Any parent who will not send their child to nursery at the age of 3 will be sent to Prison-Fred M’membe

Socialist Party President Fred M’membe
Socialist Party President Fred M’membe
Socialist Party President Fred M’membe
Socialist Party President Fred M’membe

Socialist Party President Fred M’membe says his government will make education compulsory from Nursery to grade 12 and free from grade 1 to University to enable Citizens acquire education.

And Dr. M’membe said any parent that will not send their child to nursery at the age of 3 will be sent to prison where those that will have no Diploma or Certificate in any filed will also acquire education and graduate with Degrees.

He said children that decide to drop out of school in Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 will be sent to juvenile prisons where they will continue with their education and only released when they are ready to go to University.

Dr. M’membe said his Government will make sure that Juvenile prisons have the best teachers, sociologists and psychologists for the children to acquire the best education.

He said his government will cut down on government expenditure especially on the President, Vice President, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Councilors and channel the resources to the education sector.

Dr. M’membe said this will enable schools to employ well qualified teachers, nurses and other professionals that will ensure that children are taken care of at school.

He said his government will also ensure that mining companies pay a fair share of taxes, the money which will be channeled towards improving the education, health and agriculture sectors.

Dr. M’membe said he would rather see Ministers walking to the Office and have children ride in school buses going to school.

He was speaking at the Press freedom Committee of the Must Newspaper on the Copperbelt Province.


  1. Wishful thinking free education in modern times thats mission impossible mwana nangu kufwaya ama vote such lies

    • Superficial that – As if that will get you elected.

      Let us just start with common sense; here. Our man has lost his plot. This just verifies that Mmembe lives in his own Myopic World.

      After being stubborn for centuries, China & Russia has realized that Communism does not work.

      What the heck is this all about. This is what happens when you spend a long time in your life being an armchair critic, who does not listen for advice. You end up thinking that the only words that matters are those that come from your mouth. Or you know so much, than everyone.

      This is pathetic, pitiful.

    • Cont…

      Why don’t you go and spend time in prison for us, for the Jailable Tax Crimes you committed. You have the audacity to say you will send parents or children to prison if they don’t meet your imaginations.

      What are you smoking or eating man? Get the hell out of the kitchen, you will end up burning down the kitchen and the whole house.

      Politics is not for you. Your political mindset is so impotent. You are missing basic common sense.

    • Excellent idea but how are you to achieve this bwana Member. By the time PF leave office, the national coffers will be dry and empty

    • The problem is not education, it’s jobs. Even though you were to make everyone educated like Cuba, poverty won’t still disappear, just like Cuba and North Korea.

    • While we hear of those in schools gang bangin’ with teachers… Silly man!

      Go sleep in a prison before talking about separating children from their parents!

    • It’s just sad that your name carries a lot of buggage among Zambian voters such that whatever flows from your mouth now is detastable. Was it a bad idea for you to go into politics? Yes and no. Yes because it is your democratic right. No because Zambians are stubborn and tribal, they will never listen to you. Are your ideas good? Probably, I think capitalism has failed and brought about inequality worldwide, it serves the greedy, socialism is the next wave of governance. Advice: Don’t use the prison rhetoric to drive household behavior(personal territory), use it to enforce the rule of law. Good luck Fred.

    • Let Chimembe continue hallucinating – he is completely finished; his hey days gone for ever! I have no sympathy for that very selfish man that was thinking of himself only until he reached the cross roads with the snake in the PF that he was playing with. They kicked him out and destroyed his toy, The Post, beyond recognition.
      Chimembe championed the PF Tribalism campaign against UPND in order to get Sata elected; even calling the whole Southern Province a Bantustan. Because of that wicked and evil man, Tongas have suffered tribal discrimination up to today. Thank God, the Lord has put that little pig in the PIG HOUSE where he belongs. Let him day dream about nurseries but no one will vote for that stu.pidity; Thank God The POST is GONE too!

