Conflict Between Southern Province MPs And Goverment Is Hindering Development In The Province

Hon. Nakacinda During The Monze Meeting
Hon. Nakacinda During The Monze Meeting
Hon. Nakacinda During The Monze Meeting
Hon. Nakacinda During The Monze Meeting

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has called on Members of Parliament in Southern to help the Provincial administration market the province regardless of their political affiliation.

Commenting on the forthcoming Southern Province Tourism and Investment Exposition set for 14th-21st September in the Tourist Capital during an interview on SKY FM Radio in Monze yesterday, Nakacinda said MPs being the representatives of the people should work hand in hand with the provincial administration to ensure that the potential of the province is widely marketed as it is meant to find solutions for the people in the province.

The members of parliament in southern province regardless of whether they are UPND are supposed to take charge of the development of the province.

He explained that it is the duty of the MPs to work with the administration in identifying potential investment opportunities in their respective constituencies as they are well placed to know what their areas are endowed with.

“….They are supposed to be the people in the forefront to make sure that the southern province Expo succeeds because they are the ones who represent the people and they know the opportunity in the province, now they are getting the Provincial administration in the province trotting around with hostility from members of parliament when in fact they are trying to find solutions for this province.

“I think if I had my way it’s just that I just have one vote if I had my way I would fire all these MPs here because they are a hindrance to development in the province. They are supposed to be at the center of making sure that development comes into the province. They identify opportunities, we now talking diversification other than just farming that we are known for, other than just livestock we are known for, there is potential in mining in the province.

“There is potential for cement manufacturing, there is potential for quarry and there is potential for gypsum mining as well as value addition for livestock which we are known for in the province,” he said.

Nakacinda further said conflict between MPs and Central government should not tolerated because both MPs and Central government are there for the people.

“The people who should have been surrounding Hamukale are the MPs from Southern Province saying minister what is it that we are going to do from Bweengwa this is what I think is the opportunity for our people there, from Moomba this is what I think are the opportunity for our people there…

“But there is a conflict between the MPs and the central government at least in southern province, that attitude should not be tolerated in politics. We may belong to different political parties but we are still brothers and sisters,” he said.


  1. Lol, but what development is there in Luapula where Councillors, MPs. DCs, the Provincial Minister is from PF. It’s the poorest province in the land despite giving PF votes.

    • Ubupuba nibulya mwalelanda ku Katuba 2 weeks ago that development can only come when you vote for a PF candidate. Why isn’t Luapula a paradise with all those elected PF officials in govt?

    • What do you honestly expect from MPs who storm out’a parliament? Who forge documents in parliament, cut Zesco poles and hears their master’s call not to engage in progressive national duties.

      They mean to frustrate all your development agenda in their region.

      I blame electorates for being whitewashed with demented illusions of a possible double h presidency.

      Those folks don’t mean well for our country. I thank God he is running out’a energy politically and at age. Time is our best ally in this endeavor.

  2. Bamushanina ubuunga mu pf. It’s bad manners talking with your mouth full of left overs from the drunken master. Plz eat quietly

  3. You have just failed you silly mangooses. Even my 2 year old disabled son can do more than what the pf party has done combined. Thieving is all they do. Here in UK the government continues to operate independent of party politics. The British system is amazing and the best in the world. I can never settle back in Zambia. Every time I am in Zambia all I see is people looking sick and hungry. It is depressing and sad.

  4. What a name
    There is no central government iwe nachinda its Edgar Changwa lungu only who decides where to build a clinic,commission and take all the credit everyone else is their including technocrats to recieve,see off and praise the great leader of this great nation.

  5. I like to read comments more than the main news bcz it’s the views of the people and pungwa just made my day Bamushanina ubunga

  6. Not long ago you said development comes with pf vote now you are changing hypocrites zambians are watching and listening we are not foolish like you MMD is PF eating together on the same table ubomba mwibala then finish for urself

  7. So now I believe Lusaka times is PF why you block comments not supporting pf you blocked my comment bcz I said not long ago pf was saying development comes with pf vote and now you are changing MMD is PF eating together on the same table then you block my comment

    • That let criminals like neez post. Very laughable. I am thinking of leaving this website and spending more time with my boyfriend. It’s become a joke

    • We al have the. Red to step back an try if possible to analyse what we hear and possibly see objectively otherwise we become the brother with a log in the eye trying to help another with a speck of dust. We really need as a people from every tribe and province to learn to introspect and ask why we feel the way we feel and analyse issues the way we do. To see things the way they really are and not what we make them to be takes a lot of honest soul searching, constantly refusing to give way to our own bias. We may speak the loudest and be sincere as it were in what we say yet be sincerely wrong. The problem with that is then we are always wrong unless the context helps our bias to be right at some moments. Fundamentally however we remain always wrong. The first step in curing ourselves I…

  8. African politicts, we are like ticks sucking the cow that is producing calves and yet we want to have more cattle but killing the mother cow. As Africans we were born to be ruled by other races as long as they are not black as us then we can obey them and they can be our masters. We are good for nothing fellows, people who don’t work for national development but individual progress, self centred creatures good to be sold as slaves only.

    We have given birth to tribalism in Zambia something we deny and see as normal and defend that theres nothing of that nature it is voting for a candidate of choice. Even chiefs who are supposed to work with the government of the day are falling into politics, where do you expect the followers to go? DOOM. Zambia will never be the same again. The…

  9. The first step in curing ourselves I think is from fundamental bias is a practice of mere goodwill to one another. The absence of that is a fundamental flaw for anyone or any people. Mere goodwill to one another is the first sign of the command love your neighbour as you love yourself. To not have that is a significant problem and leads a people to fundamental wrong conclusions.

  10. Theprimary task of government is to ensure the citizens are able to leave a dignified life with basic social needs fully and sustainably met. To achieve this, they need to develop the country in every way. The task of opposition is to ensure they are doing that by challenging and supporting and suggesting solutions. To oppose development or worse sabotage it is a crime against humanity. A crime against the people of Zambia. Government must not fail us. Opposition must not be self seeking.

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