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Over 1 000 miners sent home as Mopani shuts down two shafts in Kitwe


Mine workers in one of the Zambian Mines on the Copper belt
Mine workers in one of the Zambian Mines on the Copper belt

More than 1000 miners and other workers have lost their jobs after Mopani terminated contracts for some mine contractors on the Copperbelt.

Mopani has shut down its Mindolo North and Central Shafts after they reached the end of their economic life.

The mine says the closure of the two shafts was always part of the plan and that it will now use funds provided by Glencore towards the completion of expansion projects which represent the future of Mopani Mines.


    • @Nostradamus
      You think Edgar Lungu cares about any of this? The guy is probably drunk and in a stupor right now. His future and that of his grandchildren is already secured by the taxpayers. Why would he care? These guys have stolen so much that their money now can outlast them no matter how wasteful they can become. If you look at a PF cadre’s block of flats, you will think they belong to Donald Trump, meanwhile it’s the Eurobond. That’s just a cadre we’re talking about.

  1. Congratulations Mr Edgar this is simply awesome. More more money in people’s pockets and more jobs you said but Lord have mercy it is always the opposite. Mr lungu is like a strike who always scores against his own team thus accumulating own goals.

    • This is capitalism for you. In 1974 when the price of copper went down, ZCCM, the government run company never laid a single employee. What happened? The mines collapsed. Had the mines cut down on the cost of running the mines including laying off workers ZCCM would still be alive today. There was no ploughing back into the mines when the price of copper was high.

  2. Chabulanda sana. We are reaping what we sowed. We are being taught a lesson so that we wake up. King Cobra liberated us from the MMD and wasn’t meant to lead after accomplishing this task. He was taken away to allow us a chance to elect a sobre minded and mature person to lead us but we opted for dununa reverse. It’s now time for Zambians to vote with their brains and not with their hearts alone. Let us keep tribalism out of politics for our eyes to be able to see.

    • Are you sure he liberated you from the mmd. The rot started in his 3 years. He actually took the easy way out otherwise we would have been in more trouble. Most of the damage was done by chikwanda who he put as finance minister. You have already forgotten the 8 hours of loadshedding country wide? Also forgot the dollar shift from 6 to 14 during satas time. First 2 euro bonds were contracted during his time. My brother the mmd were much better than pf. It’s membe who painted mmd bad for his own personal gain but you know what…we all fell for it.

  3. Hello from the other side in London with my beautiful Swiss white wife. Enjoying the best of life and the s.e.x gets better with age too. Live with the silly decisions you made in allowing pf to rule you. Elisa my wife thinks Zambians never learn lessons. I agree

  4. I think PF under Edgar was unleashed upon the Zambians so that in future they vote with their brains, God has ways of opening peoples eyes so that they get to learn from their own mistakes.

  5. That the two shafts have been shut down is not attributable to any one being or institution! The two shafts have simply run their economic life. The point should be those contractors whose contracts have been terminated, how long will they remain laid off? Will they have further dealings with the new projects? This is where Musukwa needs to come in and make a statement that he has been aware since May and that he has brokered a deal for Mopani to engage the same contractors at some stage of the projects. So gents, let us all be sober and not start yapping to be heard on LT.

  6. Is the mine owned by PF.

    EACH time u read upendi comment s you can see bigger problems to come under upendi govt

    They think the same. Sometimes I tend to think these comments are generated by robots. If not then I think they formed a vulgar language club which unfortunately is a wrong formular to raise a president.

    How do you celebrate over job losses. To them they see it as votes for hh. And that’s what matters.

    What’s the difference between Dandy Crazy and upendi zealots

  7. When gbm and ck insult ecl, the duo are regarded as heavy weight. Soon as they stop they are regarded as non entities. The same can be said about the 11 United Pact. Those that left are now called non entities

    And you wonder. Do thse people have direction. Are they programmed to operate by default

  8. politics the ore body for central shaft shaft and sob is the same so is the Mindola sub-vertical and the Mindola North shaft its easy to access minerals from the other shafts

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