    • Independent Observer…if you want to be a fair critic, you have to represent someone’s position faithfully. Mmembe’s party is a “SOCIALIST” party and not a communist party. There is a difference between communism and socialism. And yes China is a socialist country and they’re doing just fine, the second largest economy in the world. Having said that, I don’t agree with his “sending parents to prison” for not enrolling their 3 year old kids in nursery school. That doesn’t make sense. Also free education from first grade to university is a pipe dream. Where do you get the funds from?

    • Independent Observer,
      Communism and Socialism are the only reasons why the world has not yet seen another world war. Capitalism is too aggressive and too dictatorial by imposing its will on everyone with resources to enrich a few. If China was like the USA people would have revolted are the high poverty levels among the majority

  2. I think the whole gang of would be leaders have gone berserk…. Too much ranting of issues they never seem to understand… takes a lot of ground work for a country to attain such a level…. Start small, not mpu….

  3. Totally misguided and clinging on to old colonial campaign vibes to win votes, hello, we have been independent for 54 years and we have plenty of lessons we have learnt over the years , sounds like a One Egg for every Zambia per day used by KK in the 60s.

    For your own information, PF tried to scrap grade 7 and 9 exams so that they can increase the number of tertiary education. The Project failed miserably as there was no capacity to absorb all the school learners.

    Now you think with your prison threat you would adsorb all citizens. You are day dreaming. Build capacity first. Typical of Communist ideas. You grab a farm from a hard working person and force him to share with a lazy neighbour, and teach the lazy neighbour how to work hard? That does not work.

    Please get off your…

    • Those condeminng Fred dull ,tell what will will u do if u were president bof zambia, what will u do to flush out street kids and help them return to school,once u re educated , People will find ways on how create jobs than beIN employed,stop the nonsense , without compulsory system u can’t attain anything,we Africans are fellow enemies,PHD syndrome is beyond precedented levels, compulsory system shud be in place ,it’s because both our attitudes towards life

    • If wishes were horses beggars would be riding on them.Thats dr
      Mmembes wish.Even developed
      Countries have not achieved that.
      Start by providing free Nshima or mealiemeal before you become president.

    • Sama 3.2 Joseph Stalin is talking about sending people with free human rights to prison with no crime, to prison and you are okay with that? It is Zambians like you that have caused our nation to trail Botswana and other Southern African nations that were behind Zambia’s development. Mmembe has issues that need only to be shared with his wife, not the rest of us.

  4. Bwana Meembe, every parent wants their children to go to school but when you look especially to rural areas, the distances to school are so prohibitive that little children are unable to walk the distances, I can give you another example, on the Ndola road before the Luanshya turn off somewhere around the slave tree their is a turn that goes to a place where former Zaffico employees reside, at that place only a primary school exists after grade seven, all children fail to go to secondary school because the secondary school is either in Luanshya or Ndola of Fisenge which is a long distance away, so the children after grade seven stay home because they can not afford to walk to Ndola or Luanshya. The Prisons will be full of parents Sir.

  5. Uko ……another fo0sh id1ot yapping nonsense!!!SEEKING VOTES IS MAKING SOME POLITICIANS BECOME INSANE!!!Look Fred M’membe,there are so many factors which force some parents not to take their kids to school early.Plus Zambia is a poor country where poverty levels are too high and we dont have enough schools to accommodate every child especially in rural areas.If your wishful thinking can be realised then you will turn all stadiums in Zambia into prisons because the current prisons wont be able to accommodate prisoners(parents)….kkkkkk….Thats why I say the PF’s leadership is by far the best because they offer realistic politics unlike these opposition dreamers who talk about the UTOPIA WORLD!!!These guys in opposition have no data to win the hearts of majority voters!!!

  6. That’s the problem with our educated Zambians. Surely do you have enough schools in the country to accommodate every 3 year old child? I think there is too much copy and paste in our highly educated doctors engineers professors etc. This is Africa where you have more pastors than teachers, more churches than schools, more bars than clinics and hospitals.

