk attending to 2 different cases, no privacy.
      What if ittole is swollen, how can one explain in such an open place? That’s the only Zambian clinics have failed, privacy.

    • Nice one! Just the color yellow is depressing for me. If I was t be admitted that is. I think they should have picked a more subtle color.

    • Building a good hospital in an area where people are lazy and contribute almost nothing to the national treasury….

  2. Show us the medicine in the dispensary. These hospitals are dinosaurs, death traps nothing inside but beds. Nothing good can come from PF.
    Vote them out 2021.

  3. Fantastic work and well done PF Govt.This will guarantee yet another victory in the next elections.
    Folks infrastructure development is paramount and the people of Zambia should cherish this good development.

  4. from the pics the hospital looks neat.
    I hope it’ll help save lives by treating those around the area
    it’s not pf that has done this or any other project, that’s where you go wrong. it’s the Zambian taxpayer who at the end of the day pays for all the debts.

  5. very nice hospital.How i wish it was done by Zambian contractors and Engineers.The money would have remained in the country.obvious the chinese bought our little forex and externalised it to china.Good export for china who in this case is a winner and NOT Zambia. Unless it was a donation,but i dont believe in that .There is nothing for free .There is always a catch.

  6. The Zambian debt at work. In 1991 the debt to GDP % was 272% and it was all spent on consumption such as mealie meal coupons until the MMD came into power in 1991. It is now at 59.9% and some organisation is worried that it will reach 80%. Let it reach, after all the USA’s and Japan’s is at 108% and 232% respectively.


    A SECTION OF THE HOSPITAL where they DISPENSE drugs/medicine.

    Mudala SATA had a deeper vision for this country by going for infrastructure development, MHSRIP.

  8. Is that supposed to be dispensary and not dispensery ? Lets hope they maintain the hygiene standards and not leave it in ruins like the UTH. Can this administration please clean up and upgrade that dirty and dilapidated UTH?

  9. When it comes to infrastructure development,the PF Govnt is second to none in Zambia.Even UPND followers admit this fact.If only MMD Govnt did what PF has done during MMD’s 20 years rule,our country could have reached very higher levels by now!!!WELL DONE PF GOVNT AND PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!That is what we expect a hard working Govnt to do because there is no Govnt which will be buying us mealie meal,pay schools,etc like the KAINDE’S UTOPIA GOVNT!!!
    In 2021 majority votes from Mungwi will 100% be for PF as voters there do appreciate such splendid works!!!

    • The problem has been accountability – we could have done more with the borrowed money. Compare the cost of this Hospital and the cost of the controversial MC Sata Toll Plaza on the Ndola-Kitwe Dual Carriageway.

    • abilima
      These f00ls think we have forgotten that Michael Chilufya Sata toll gate will definetly land Chitotela in jail,it allegedly cost K50 million plus while this hospital costs K14 million?Only death will save Chitotela from jail

    • Actually Njimbu its easy for any government to do what PF has done on infrastructure. What is different is that some govts take caution when allocating resources across the economy and end up appearing like they dont work, they also start building up savings in foreign reserves. But some other govt like PF they just dip their hands in the treasury, borrow heavily and deplete the foreign reserve . And like the president told us last week- Deplete the resource envelope.

  10. That is excellent for the district , I hope similar ones will be spread across the country, that a lone can attract votes for the ruling party .

  11. Looking good.. If you don’t want to say, “Government is making strides” say “The Zambian people are making strides” đŸ˜‰ What is also important is to have a maintenance plan to ensure that the building and equipment continue to look new all the time. I am glad to see this. Since it is not near home its easy to just look and think ah well another hospital, but put into perspective, this is a milestone!

  12. Well lets commend government on this achievement and put politics aside. Well done to the PF. My advise is please lets not only focus on infrastructure alone but also on service delivery too. Raise the training and qualifications standards for those doing studies in healthcare. Also ensure there is accountability in procuring and dispensing of medicines.

  13. Jealousy down ba upnd ! PF has done it and they really deserve another mandate in 2021.This is real development.We shall not vote for arm chair critics who criticise all good things ranging from good hospitals,clinics,schools,roads,bridges,provision of good water and electricity etc.What are u up to then ?

  14. This is what US$ 1 Million can do. Now, how much did those fire tender wheelbarrows cost ? How many of such hospitals could we have built?

  15. I really dont see any cause to celebrate with this…workmanship is poor, color is offset, the hospital is not equipped (outlines sign of poverty), is a continuation of colonial look-and-feel, etc. Common guys, we can do better than this.

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