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Zambia is China’s second largest trade partner in Africa-JIE


Chinese Ambassador to Zambia LI JIE with Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu at the Ministry of Finance headquarters in Lusaka
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia LI JIE with Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu at the Ministry of Finance headquarters in Lusaka

Rgw Chinese Ambassador to Zambia LI JIE has said that the increasing interest expressed by international investors in the Zambian economy reflects the enabling nature of the country’s business environment. Ambassador JIE reported that in the first half of the year [January to June], USD 260 million came into Zambia from China as direct investment in various sectors of the economy.

Ambassador JIE projected that trade between Zambia and the world’s second largest economy, China, will continue to increase in the medium to long-term. He also confirmed that in 2018, bilateral trade was in excess of USD 5 billion of which over USD 4 billion were Zambia’s exports to China and USD 800 million represented imports from Asia’s heavyweight economy. After Kenya, Zambia is China’s second largest trade partner in Africa.

Mr. JIE expressed his country’s pleasure in contributing to the implementation of various developmental projects in Zambia. He explained that infrastructure built through the partnership of the two friendly nations will contribute to attainment of goals set in the Seventh National Development Plan and consequently to Zambia’s economic growth.

Mr. JIE took the opportunity to reaffirm his country’s readiness to help revitalize the TAZARA Railways, a joint venture between Tanzania and Zambia, and proclaimed that, “China will be glad like to see TAZARA play a significant role in Zambia’s new development thrust.”

Ambassador JIE explained further that to operationalize the TAZARA revitalization plan, China was ready to offer technical support to the company and to aid the railway company’s return to its former glory. At its peak in the 70’s, TAZARA moved in excess of five-million tons of cargo per annum but had declined to the current three-hundred- thousand tons per annum.

Mr. JIE also disclosed that China is exploring new development cooperation models and is willing to support Zambia in the priority economic sectors outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan such as agriculture, energy and tourism.

Responding to Mr. Jie’s brief, Dr. Ng’andu stated that the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation [FOCAC] offers opportunities for Zambia to benefit in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, energy, tourism and provincial development; and will be explored.

The Minister also indicated that climate change is impacting gravely on Zambia and hence the gradual movement of the agriculture belt to the northerly regions of the country where rain and water bodies are in abundance, adding that, those natural endowments in the north need to be harnessed systematically for both hydro and renewable energy ventures.


    • Remember it also has the largest unused space so China is targeting it for immigration. You will see Chinese cities sprouting sooner or later

  1. Those are very fake statistics .China’s largest African trade partners are South Africa ,Angola ,DRC ,Congo and Nigeria all of which have more dollar trade values than Kenya and Zambia trades.

  2. “At its peak in the 70’s,TAZARA moved in excess of five million tons of cargo per annum but has declined to the current three-hundred thousand tons per annun.”

    Wait a minute! From the 70’s todate,the decrease in cargo tonnage transported by TAZARA represents 94 percent drop.Currently,it is operating at 6 percent capacity relative to the 70’s.Does TAZARA have Business Development personnel?This is where I have problems engineers being CEO unless they have done some sort of MBA.

  3. The key problem with Zambian leaders in government who basically come from only 2 tribes or regions is theft. These so called politicians are thieves. Investing by countries like China is one thing, but actualizing such investment to benefit the citizens is yet another thing.
    Who is benefiting from all this the so-called investment? Surely it’s only a few greedy morons.

  4. Zambia is NOT the second largest trade partner to china in Africa. This is false reporting. The article must have been written by a PF carder. Please check your facts before exhibiting PF ignorance.

  5. It should have been written that Zambia exports so many raw materials to China but most of those exports are unaccounted for and they include mukula logs. This is the illegal money that the PF is dishing out to chaps like Dandy Crazy to cause them to mock Zambians. Should Hichilema win in 2021 you’ll see what a Freemason can do, most of these chaps will run on their own

  6. July 27, 2019 – 15:43 BJT (13:43 GMT) MOFCOM

    According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China, in January-June, China’s total import and export volume with Africa was US$101.86 billion, up 2.9% year on year, exceeding the overall growth rate of foreign trade in the same period by 4.9 percentage points. Among these, China’s exports to Africa were US$52.86 billion, up 5.2% year on year and China’s imports from Africa were US$49.00 billion, up 0.5% year on year; the trade surplus was US$3.86 billion, up 159.0% year on year.

    In June, China’s total import and export volume with Africa was US$17.09 billion, up 2.3% year on year. Among these, China’s exports to Africa were US$9.29 billion, up 0.3% year on year; China’s imports from Africa were US$7.79 billion,…

  7. , up 4.7% year on year; the trade surplus was US$1.50 billion, down 17.6% year on year.

    In January-June, the growth rate of China’s trade with Africa was lower than those with Oceania(6.2%) and Europe(3.9%).

    If you know the correct composition for what the Chinese ambassador has outlined in china and Zambia trades and FDIS then you will agree Begin from the MOFCOM official data here and reconcile to the ambassador The best thing to realize is that the potential is within the Zambia and Zambian economy because all Investors but some and FDIS usually unwind to where it can from and all will come to simply balance off their trades balances and FDIS across the global economics and what is…

  8. reported on the IMF TRADE DIRECTIONS STATICS REPORT SERVICE OR United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade

    See performance of Chinese Trade Surplus in July 2019 It performed Larger than Expected Something Zambia should strive for also May be the hope is in the PROSPER AFRICA INITIATIVE to ensure balance of trades and FDIs as the Chinese Trades and Investments are maintained and cultured

    China’s trade surplus soared to USD 45.05 billion in July 2019 from USD 27.49 billion in the same month a year earlier and above market consensus of USD 40 billion.

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