  7. The heading of this article screams incredible or a joke. What parent in her/his right mind would vote for anyone using punitive measures to force citizens to benefit from social services? Since when were prisons educational institutions? Why would a person who earned a real doctorate speak like an illiterate individual? This kind of talk is not appealing to anyone. The enlightened can afford education services for their children. Those unable to will not even read or hear the rubbish Fred is selling. What a pity that a once intelligent person has been reduced to this. What happened to him?

    • @7 NAM… Problem with Meembe is that, he has internalised old useless unworkable ideologies from then failed states that have since abandoned communism in preference for capitalism to be where they are now (russia,china). what most zambians dont realise is that this meembe has for a long time critised dictatorship in zambia but look at the countries he praises as his role models… china cuba and russia run by full blown dictatorships. in cuba , one guy had run the country for 53yrs alone as if other people have no brains and yet meembe idolises this guy as if he was some divine spirit sent to rule. if you want to know the character of a person see who they associate with.

    • He has always been this, now people can see for themselves his insane mindset. Zambia needs to purge the Mmembe type of thinking. It is dangerous and backward.

  8. Utopia at its worst.Can M’membe tell the world his model country where Socialism and its cousin Communism have performed miracles? His fellow ‘Socialist’ former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn only used it by association and never in reality.He lived a lavish life style in down Manhattan which was at variance with socialist principles before being accused of aggravated pimping against a Guinean woman which eventually blew up his French presidential ambitions.Thats why he even got the IMF job otherwise Washington would have objected.As an economic model,bwana M’membe,your Socialism is unworkable.

  9. Was it really Fred Membe who used to write those editorials? I mean there is a great disconnect between those articles and this Membe! That Membe in the articles was intelligent and sounded more informed. Just thinking..

    • The Mmembe we have today is definitely not normal. Medical doctors need to examine this man. It it the ARVs that are getting to his brain. Winter Kambiba where are you to go talk to you girlfriend?

    • I have said before most of the leadership in opposition forget that once before they announced their true intentions in life hid behind a mask or made such have error of judgment then they now seek public office. Who can ever forget the misery this many caused to innocent people. Homes destructed, families destroyed, political careers curtailed all because he had a following with his paper. He used harsh language and now the children, grandchildren, spouses he disparaged must vote for him?

  10. Great idea to use your energies on education, but three years is to small, then what would be the purpose of putting parents in prison, this method is extreme and barbaric, Already we are a nation that has less resources, then you take parents in prison, you will end up traumatizing the young ones who will be separated from their parents, and in prison will you just keep parents in prisons without anything for them to do.

    Moreover our young ones are safe been home up to six years before they start school cause our day care is not that advanced that they learn much.

    I conquer with you that everyone should take their child to school at some point, but sanctioning parents is not the best solution.

    Let’s continue teaching parents on the importance of education and they shall surely…

  11. Mmembe, Hitler Musolini, Guavara, Starlin died a long time ago. Fidel Castro the longest surviving crazy person equally died. This is 2019 to be thinking like a dic. Prison this prison that fwakale infyo elo fwabupuba. Come back to real life if you will ever be relevant to modern day life. Zambia need to go on its knees and ask God why he has given us such opposition leaders. What has the Zambian done to deserve such prehistoric opposition leaders? He asks his organization the Mast to arrange an invitation for him to a media forum. He invited himself to his own party just like Mr Bean.

  12. Indeed thanks Njimbu: “Uko ……another fo0sh id1ot yapping nonsense!!!”. Kikikiki pwa pwa pwa!!! And who takes care of the same child whose parents are in prison. Some people are just too free now to talk about anything. A case of Mumembe. We are in big trouble guys. Look at the calibre of politicians emerging from without … kikiki!

  13. sometimes ukuichindika kusuma, especially when you don’t have anything sensible to utter to the public, Mr meembe wat ever you call yourself! think before you bark? There are so many hindrances to that which you think to be possible, things are not good n our current economy is at stake; learn to put yourself in other pipos shoes n don’t just bark Mr man? As if you are the father to everyone!!! muichefye yama ngatamwaishiba ubwafya tupitamo man

  14. He is a liar under natural phenomenon not everyone can pass exams we expect passing and failing in every exams that is under a normal curve concept
    Prisons to be built and opened for failing we are now trying to recycle Hitlers ,Mussolini and Idi amini docrines
    Fellow Zambians be careful with such personality history may repeat itself

  15. Free education is the right way to go to prevent parties like pf being voted in . Also it seems my alias has been hacked. I would like to clear the air in saying that I have nothing against homosexuals and what they get up to in their privacy is their business. What I don’t accept is people using my alias to post some things here. If you want to know what my sexuality is why not ask? So what if I were gay? The main thing is to read what I write here. The fact that people respect my comments means that sexuality has nothing to do with the nature of a person. Can’t gay people contribute to the economy ? Here in UK gay people are even top management and business owners. Let us embrace each other.

    • I have looked at the email on this account and am afraid to say it is Jay Jay himself. Brother am disappointed in you. Please seek God and wash away homosexuality from your body. Amen

  16. Way comment ? All of you commenting you don’t no what you’re saying , how can in tell about Jupiter I have never been, has he got a child ? the in first place.

  17. This has been done before and is being done in a lot of places. Just because your current president is busy enriching himself and Tasila you are now doubting everyone. Thats why Africans will not develop. America has what is called Kindergarten thru grade 12 free (K-12) education. Food is also provide to all students. Students are bused to schools. Now you sons of Bit-ches think it cannot happen. And fuuulisly call that utopia. Mwalibelela ukuchula. There’s a lot of money in Zambia. Only corruption and thievery is killing you. Start believing in yourselves mwefipuba awe. Saudi Arabia has done, Libya with Ghaddafi did it. We have enough resources to pay for your education. But you put fuuuls like Nkandu Luo. What do you expect? Start thinking mwebana bandoshi awe!

    • America is also very rich. The institutions in America work, so this point is mute. Mmembe is speaking devilish nonsense.

  18. Dr. M’membe said he would rather see Ministers walking to the Office and have children ride in school buses going to school.

    Excellent thinking.

    As for free education, many western countries have achieved this and it contributes to and reflects in the deelopment of those countries. Prison etc. is not the right way though.

  19. Free education is possible what’s not is sending people to prison for failing because in Cuba from where Fred copies his ideology there’s nothing like that. The Yao most of whom are Muslims refused to send their children to school because they feared that they will be polluted with Christian teachings of saying Jesus is a son of God and also a god. How many Yao can Fred Mmembe send to prison?

  20. Free education is possible check education in Finland its basically free and no private schools or universities are allowed as education is a basic human right not for the rich bastards….

  21. How? First, this country does not even record it’s own citizens. Begin with the birth certificate first. It should be mandatory. Ma, I give up! Couldn’t care less!

  22. I don’t agree with this because education is not everything. You can have a masters degree but cannot perform. If you say those parents who do not send their children to school in grade 1 to 9 should go to prison. School comes with interest if one drops out let them try skills. Our friends are developed not because of degree, skills have helped them too

  23. Just humble yourself and start supporting the winning team. You have nothing to lose by supporting ECL.
    See your friend GBM has been welcomed and embraced by the PF despite being misled HH.The PF has welcomed him like the lost prodigal son. Just make an appointment with ECL and illustrate how useful you can be to the development of Zambia. Problem with you and HH you just want to oppose everything, to antagonize the government. You are so bitter that you miss opportunities in life.HH could have been the president today had he agreed to work with levy or sata.

  24. Politicians that will give the common African man the justice, respect, dignity and prosperity are NOT yet Born.

    Right now we full of incompetent, mediocre and corrupt full politicians

  25. this is where we have it wrong as a country! if a person fails grade 9, he must go to trade school if he cant continue with grade 9, in India at grade 9, one can acquire a national diploma. this country lacks skilled manpower also.

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